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The reality is that you have no reason to be sad, frustrated or frightened, because life is designed to work forever for you. You might believe this, but can you live it consistently? To the extent that you worry, feel discouraged or resent anyone for anything you are not living in this reality.


I wanted to believe that life is always good, forever perfect and that nothing is preventing me from living the rich full destiny of my dreams. But sometimes I just couldn't. Negativity would take me over, often without me even realizing it. I would blame my circumstances for my unhappiness instead of realizing how I was creating my problems THROUGH my unhappiness.


It was not until I found The Method and began using it religiously that I found my way out and up into the higher states of consciousness of joy, love, meaning, harmony, abundance and success that produce those conditions in my outer world.  


The Purpose Of Negative Emotion

By the term “negative” emotion, I do not mean that any emotion is bad.  Negative emotion, like sorrow, resentment and even terror serves a purpose.  It alerts you to the fact that you are creating what you do not want to experience.  You are giving your attention to something you do not want to happen.


Knowing that negative emotion works against you is helpful, but it doesn't really change anything.  You need a way out, and the support necessary to take that way, to overcome the persistent habitual patterns of negativity, both conscious and unconscious, that have been holding you back.  The Method, and my coaching you with it, provides you with that support.


The Power Of Attention


Perhaps you already know that you create what you give your attention to.  You may already believe that you experience what you focus on. You may have observed that when you think about something terrible happening to you you experience emotional pain.  Think about no way to win and you already lose.


Knowing this is one thing.  Actually living the wisdom behind it is another.  Today many, many people are learning that inner states of peace, love, joy, and faith serve them better than anxiety, hatred, sorrow and insecurity - but few know how to get out of negativity and how rise into higher states of positive thought and feeling at will.

That was my plight until I found The Method.


Feeling at peace, secure and happy is your natural state.  By this I mean that it is how you feel when you are not troubling yourself with worries about what you do not want.  When you live in inner harmony you automatically manifest physical conditions that reflect and support it.  BUT KNOWING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.  We all need help in LIVING it.  That is what is unique about The Method and The Method Coaching. The Method works! and I will work with you every step of the way to help you release your infinite inner power from fear and unhappiness to live, feel, think and be FREE of past limitations.


Sometimes physical appearances bounce us out of our natural state and trigger negative emotion.  You might see a bill and feel stressed out about the thought of not being able to pay it.  You might see your ex-lover with another and feel the pain of loss and jealousy. You might find yourself slipping into states of terror when an old trauma is being triggered. The Method is a means for shifting from these painful, disempowering internal condtions into empowering, loving, inspired states of consciousness that bring about solutions and manifest wonderful material improvements.


Your Thoughts And Feelings Create

Negative thoughts and disturbing emotion produce circumstances that feed, reflect and validate them. 


By contrast, when you live in your natural state of inner harmony, you find conditions synchronistically, magically working out for you.  You attract the interest of other positive people.  Your presence is an uplifter in people’s lives, helping them to feel better, look better and do better. This brings you more cooperation and support.


The point is that how you think and feel is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The more negative thought and emotion you slip into the more problems, let-downs, difficulties and even disasters accumulate in your life. 


The more you live in your natural state of inner harmony and joy the more order, harmony, and success seem to just happen in your life.  BUT KNOWING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.  YOU NEED THE SUPPORT NECESSARY TO MAKE THE BREAKTHROUGH AND CONSISTENTLY LIVE THE WISDOM.  THIS IS AVAILABLE TO YOU THROUGH THE METHOD COACHING THAT I OFFER YOU.


I tried relying on negative, critical thinking about myself, others and my life to get my way.  I tried manipulating people and circumstances with negative emotion, often unconsciously, for years; for decades.  It doesn’t work.  It just made me more miserable, and more miserable to be with, and it led to one defeat after another.  Negativity doesn’t make things better.  It doesn’t make people better.  And it doesn’t make the world better.  BUT KNOWING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.



Since I found The Method I found myself able to live in my natural state more and more consistently and at higher and higher levels of joy, enlightenmet, liberation and empowerment.  

When I find myself slipping down into a negative thought or emotion that I cannot immediately release myself from, I know just what to do to find myself in an even more positive state than I was in before the negative arose.  I do The Method.  


The more you live in your natural state of joyful inner harmony and positive expectation, the more miraculous your life becomes.  BUT KNOWING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, NOR IS BELIEVING IT.  YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT, AND THAT TAKES THE SUPPORT OF TRULY EFFECTIVE COACHING.


My work is about helping you to access the unlimited power within you, so that you can finally LIVE the wisdom you know and feel inspired by, to experience complete oneness with your total fulfillment and watch your fulfillment manifest into a rich, full life of joyful balance and great success.  


