The Method


… is a process I guide people through for releasing their internal hindrances to inner peace, love, joy and abundance.   


I will guide you through THE METHOD over the phone.


A session takes just 30 minutes  and your introductory session  is complimentary!  Email me today to set up your phone coaching session.


"Hi Bob,Thank you very much for the complimentary session. It was absolutely amazing !"

Nick B., Sydney Australia




"Hi Bob, I want to write to thank you for all the work that you have done. At the beginning of my journey, you told me that I will be completely different person. I can definitely say that I feel so much better: I feel happy, calm (most of the time :), I take time to live in the moment and enjoy life (this has never happened before!) and see MIRACLES. You made it all possible. I truly don’t know how to thank you for showing me that there is a different way to live. Please know that every day I thank you and your work."Anna B


To sample Method Sessions, CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast in which I guide several individuals through The Method.


Aren't you tired of trying to figure it all out and make things happen? It doesn't have to be this way.


Learn how to go with the flow.

Right here, right now the door to your true destiny is opening for you

It is leading you along the path that is a perfect fit for you.  

All you need is the clearing of your fear-based mental and emotional patterns.  

This clearing is accomplished through The Method.


The Method is a process that frees you to live in peace and follow your joy along the life-path that is harmoniously designed for you.


Gain release from childhood trauma, emotional wounds and negative thought patterns.


Learn how to trust and live in the now
with your heart filled with love and joy.


Watch your problems melt away as your life works out in seemingly
miraculous ways, free of struggle, conflict and worry.


"Thanks for another powerful phone session yesterday. 
And the support that you give is priceless." Thank you!
 Jill D.


A session takes just 30 minutes  and your introductory session  is complimentary!  Email me today to set up your phone coaching session.




The Method Phone Coaching Brings You Immediate Release, Relief & Recovery
From The Negative Thinking, Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Pain-Patterns,
(Including Traumatic Stuck-Points) That Have Been Holding You Back .


Financial blockages are the product of emotional blockages. 
Dissolve yours and let abundance flow!


"Bob, prior to our coaching session I felt down and defeated. Following our 30 minute session I felt inspired and empowered, made a sales call and closed with a $500 purchase.
Your Method works!" G. McGlothlin

Your physical conditions are a reflection of your emotional states and thoughts. But the one's that sabotage us are largely habitual and often unconscious.
For liberating your creative power from habitually reproducing unhappiness and disappointment.




Discover How Perfectly The Universe Is
Working For You.

Aren't you tired of feeling insecure and dependent?

Aren't you tired of struggling to keep things under control?

Aren't you tired of waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety about things going wrong?

Aren't you tired of financial struggle, relationship strife and feelings of dissatisfaction about your life?


Click HEREto listen to an inspiring interview of me, to get to know me, my background and how The Method can liberate YOU to the
unlimited life you have
not been living.  


Coaching is utilized by all top performers.

The Method Coaching provides you with the support you have been praying for to help you actually LIVE the life of Inner Peace, and Grace that spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle talk about.



Because it works!

is NOT a philosophy. 


The Method is a short and simple process 
that liberates you to:

Drop struggle

Give up attachment

Leave worry

Trust yourself

Experience inner peace

Follow Your Joy


There is no travel time as we do
The Method over the phone.



For Therapists, Coaches and Healers: As I guide you through The Method to free your emotional suffering patterns into your experience of the presence of Grace supporting and guiding you in all things, you will be going through a training that prepares you to bring The Method to your clients.

Find out why so many are flocking to give The Method a try
And singing their praises for how wonderfully it works!


This offer of The Method to you is the universe's way of offering you an open door into the enlightenment that brings you profound and unshakeable inner peace, joy and love.  Will you step through?



We are living in times when we need to do what we know.
It's no longer enough to believe in the wisdom of a positive inner life of unshakable faith and happiness. It is now time when we need to LIVE that life.
The Method
sets us free of our internal emotional suffering, negative thinking, false beliefs in our inadequacy and dependency, and frustrating patterns of struggle to control.  


A session takes just 30 minutes  and your introductory session  is complimentary!  Email me today to set up your phone  coaching session.


The Method Works!
Free Your Joy. Open the possibilities. Schedule Your Demonstration TODAY!
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