Living With The Universal
Principles Of Perfection


The Universal Principles define the perfect ways that the universe actually works (despite appearances to the contrary), the perfection that always is.   Beliefs and emotional reactions that portray what is happening as less than perfect are based on illusion. The Method releases us from these.


The beauty of these Principles is that we can always rely upon them. As we do so, our lives flow more joyfully and effortlessly. We experience more splendid abundance flowing in every area of life.  


As you read the following descriptions of the Universal Principles, try to feel the reality they represent, rather than merely thinking intellectually about them.  This attunes you to the joy of actually experiencing the perfection that is really going on, the perfection that you really are. You will find it easier and more powerful to feel the reality of these Principles as you do The Method on a regular basis.  


The Principle Of Positive Feeling    

The better you feel, the better the outcome, no matter what you are going through. The only "thing" that can hurt your feelings is not a "thing", but a THINK.  How you think determines how you feel.


Examine each thought that enters your mind today (and everyday) to determine if you would answer “yes” to any of the following 10 questions about it.  When the answer is “yes”, reject that thought!


1. Does this thought cause me to feel sad, depressed, lonely, or hopeless?

2. Does this thought cause me to feel angry, bitter or unforgiving?

3. Does this thought cause me to feel self-hatred or self-doubt?

4. Does this thought cause me to feel anxiety or fear?

5. Does this thought replay a negative memory or contemplate a negative future?

6. Does this thought cause me to feel needy, empty, un-whole?

7. Does this thought cause me to feel spiritually unclean, mentally confused or physically sickened?

8. Does this thought cause me to feel inadequate, unworthy, or insignificant?

9. Does this thought cause be to feel rejected, inferior, or abandoned?

10. Does this thought cause me to feel anything less than peaceful wellbeing?


The Principl Of Only One Power

• There is only ONE Power in existence.

• Not only is this Power your's.  You ARE IT.

• Any feeling of belief of any power being against you is entirely illusory.

• You can create whatever you choose with (as) That One Power.


The Principl Of Infinite Potentiality

• Anything is possible right where you are.

• It is only your limiting beliefs that limit your experience of Infinite Potentiality.

• Loss is a painful illusion because there is always a way to greater fulfillment thaan you have ever known.

• Living in the feeling and knowing of Infinite Potentiality raises your level of joy through faith, causing your circumstances to reflect your heightened joy and faith with greater opportunities.

o Feelings of sadness, disappointment and discouragement indicate that you have slipped into limited possibility thinking, imagining that the best you can have or do is less than all you really want.


The Principl Of Reality's Total Maleability

• The nature of reality is to conform with your desires and beliefs.

• As you live in trusting awareness of this you experience the joy and freedom that your heart desires.

• Any limits to what you can turn reality into are sheer ilusion, but experienced as real to the extent that you believe in them.


The Principl Of Crisis Being Illusion

• Crisis is al illusion based on a false belief and fueled by the emotion of fear.

• The cure for "crisis" is abiding in feelings of inner peace, certainty and security. This reveals the steady improvement of all conditions and the well-ordered condition that is the actual present.

• The common way that people seek to end a crisis is by exploding into action, which serves only to perpetuate, deepen and strengthen the dream of the crisis having any real existence.

• Any attempts at "managing a crisis" serve only to preserve the false experience that tells you that the crisis is real.


The Principle Of The Smelly Rock

• Negative emotions are like stinky, yucky rocks that you do not want to touch.

• Contained within these smelly rocks is your joy.

• Your joy is your power to create whatever you desire.

• As you open the smelly rock (negaivve emotion) using The Method, you release the priceless joy-power that it contains.

• Based on this Principle, becoming aware of a negative emotion (a smelly rock) is something to celebrate and be grateful for; because it represents an opportunity to release and experience more priceless joy-power.  


The Principle Of Universal Love 

• The universe is actually a perfectly loving, intifintely intelligent system that treasures you and provides you with totally caring, abundant support.

• Love is how you truly feel about yourself and everyone. 

• Love is how everyone truly feels about you.

• Love is really all that is ever happening.


The Principle Of Joy

• Joy is the feeling we experience when we are aligned with the Universal Principles.

• Joy = Energy: The more joyful you feel the more energy you have.

• Joy creates conditions of harmony in your life; it causes the materialization of all that you desire.

• The feeling of joy attunes you to perfection and causes your circumstances to reflect that attunement witth improvements in every area of your life.

• Joy causes the manifestation of what you desire; sorrow causes the opposite.


The Principle Of Joyful Work

• Most of us were raised with the false, limiting programming that we must earn a living through hard and joyless servitude to a job.  

