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What if you had no reason to be sad, frustrated or frightened beyond what you imagine to be true?  What then?  What if you imagined nothing tragic, no injustice, no threat to your wellbeing?  How would you feel?


When you imagine no reason to be unhappy, angry or fearful you experience life without the pain and burden of negative emotion.


The Purpose Of Negative Emotion

By the term “negative” emotion, I do not mean that any emotion is bad.  Negative emotion, like sorrow, resentment and even terror serves a purpose.  It alerts you to the fact that you are creating what you do not want to experience.  You are giving your attention to something you do not want to have happened, to be happening, or to be destined to happen.


You create what you give your attention to.  You experience what you give your attention to.  Think about something terrible happening to your children and you experience emotional pain.  Think about no possibility of anything injurious happening to your children and you feel at peace, secure and happy.


Feeling at peace, secure and happy is your natural state.  By this I mean that it is how you feel when you are not troubling yourself with thoughts about what you do not want.


Sometimes physical appearances bounce us out of our natural state and trigger negative emotion.  You might see a hurt animal and feel emotional suffering.  You might see your ex-lover and feel the pain of loss.  You only need to direct your attention away from the physical condition that causes your emotional suffering to return to your natural state.


But isn’t it wrong to ignore what is going on right in front of you?  Shouldn’t you face the suffering animal?  Shouldn’t you face the ex-lover that causes you to revisit emotional devestation?


Your Natural State

The answer is in how you feel.  If you lose your natural state, your emotions are guiding you to redirect your attention.  Why?  Because negative emotion produces circumstances that feed, reflect and validate it.  The more you look at wounded animals the more wounded animals you will see, and the more wounded you yourself will feel.  You will feel so wounded that your ability to function at your highest level will be impaired.  Your very presence will feed into the emotional wounds that others carry around, activating their pain.  You will be spreading a kind of malignant energy quality that increases the hurt in the world and in your life in particular.


By contrast, when you live in your natural state of inner harmony, you find conditions sort of magically working out for you.  You attract the interest of other positive people.  Your presence is an uplifter in people’s lives, helping them to feel better, look better and do better.  


The point is that how you feel is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The more negative emotion you experience, the more problems, let-downs, difficulties and even disasters accumulate in your life.  The more you live in your natural state the more order, harmony, and success seem to just happen to you.


I tried relying on negative emotion to get my way.  I tried it for years; for decades.  It doesn’t work.  It just makes you more miserable, and more miserable to be with.  It doesn’t make things better.  It doesn’t make people better.  And it doesn’t make you better.


The Method

Since I found The Method I found myself able to live in my natural state more and more of the time, and when I do find a negative emotion arising, I know just what to do to find myself in an even more positive state than I was in before the negative arose.  The more I live in my natural state, the more miraculous my life becomes.  You could say that grace has taken over my life.  I entrust all of my problems and challenges to joy and things continue working out more and more beautifully.


This book is about reality – the reality I have experienced from my natural state.  The world I now live in is a very different world from the one I lived in before I discovered and began using The Method.  The world I live in is under perfect, loving control.  Let me give you an analogy to help you to see the world I live in.


Imagine that you are joyfully gliding down a rushing river, in a canoe.  As the river picks up speed you are having more and more fun on this fast moving ride.  And as you look around you realize that the scene around you is growing more and more exquisite, increasingly breathtaking really.  Faster and faster you are flying down the river.  The more speed, the more fun, just like a great ride at an amusement park. 


This represents life. It's not just my life. It is the life we are all living. Then what's the problem? Let's take the analogy a bit further to see why things seem to go so wrong in people's lives.


Your ride is going perfectly, but then you begin to THINK. You wonder and worry, “What if I’m heading for a waterfall?  What if I slam into a rock?  What if I’m heading into a dangerous area?”  


As your thoughts continue in this direction, they build momentum, just as your canoe is building up momentum as it rushes down the river.  You see yourself going over a waterfall.  You see yourself slamming into a rock.  You see yourself in an area inhabited by wild animals that want to eat you.  Your concern quickly turns into panic and you place your oar in the water, paddling harder and harder against the current.  You feel that you have to figure things out.  You need to know for certain where you are going.  You need a plan.  YOU NEED CONTROL!


