A deep dive and marathon journey into higher consciousness and liberation from suffering.

Listen to free Kabbalah Life Readings to provide you with messages from your soul level for practical life guidance.  Also a spiritual/emotional healing session using The Method.

Bob addresses happiness in romantic love but also the potential for a healthy, loving, happy relationship between parent and child.

Discover the relationship between joy and success for companies and individuals, how joy is the TRUE currency, and how to live in abundance of it.

Discuss transforming, healing and releasing blocks to love particularly patterns, childhood traumas and mental and emotional blocks that might be keeping you from feeling loved, valued, empowered and connected in your relationships.

Access unconditional joy, the key to empowerment, goal achievement and making the breakthroughs in life our hearts desire.

Expert Interview: The Method for Healing Your Emotions, Relationships and Your Life – Learn how The Method works and what it can do for you.

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