• The toll of this false programming is staggering. Think of all of the misery in workplaces, the fights over money dividing families, the drug and alcohol abuse resulting from the desire to numb the pain of grueling daily and nightly labor.

•What we can call “right work” is about having real fun, the fun of being as creative, resourceful and of service as you can be.  We do our best when we PLAY hard, not work hard.

• As you do what you love for a living, and live and work in joy, you find the universe fully supporting you with joyful abundance.   


The Principle of Your Infinite Value

• Your are of infinite value to yourself, to all others and to the universe as a whole.

• When you feel truly valued by you no one can make you feel de-valued; and in fact others will treat you as valuable.

• When you feel de-valued by others you are really just experiencing your devaluation of yourself.  

• Your gifts and talents (those forms of self-expression that you love engaging in) are of infinite value.  


The Principle of Abundance

• Abundance of supply in all areas of your life is a universal law, like gravity.  It is always present.  

• Abundance is your true condition, despite appearances and beliefs to the contrarry.   

• If you are not experiencing abundance you are blocking yourself from that experience. (The Method dissolves this blockage.) There is no such thing as lack, shortage or scarcity in any area.

• When you experience your true condition of abundance you experience joy and when you experience joy you are opening to the flow of expanding abundance.


The Principle Of Gratitude And Appreciation

• Whatever you appreciate and feel grateful for expands in your life.

 • When you demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation with action, like the giving of money, you receive more that you appreciate and feel grateful for.

• When you feel tempted to worry about losing what you have, shift into feelings of gratitude and appreciation for it instead.

o Worry is a state of insecurity that causes circumstances to reflect, validate and reinforce it.


The Principle Of Giving With Appreciation

• Based on the Principle of Oneness, when we give to another we are really giving to ourselves. 

o  Practice feeling that when you give to increase your appreciation of the experience of giving.

• Giving – be it in the form of money or service - with appreciation for the fun of giving and for the ability to give expands the flow of abundance in your life.

• Whenever you spend money appreciate the ability to spend it. 

o  This assures that you receive even more to give.

• Enjoy that act of directing your money into savings and investments

o  This is another way to expand the flow of your abundance.


The Principle Of Debt-Resolution

• We are always indebted to our birth-parents for their gift of life and perfect, unconditional love to us.

o  As we repay that debt through dedication to fulfilling our purpose and potential, and by unconditionally loving and valuing ourselves and them, we find our other debts dissolving.

• We are always indebted to God and the universe for the gift of Divine Love for us and thelimitless possibilities of our existence.

o  We repay that debt by giving our best through the generous, inspired sharing our gifts and talents and by loving and appreciating ourselves as inndividualized expressions of the Divine Presence.

o  As we repay that debt we find all of our other forms of debt dissolving as well.

• Hold your attention on the feeling of being debt free, and of having the means abvailable to easily and joyfully pay off all debts.

o  Don’t hold attention on your debts or the feeling of difficulty in paying them because what you focus on expands.

• If you relate to debt in a way that lowers your self-esteem, use The Method to free yourself from that.

o  As you clear the blockage to self-value you will receive greater demonstrations of your value from others - meaning more financial and other forms of support.

• If you relate to debt as a burden it becomes heavier.

• Relate to debt as a blessing and it becomes lighter.  

o  See debts as opportunities to give (to your creditors), and therefore as opportunities to receive more abundance.

• Use the Principle of Giving With Appreciation (refer to the Principle above) by  feeling profound appreciation and gratitude for your ability pay whatever you can toward your debt - thus you expand the flow of abundance in your life.  

• Relate to every dollar that you give to your creditor is an opportunity to experience appreciation for the abundance that you have.  

o  As you give in that spirit you expand the flow of abundance coming your way.

• When you see interest applied to your debt, relate to that as an opportunity to give more.

• When we relate to debt in these ways it becomes a golden opportunity to expand the flow of abundance in our lives.  


The Principle of Support

• As a Divine being you are your own perfect source of support.

• You attract all the support you need but you block yourself from experiencing this when you harbor beliefs in and feelings of lack in any area The Method frees you from this).

• The universe is really one vast system of perfect, mutual support.

• When you form a partnership or group that follows the model of harmonious, unconditionally loving mutual support you align with the support of the universe, providing ever individual member with more empowerment and abundance.

• Everything that happens to you is really perfectly supportive.


The Principle Of Oneness

• All is really One, meaning we are all connected. When one is impacted, all is impacted.    

• Everyone is really an extension of who you are. Therefore, when you relate to another in a less than loving way, you are really depriving yourself of love.  

