About Bob Lancer

The Method has set me free to live the life of my dreams. In my work, I get to serve the full spectrum of society. I help children and adults of all ages and walks of life to experience the same liberation and empowerment that I enjoy. I am proud to:

  • Work full-time at the work that I love, serving as a higher consciousness coach, an inspirational and motivational speaker and a wisdom writer.
  • Serve around 6 individuals a day in my coaching that takes place over the phone or via Skype. I can do my work anywhere.
  • Have a magical relationship with the woman of my dreams and great relationships with my two kids. I love where I live and how I live everyday.
  • Have a great community of conscious and supportive friendships.

The Method helps me feel truly free to be me all the time. It enables me to work through any fear, anxiety, unhappiness or frustration that I cannot quickly and easily shake off. This enables me to live in higher and higher states of joy, confidence and feelings of abundance at will. And I’m in my 60’s and probably in the best physical shape of my life. I’m not sharing this to boast, but rather to encourage you to use The Method to live the life of your heavenly dreams.

Bob Lancer - Love The Method

Who I work with

Many of the individuals I coach are life-coaches, spiritual teachers and energy healers. I help them find their way along the path of the universe’s total support so that they can experience success in their chosen field. Most of my individual sessions are with people who have been on the spiritual path and devoted to their growth in wisdom for many years. Like me, they find that The Method is the missing key to gaining the freedom to fully live a life of self-mastery and delight.

I have grown so much from the classes I have taken with Bob Lancer

Jill Vetstein

A little about me

I was born an raised in Brooklyn, New York, at the southernmost tip of Coney Island. This is a small gated beach community named Sea Gate.

After receiving my degree in English and Education, I followed my calling to pursue a life-long path of true awakening. I entered full-time study of the world's spiritual teachings. This included spiritually based philosophies, psychology and classical literature.

I read everything about these subjects that I could get my hands on and studied one-on-one with my wisdom teacher, Isidore Friedman, for several years.  

When I had what I call my first “awakening”, closely connected with my studies of Kabbalah, I felt like a different person entirely. I changed my name from Robert Lance Greenbaum to Bob Lancer (for a variety of reasons). I moved across the country and began doing my life-work as a wisdom teacher, counselor and author.  I've been doing that work ever since. That was over three decades ago.

My next major shift into awakening followed what I experienced as a gruesome divorce. I literally felt myself dying of a broken heart and spiritually attacked from all sides.  But I knew that going through so much pain would present me with a benefit, a blessing, of equal or greater value. Therefore, I persevered until that is exactly what happened.

How I found The Method

I came upon my next teacher through a series of unplannable coincidences. He brought me through the portal of consciousness into the world of perfection that I had always been seeking. His name is Arnold Patent. Within a matter of months of extremely intense work, my consciousness changed. I was healed and received the commission to take what I had learned into the world.

That is when I began guiding individuals and groups through The Method. This process helps release us from the negative emotion and thoughts that hold us back. It is the missing key for harnessing the full power and potential of what is now commonly understood as The Law Of Attraction (I refer to it as The Law of Reflection). In 3 short months I went from having no clients to guiding 30 people each week through the process. I experience the thrill of watching their lives transform as completely as my own did, and continues to do. Since then, every day is filled with increasing joy as I assist countless others in shifting from unhappiness into true joy and all the wonderful blessings in life that follow.  What a gift!

I am currently thriving with a heart overflowing in love, joy and gratitude in Decatur, GA with my soulmate and my two sons, Gabriel and Aaron.

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