The Method For Joyful Abundance



When we experience the feeling of, and the belief in, a state of lack, scarcity or shortage, we then typically "beat ourselves up" for being in that situation as if it was real.


We are beating ourselves up for something that really isn’t so.  Using The Method we dissolve the false belief in scarcity that deprives us of the experience of abundance. We then have nothing to beat ourselves up for, but rather, something to celebrate ourselves for; namely, abundance.


When people who do not know about or use The Method feel insecure about their material condition, they try to figure out ways to change that condition.  But the condition is not real in the first place, so their efforts to change that condition prove frustrating and futile.  No matter how much more they might acquire, the threat of scarcity looms ever larger for them.


Abundance is a law, like gravity.  You don’t worry that there will not be enough gravity to keep your feet on the ground and there is no need to worry about sufficient abundance to be there to support you.  When you do worry, though, you deprive yourself of the experience of what is real, because your physical conditions must mirror the beliefs you hold about them, and the emotional conditions spawned by those beliefs.  This is consistent with the findings of quantum physics.


The condition of scarcity, lack or shortage is literally an illusion fostered by a belief in its existence.  That belief is quickly dissolved by The Method, and dissolving it is the first order of business for anyone who wants to experience the freedom and joy of abundance.  


The story you are telling yourself about there not being enough, and the feelings of lack and insecurity around that story, exist as nothing but a belief that was programmed into you; and when it is gone, the mind can focus on the feelings and visions of abundance that is real.  This not only fills us with joyful feelings of freedom, power and self-worth, it causes mirror reflections of materialized forms of abundance to demonstrate in our circumstances.


As long as you relate to perceived conditions of lack as real they remain with you, eating away at you emotionally with feelings of insecurity and anger toward yourself and probably others.  You identify yourself as someone lacking in the ability and in the deservability to be in a more affluent material condition.  You see your condition and your self as inferior compared to others you imagine as more economically advantaged.  The solution to this predicament is not to push yourself or to push others to get you more money, but to awaken from the dream of lack that you have slipped into.


Through the use of The Method we are trained to live in our feelings more and more of the time, and more and more deeply.  This awakens our intuitive ability to sense the real cause of what we are going through.  We can “see” or clearly sense the feeling of lack as nothing but a feeling, and use The Method to free us from that feeling.  As we do this, we free ourselves to the experience of the true joy of abundance and high self-worth.  This feeling of expanded joy then does the work of materializing the conditions that match, support, validate and reinforce it.


You don’t have to change your material condition to change your internal condition, and, in fact, you really cannot do that.  You can only continue to produce material conditions that match how you are feeling and what you are believing about your reality.  As you use The Method to change your internal condition directly, your material conditions have no choice but to match those changes, the way a mirror image must change to match the form that it reflects.


If you have been struggling with painful and demoralizing feelings financial lack and insecurity, you only deepen and strengthen those feelings and solidify the material conditions that validate them by overstepping them to fix the physical.  Use The Method to shift into the joy of abundance.

Contact me to schedule your demonstration of The Method  via phone or Skype.  The session lasts only around 20 minutes and the results are immediate and they are amazing.


The Method Works!
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