The harder you fight against the river the more pain you experience, because the river is just too strong. You cannot stop it.  You might as well be slamming yourself against that rock you imagined.  The harder you fight it the more you feel like you are being crushed by the current as if it was that waterfall you imagined.


This is an analogy of exactly how our lives are working.  The river is the current of Perfect Divine Love that is in absolute control of what is happening, of where you are heading.  That Love is taking you into expanding states of total perfection that would bring you expanding states of joy if you didn’t fight against it.  


Joy Is The Purpose Of Life

Joy is the purpose of life.  To simplify the creation process, we could say that God created human beings to experience the joy of living through us.  You experience that joy as you let go of the imaginary dramas that cause your emotional suffering; as you take attention off of the conditions that bother you emotionally; as you allow yourself to live in the feeling of peace, security and happiness that is your natural state.


As you stay in touch with your feelings you can feel your natural state growing and expanding, bringing you more feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and appreciation.  As you trust in that expansion and cooperate with it, you feel more and more wonderful, and those wonderful feelings allow your circumstances to grow increasingly beautiful.


It’s wonderful to know this truth about life, but knowing it won’t do you much lasting good.  To really benefit from knowledge you must use it.  This takes discipline. 


The New Discipline

The discipline involved fulfilling your life's purpose is different from the kind of discipline most of us were trained to employ.  It is the discipline of practicing staying aware of how you feel, so that you can remain in your natural state more and more consistently.  That is the only form of discipline required to experience the joy of that great canoe ride flowing down the river of Divine Love.


But this discipline is not as easy as it may seem upon first learning about it.  There are times when we cannot shake a negative emotion, even though we know that its presence is telling us to turn our attention elsewhere.  Sometimes we are so hooked into a negative emotion and the story that supports it that we forget that the negative emotion is a signal telling us to let go of that story.


For instance, let’s say that there is someone that you resent deeply because of an injury that person caused you.  You cannot resent that person without holding onto the injury.  You have to continue seeing that injury happening in your mind to continue feeling resentment about it.  The feeling of resentment, though, being inconsistent with your natural state, is telling you to let go of the story; but you feel stuck in the story.


As long as you believe that you must control your circumstances, other people, your past or your future to feel good you remain a victim.  It is only when you are finally ready to give up that old way of living and enter the new way of counting on positive feelings to produce the positive conditions you want, will you find yourself ready to employ the new discipline.


The new discipline is all about staying aware of how you feel, relying on positive feelings unconditionally – meaning no matter what is happening – and relating to negative emotion as a signal to redirect your attention.


Knowing Is Not Doing  

I found, however, that I could not effectively employ this new discipline on a consistent basis.  It was easy at first, but then my circumstances became too challenging for me to simply redirect my attention.  I found myself swamped by negative emotion over and over in reaction to events that I deeply, deeply, deeply did not want, but which seemed to be upon me or inevitably heading my way.


I experienced the depths of real depression.  I felt that I was literally dying of a broken heart.  I really did not want to go on.  But I persevered, looking for an answer.  Finally, I found it.  It is what I call The Method.


Using The Method I was able to set myself free from the negative emotion that had been plaguing me all my life, and from the dismal life-circumstances that seemed to trigger it off.


The Fruit Of A 40 Year Quest

After 40 years of studying "The Wisdom Of The Ages" and how to actually apply it practically to my life, and how to help others do the same, I discovered an amazingly simple, powerful and effective means for releasing negative emotion and the limiting beliefs and perspectives that foster it.


As far as I am concerned, The Method provides the missing key to the wisdom of relying on positive feeling states for the expansion of perfection in life.   It is the missing key because at least for me, until I found it, I was unable to experience the joy that is the basis for a life that works.  I pursued my bliss but could not live in it consistently and unconditionally.  I really didn’t know what true joy is.  But now I do.  


Now I know that you are perfect just as you are, that you are intrinsically deserving of all of the love, abundance, and success that your heart desires, and that because the universe is perfect you always have what you deserve.  It is only your imagination, and your belief in the imaginary, that can prevent you from realizing this.  Using The Method you can release yourself from that block and experience the joy that you are meant to have, and the abundance of supply in all areas that follows from that.




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