The Method, The Real World,
And Money


The following is based on a transcript from part of a live presentation on The Method to an intimate group.


I can remember my father telling me when I was groing up to “live in the real world”.  He described the real world as a jungle.


Well, I think jungles are beautiful, sacred places.  I’ll take them over a shopping mall any day.  The reality is, though, that what he meant by "a jungle" was a dangerous, vicious, predatory environment where the toughest ones win.  There's no room for vulnerability; no place for sensitivity; and the closest we come to safety is in conformity, but no real safety exists.  Those were his "jungle teachings".  


After working with The Method, I have come to realize that’s not the Real World at all.  The Real World is very much the opposite.  Danger is illusory, there is more than enough for all, the more sensitive you are the more guided by perfect intuition you can be, and your real power lies in being true to the authentic, uniqueness that you are.


What I came to learn is that the world that everyone feels terror in is all made up.  It’s all imaginary.  In the Real World we are all always perfectly safe and abundant.


I don’t recognize the Real World, though, when I slip into feeling sad or afraid, frustrated or resentful, powerless or needy. I don’t recognize it whenever I am under the influence of one of my parents’ unconscious relationship patterns.  And that was the whole point of those patterns, so that I could experience them, expand my compassion, and grow through the challenge of experiencing them.


The Real World is the world I enter through The Method.  The more I live in that Reality of Perfection (see the Universal Principles)  the more joyuful, abundant and safe I feel, and the more my circumstances perfectly reflect and validate those feelings.


There are very practical results from using The Method.  You find yourself in the right livelihood, enjoying a flow of abundance, in beautiful relationships, expressing your Divine Gifts and Talents with inspiration and joy, seeing demonstrations of being valued highly all around you. 


Your living conditions become more harmonious; your state of physical well-being is enhanced.  Your kids behave better.  Your dog stops peeing on the carpet. 


It all falls into place for you, and through the sheer influence of your presence the lives that you touch are more uplifted as well. 


In the groups that I work with I observe that when one individual advances in releasing from that false world that we were taught is the real world, it opens the way for every other member of that group to advance more quickly and easily into the joyful, harmonious world that is really reality. 


Questions and Answers  

Question: Is there ever a time when we no longer need to use The Method to live in those higher states on a stable basis?


The Lancer Answer: I don't know. I still use it. Some days I use it several times. One of the great shifts that take place is a shift in how one views negative, painful emotion.  A painful feeling is no longer viewed as an indication of falling back or not being advanced.  It's viewed as a gift.  It's like being given an ugly rock that contains within it a core of pure gold.  All you have to do is open the rock to release the treasure.  The Method is a way of opening the rock. The treasure within every negative emotion is pure energy that , once released, can be redirected into experiencing and creating more of what you want in life.  So the arising of a negative emotion is interpreted as an opportunity to release more energy to do more good and to experience more joy and love.


Question: When discussing the Universal Principles you talked about 'closing the circuit' with a demonstration of appreciation.  Could you explain that a bit more?


The Lancer Answer: Sure, if you promise to show me a bit more appreciation. (Laughter).  Just kidding.  Here's what that means.  Arnold talks about changing the whole way that we view money.  See money as nothing but a tool, a means for demonstrating appreciation.  Looked at from that perspective, based on the Universal Principle of Appreciation and how that works, the more appreciation you demonstrate the more value you derive from what you have been given.


When you are "paying" for a meal in a restaurant, think about specifically what you are showing apprciatioon for.   Maybe the delicious food, the fun atmosphere, the helpfulness of the waiter.  Whatever it is, think about that and feel that the money you are laying down on the table is your way of really saying "thank you".  As a result, you will find yourself relishing that experience all the more.


Viewed from this perspective, when we haggle someone down to a lower price, we are really haggling ourselves right out of all the value we could derive from what we are haggling for.  By stretching ourselves to express a bit more appreciation than we feel completely comfortable with, we stretch the value and bring in added value, added blessings into our life.  And the receiver of that "stretch" is also benefited by our added gift.  This means that there is more energy, more joy, more appreciation for us all to play with.


This is why I close every session by suggesting that the receiver or receivers demonstrate appreciation for what they have received.  I usually suggest an amount, but always add that I respect the amount they feel comfortable with.  But then I add to this that if they stretch just a bit outside of their comfort zone they will seal the deal, so to speak, at a higher level and thus derive extra benefit from what they received.


When someone does not demonstrate appreciation in this way, there remains a kind of open circuit, and the energy, the value of what they received, leaks out.  This is why stolen goods really don't do anyone any good, and why so many children raised in affluence, without learning the value of contribution, end up feeling so worthless.


When you give someone a demonstration of appreciation with money, you are really doing it for yourself, because you are locking in the level of value that you are demonstating.


Shows of appreciation can also work in the form of barter, but this is not recommended, because it does not directly relate to the flow of abundance.  By making the show of demonstration in the form of money, and giving an amount that is a stretch, the giver receives an expansion of the flow of abundance that goes beyond what has been given, based on the Universal Principle of The More You Give, The More You Receive.


So by showing appreciation with money you derive more of the benefit of the service, plus the added benefit of expanding the flow of your abundance on the financial level.


So I suppose that now is a good time to "pass the hat".  (Laughter)  I'm not kidding.


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