•What you give to others and do for others you really give to and do for yourself.  To allow yourself to feel this is to give yourself the joy of giving.

•There is no separation between you and all that you want.  Any separation is imaginary.


The Principle Of Consciousness

• All you ever experience is the state of your consciousness.

• Your power to direct the state of your consciousness is your power to direct your life.

• Your conscioiusness or awareness of inharmonious feelings is your signal to use The Method to free your energy from those feelings so you have more energy to direct your life where you want it to go.

• As you free your consciousness (using The Method) from false, limiting beliefs and the negative emotions they spawn feelings of harmony, joy, love and fulfillmnent flood your consciousness, producing more harmonious life-conditions and expanding flows of abunance in your circumstances (via the Principle of Reflection).


The Principle Of Reflection

• Every physical condition in your life is an exact reflection of the state of your consciousness. 

• To the degree that you are feeling the presence of harmony, abundance, order, beauty, joy, love and fulfillment the people and situations in your life validate, support and reinforce those feelings. 

• Look at every event as a mirror image of what is going on inside of you. Then consider what is being reflected by this event, so that you can make needed adjustments (using The Method).

• For instance, if a person is treating you without compassion, see that as a reflection of your need to experience more compassion toward yourself. 

• Since you are creating what is happening via the law or principle of reflection, don't bother trying to stop anyone else from creating what you don’t want or trying to get anyone else to create what you do want.  


The Principle Of Infinite Intelligence And Intuitive Guidance  

• All is perfectly guided by Infinite Intelligence, including you, so you really never have anything to worry about, nothing to feel frustrated by, no one to resent.

• You allow yourself to experience the perfect guidance of Infinite Intelligence by following your intuition

• Your intuition "speaks" to you through your feelings.

• Intuition essentially guides you through one of three feelings that we can compare to a traffic light:

o  When you feel the sense of harmony expanding, that is a green light, telling you to proceed along the line of thought, speech or action you are on.

o  When you feel a sense of mounting resistance, frustration, unhappiness or blockage you are receiving a yellow light, telling you to slow down and to ease up.

o  When easing up does not dissolve the feeling of resistance, you are receiving a red light; you are being guided to stop and just feel your feelings.

o  Receiving "red light" on the feeling level is often a call to use The Method to dissolve an emotional blockage before proceeding.  


The Principle Of Perfection

• Because Infinite Intelligence guides all that is, all is essentially Perfect. 

• You are perfect just as you are. 

• So is everyone else Perfect just as they are. 

• Perfection is the true nature of what is happening, including when you run into delay or when things don’t go as you hoped or expected.

• When you accept the Principle Of Perfection at work you feel inner peace, fulfillment, security, joy, appreciation and gratitude for whatever is.

• When you feel inner peace, fulfillment, security, joy, appreciation and gratitude for what is you attune your awareness to the Principle of Perfection and see it in what is.

• Living in the feeling of Perfection causes your circumstances to reflect, validate and support that feeling.


The Principle Of Non-Attachment

• In reality you are always complete, always whole.  As you live in this awareness the universe reflects it by providing you with all things in abundance.

• When you leave that awareness your consciousness of lack or incompleteness manifests conditions of lack in your circumstances.

• You receive what you want when you don’t want it anymore.

• Whatever you feel attached to you lose or you lack.

• In the fullness of inner peace, with the feeling of completion or fullness within yourself, are all things received.


The Principle Of Divine Contact

• The deepest state of inner fullness or fulfillment comes through dwelling on the feeling direct Divine Contact; also called Divine Presence.  

• Prayer is our vehicle for that: We establish Divine contact through prayer right before we utter a single spoken or mental word in prayer.  Divine Contact is a feeling.  

• As your consciousness fills with the sublime energy of Divine Contact you experience the deep wholeness and fullness of true fulfillment and your circumstances reflect that with expanding flows of abundance in all areas of your life.


The Principle Of Due Season

• Everything happens at the perfect time.

• In the meantime you are always perfectly provided for.

• When you feel impatient or insecure about the timing use The Method to release from the false belief on which those feelings are based.

• When you encounter a delay relate to that as an indication that the universe is making the necessary adjustments for you to arrive at the appropriate place at the appropriate time.

• When something feels like a struggle it means that conditions are not yet ripe for what you are trying to accomplish.

• When you trust the timing of the universe you always find that trust validated by the way that things work out.  If you don’t see the perfection of the timing of something, give that perception more time to dawn.


The Principle Of Safety

• The universe is in fact your perfectly save haven.  

• Based on the Principle of Perfection nothing can ever truly go wrong.  

• As you trust in your perfect safety you experience joy, abundance and love expanding in your heart and your circumstances improve to validate those feelings.  

