Click HEAR to listen to a recorded interview of my Lancer Answer for confronting the blocks to love, joy and abundance, and how to let them go.  It is your nature to manifest richly fruitful loving companionship, pure happiness and abundant prosperity with purpose.  In this conversation it is revealed how we depart from our true nature, and how to return. 


Click Here to view and listen to a video podcast where I am interviewed on the intersection between The Method and the Kabbalah for healing, a life of joy and abundance.


THE FIRST PUBLIC RECORDING OF THE METHOD  Click Hear to listen to my podcast appearance where I guide 4 separate individuals deeply through on-air coaching (with reference to Kabbalah) that is sure to lead to your own revelations.  I guide the fourth individual through The Method - which I think may be the first publicly recorded demonstration of it.  You may want to record that part with your phone, to have a recorded version of The Method for your reference.    



<<< Click on the image to the left for the most comprehensive recorded Lancer Answer conversation to date, a deep dive and marathon journey into higher consciousness and
liberation from suffering.



Click HEAR to hear the "missing key" to having loving, healthy relationship joy in your life.


Click HEAR to listen me being interviewed (on one of the top podcasts) about THE METHOD and its power to free you from emotional pain and produce the miracle manifestations in all areas of your life that go beyond your heart's deepest desires.  The show's host describes it as the most powerful and valuable interview he has ever done.


Click Here To discover how The Method applies to raising yourself, your children, your whole life with love and joy, and without anger and stress in this brief  Lancer Answer Video.


Click here to go to a youtube of recent broadcast in which I discuss how to recover from trauma, additiction and loss for true joy and empowerment, and how to raise children who are free, empowered and successful.


Discover the relationship between joy and success for companies and individuals, how joy is the TRUE currency, and how to live in abundance of it! Click hear to listen to this brief, illuminating, inspiring interview.  


New!  The CD Set:

The Method For Abundance Workshop.

  • Now you can be part of the process that frees you from financial difficulties and releases the flow of joyful abundance in your life.


  • Included in this Set is the bonus CD Track: Morning Meditation For Grace.


  • When you order the set you can schedule 2 complimentary individual phone coaching sessions with me guiding you through THE METHOD


  • In this recorded workshop will be guided the Group Form of The Method for your internal from emotional suffering and the liberation of pure joy that opens the flow of abundance in your life.  This recording is available for a limited time only.


  • Experience immediate freedom from the emotional distress of financial difficulty,  for your joy of abundance now: $29.95 - this includes shipping and handling , so you pay nothing more than the cost of the product.


  • To place your oreder click on contact to email your interest in making this purchase.  Customer Service will set up a time to take your order using a credit or debit card over the phone.    

Click HEAR to listen to a recent podcast where I explain how The Method works and
what it can do for YOU.

"Bob,I love the one minute-ish videos. It's a mini tune-up, and especially powerful for me because your voice automatically evokes joy and happiness because of The Method telephone sessions I have with you." Janet K.

Listen To More Podcasts Introducing


Click HEAR to listen to this interview of me on The Method  
where the host is so impressed he becomes speechless. 


Click HEAR to listen to me being interviewed about THE METHOD . Enjoy the host being blown away! (please excuse the 30 second commercial at the start)


The Method helps you to align with whatever your personal growth or spiritual path happens to be. Click HEAR to listen to my interview on a Christian oriented show, demonstrating how The Method can be integrated into the Christian Message.  I come on the show about 5 minutes into it and discuss the Universal Principle of One Power.






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KABBALAH CARDS are a great, fun, amazingly accurate way of accessing and heightening the joy and intuitive guidance liberated through the use of The Method.  Based on Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism aiming at conscious union with the Divine, these cards are an excellent means of navigating your happy way through all circumstances. PLEASE ORDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS: CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING INFO: $15.95

"These cards are a gift of joy and wisdom!" T.L.

"They took away my loneliness.  Using them is like engaging in a deep conversation with a wise and inspiring friend." K.G.

"So simple, and yet so accurate and inspiring." J.P.  



Receive a free gift book of your choosing or a set of Kabbalah Cards with each CD Set that you Order.











Life-Mastery CD Set

Learn the laws to follow for Inevitable Success. "This inspiring program will lift you up and free your barriers to joyfully creating your destiny the moment you begin to listen," J. Fielding.(Approximately 6 hours of material)  $69.95













The Relationship Mastery CD Set

 Wisdom for creating more harmonious, loving, positive relationships.Discover how you are really the creator of your relationship experiences.  Improve your relationship experiences during your drive time by listening in your car.   (Approximately 6 hours of material)  $69.95





Lighten Up!
 Success Wisdom To
Harness The Power Of Happiness To Create The Life You Want.
 Leave behind self-defeating thinking and negative, limiting mindsets. As you read this book you will see through, instead of from, the thoughts that bring you down. 200-plus pages of liberating enlightenment. PLEASE ORDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS: CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING INFO: $16.95.





 Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress

Success Wisdom to achieve truly happy and successful parenting.

This powerful book is jam packed with profound parenting wisdom for more conscious, joyful, loving parenting without anger or stress.  Learn how to improve your child's behavior and solve child discipline problems without punitive conflicts and power-draining, joy straining power-struggles. You deserve the kind of secure, loving connection with your child that your child needs for healthy, happy responsible behavior. 200-plus pages of positive, peaceful paringing solutions. $16.95  




The Soulmate Process

 A powerful and effective, book of wisdom and exercises for finding the person truly meant for you. Includes interesting applications of Kabbalah and meditations on classical Tarot symbolism to harness higher energy in the process. PLEASE ORDDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS: CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING INFO: $12.95

  "I found my soulmate within 90 days of beginning this book.  This system works so well I keep buying copies for my single friends." L. Schiffman


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