The highest performers in every field depend upon coaching to up their game. Now there is truly effective coaching in the living of higher consciousness that producess higher results, joyfully, from the inside out.  I know that it is my purpose to provide you with this.  I knew it the instant that I began using The Method and saw that it works every time. It worked to free me in moments when I had been suffering deep depression and daily panic attacks for years. And in my work with many, many others I have seen it work for them instantly.


An Analogy

Here's an analogy of how The Method works:

Imagine that you are joyfully gliding down a rushing river in a canoe.  As the river picks up speed you are having more and more fun on this fast moving ride.  And as you look around you realize that the scene around you is growing more and more exquisite, increasingly breathtaking. Faster and faster you are flying down the river.  The more speed, the more fun, just like a great ride at an amusement park. 


This represents life. It's not just my life. It is the life we are all living. Then what's the problem? Let's take the analogy a bit further to see why things seem to go so wrong in people's lives.


Your ride is going perfectly, but then you begin to THINK. You wonder and worry, “What if I’m heading for a waterfall?  What if I slam into a rock?  What if I’m heading into a dangerous area?”  


As your thoughts continue in this direction, they build momentum, just as your canoe is building up momentum as it rushes down the river.  You envision yourself going over a waterfall.  You imagine yourself slamming into a rock.  You worry that you are heading toward an area inhabited by wild animals that want to eat you.  Your concerns quickly turn into mounting panic until you feel compelled to place your oar in the water, to paddle harder and harder against the current.  You believe that you simply MUST sieze control!!!


The harder you fight against the river, though, the more pain you experience, because the river is just too strong. You cannot stop it.  The harder you fight it the more it hurts and the more you fear.


Finally, realizing the futility of fighting, you decide to trust the current.  You sit back and enjoy the ride.  It gets better and better!


This is an analogy of exactly how our lives are working.  The river is the current of Perfect Divine Love that is in absolute control of what is happening, of where you are heading.  That river of Love is taking you into expanding states of total perfection that would bring you expanding states of joy if you didn’t fight against it.  


The Method, and the coaching in which I guide you through it, is the means for letting go of the compulsive effort to struggle against life's flow, to attach yourself to negative thought and emotion, freeing you to sit back and enjoy the ride into greater and greater life conditions. 


Joy Equals Life

Joy equals life.  The more joy you feel the more alive you feel, and the more you want to be alive. You don't have to make yourself joyful You just have to free yourself from the habitual moods, emotional reaction patterns and negative thought patterns that rob you of your joy.


Joy is the true currency.  The more joyful you are the more productive, the happier, the more intelligent, creative and loving you are.  When you work so hard that you lose your joy you lose your power to produce what you are working so hard to produce!


It’s wonderful to know this truth about life - the truth that happiness works better than emotional suffering - but knowing it won’t do you much good.  To really benefit from knowledge you must use it.  That is what my coaching you withThe Method accomplishes. It frees you from your negative patterns to release more and more of your infinite capacity to enjoy your life NOW and to create the life you want with joy.


The New Discipline

The old discipline was all about working harder, not smarter.  The old discipline was about working directly on changing your outer world.  The new discipline is really leading edge.  It is practiced by those who soar joyfully in life.  It is the discipline of doing the INNER work necessary to transform your INNER world, based on the understanding that your outer world is nothing but a reflection of your inner world.


It takes coaching support to fully live this new discipline, and that is the support offered by The Method Phone Coaching. It takes just 20 minutes a week to see positive changes continuing and accellerating in your inner and outer life - to see improvements in how you think and feel that then produce improvements in your physical world.   


The Fruit Of A 40 Year Quest

After 3 decades of studying, teaching and writing about "The Wisdom Of Being Positive" I was surrendiptiously led to The Method to help me out of the darkest period of my life. I immediately found it to be an amazingly simple, powerful and effective means for releasing negative emotion and the limiting beliefs and perspectives that foster it.


As far as I am concerned, The Method provides the missing key to the wisdom of positive living. It is the missing key because it works. Using The Method I can totally recover from even the deepest levels of negativity in minutes, and effectively help others do the same.   


Through my Phone Coaching you will not only receive the support you need to live positively and recover from emotional pain patterns and negative thinking habits. You will be getting trained in how to use The Method for yourself and, if you feel so inclined, you will be able to coach others throug it.  


We are living in times when knowing higher wisdom is not enough. We have to live it. Everyone can benefit from recieving the coaching that helps them to leave negativity, return to joy, and create the life they want with higher inspiration.


Let me help you leave your emotional suffering behind, so you can release yourself into the joy that you are meant to have, and the abundance and success in all areas that follows from that.




For more information about how I can assist you, your family, your business or your group, I invite you to contact me to schedule your demonstration of The Method to liberate more joy, love, success and abundance in your life and in our world.


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The Method Works!
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