The Method is our tool for freeing ourselves from the feelings of insecurity and terror that prevent our experience of the true and perfect safety that actually characterizes our reality.


The Principle Of Trusting The Mystery Of “How”

• Accept the mystery of HOW things are working out perfectly for you.

• Entrust the HOW to the Principles of Infinite Intelligence, Perfection, and Universal Love.

• HOW things are working out perfectly for you is a mystery beyond human understanding, known only by Infinite Intelligence.

• When you worry about the “how” you impede the process of perfect unfolding and the insecurity you generate produces reflections in your circumstances in the form of difficulty. 


The Principle Of Purpose

• Everyone, every thing, every event is purposeful and perfect.  There are no accidents and no mistakes.

• There is a purpose to the whole of existence.  It is beyond human comprehension but grasped by Infinite Intelligence.

• Though we cannot always know the actual purpose behind an event, but trusting in its perfect purposefulness we align with the flow of the universe are enjoy its infinite support.

• Though we cannot intellectually grasp the purpose of the universe, we can align with it through our feelings.  When you feel harmonious, energized, enthused, inspired, and in joy you are fulfilling the universe’s purpose for you.


The Principle Of Gifts And Talents

• You are God's sacred Divine Gift to creation.  You fulfill your sacred purpose by being who you truly are. All beings are equal in this regard.

• You were born with certain gifts and talents that give you joy and a sense of purpose as you express and develop them.

• We align with the purpose of the universe by giving our gifts and talents in a spirit of joy and inspiration.

• Your sharing of your gifts and talents fulfills a unique purpose in the lives of everyone impacted by that sharing and thus draws from them the support you need that their gifts and talents can provide.

• You are meant to fully and freely express your gifts and talents through your life’s work, which essentially turns that work into play.  Doing this opens the flow of abundance to you through your work.


The Principle Of Having Fun

• The feeling that you are having fun is an indicator that you are on the right track.

• When you have fun in the way you do your work, the outcome of that work will be even more fun.

• Real fun is not indulgence in mindless pleasure that leaves you feeling worse when it is done.  It is an exhilarating high that generates internal feelings of pleasure through authentic creative self-expression.

•Having real fun together is the true source of human bonding.


The Principle Of The Product Reflecting The Process

• The way that you go about accomplishing something determines the quality of your experience when it is accomplished.  

• If you work with stress and strain the outcome you achieve will bring you more stress and strain.  

• When you work/play in a joyful, inspired, relaxed and natural way your results bring you even more joy, peace and inspiration.

• Simplicity defines the open way to smooth progress and satisfying outcome.

• Complicated processes inevitably produce complicated results that plague us with complexity, frustration and struggle.


The Principle Of Desire

• You always receive what you really want.  

• What at first appear to be tragic conditions are reflections of, or attracted by, a desire to experience them.  

• Look for the opportunity in what you are receiving to discover what you really want from the experience.


The Principle Of Balance Or Compensation

• The universe is governed by the principle of balance; the farther things swing in one direction the farther they swing in the opposite direction.

• We oppose the upward swing by judging the downward swing as wrong, bad or negative.

• Based on this principle:

o The greater the challenge, the greater the reward or opportunity it delivers

o The more we give the more we receive.

o The more you lose the more you have to gain.


The Principle Of Non-Judgment

• There is no such thing as judgment in the universe; in reality it is all GOOD.

• When we judge a situation, event, person, place or thing as wrong or bad we live in the illusion of that negative perspective, depriving ourselves of the experience of the perfection of what is.


The Principle Of Intention

• When you have a 100% intention for something to be, it must be.

• A 100% intention is an expression of your true self.

• To the degree that you fear failure you do not 100% intend to succeed.  (The Method frees us from this fear).


The Principle Of Focus

• Your power flows in the direction of your attention.

• What you focus your attention on grows in power and importance.

• When you take your attention out of a condition, like lack, you take the power out of that condition, permitting it to return to its state of perfection.


The Principle Of Synchronicity

• Synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence.  

• It happens when we observe the intersection of two events, occurring simultaneously or in immediate proximity of one another, seemingly without our conscious control, when their relationship conveys a special meaning or produces a positive effect for the observer.  

• Since every event in our lives is Perfectly Orchestrated by Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love every moment presents a demonstration of synchronicity.


The Principle Of Your Eternal Foundation

• Despite what appearances may suggest to the contrary, there is one condition that never changes.

• This condition is your Eternal Foundation or your Eternal Support.

• Based on this principle, you are endlessly, perfectly supported and provided for by Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence (so you never really have anything to worry about).




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