Introducing The Method

Why Use The Method

The Method sets us free from the unconscious act of creating what we fear. Imagine no limits, no blocks to the experiences in life that match your heart’s deepest desires. If, when you try to do this, you find any doubt, fear or resistance blocking you, use The Method to release yourself.

The reality is that you have no reason to be sad, frustrated or frightened, because life is designed to work forever for you. You might doubt this, but you don’t really know, do you? You might believe this intellectually, but can you live it consistently? To the extent that you worry, feel discouraged, desire change or resent anyone for anything you are not living in this reality.

I wanted to believe that life is always good, forever perfect and that nothing is preventing me from living the rich full destiny of my dreams. But sometimes I just couldn’t. Negativity would take me over, often without me even realizing it. I would blame my circumstances for my unhappiness instead of realizing how I was creating my problems THROUGH my unhappiness.

It was not until I found The Method and began diligently using it that I found my internal way into the joy, love, fulfillment, profound peace, harmony, abundance and freedom that produce miraculous material conditions my life.

The Purpose Of Negative Emotion

By the term “negative” emotion, I do not mean that any emotion is bad. I am referring to emotions that are painful, debilitating, and self-defeating. We learned to resort to these discordant emotional states as a means of protection, but the truth is that they create more difficult circumstances in our lives. Once you realize you want to be free of unhappiness, discouragement fear, to utilize your power in a more constructive, harmonious, joyful AND SUCCESSFUL way, The Method can set you free.  

Knowing that negative emotion is a source of pain that hinders rather than helps you to feel, and be and do your best for a life of joyful abundance and spiritual fulfillment- You will learn that you really DO live in a Perfect Universe of Love. 

The Power Of Attention

Perhaps you already know that you experience what you give your attention to. You may have observed that when you think about something terrible happening you react internally to it as it if was really happening.  Think about being in a no-way-to-win situation and you experience it .

Recognizing this helps, but there are times when you can’t help relating to your dismal thoughts as reality. Until I found The Method I lacked the “tool” I needed to get out of negativity and liberate my love and joy.  

Feeling at peace, secure and happy is your natural state. By this I mean that it is how you feel when you are not troubling yourself with emotional reactions and (change “desire”) into feelings of lack.

When you live in inner harmony you automatically manifest physical conditions that reflect and support your joy, love and gratitude.  BUT KNOWING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.  We need help in LIVING it.  That is what is unique about The Method. The Method works! It releases our power from fear and unhappiness and frees us to live, feel, think and be who we truly are.

Often, physical appearances bounce us out of our natural state and trigger negative emotion.  You might see a bill and feel stressed out about the thought of not being able to pay it.  You might see your ex-lover with another and feel the pain of loss and jealousy. You might find yourself slipping into states of terror when an old trauma is being triggered. The Method is a means for withdrawing your power from your painful, disempowering internal conditions, freeing it to flow into empowering, loving, inspired states of consciousness that bring about solutions and manifest miraculous material improvements.

Your Thoughts And Feelings Create

Negative thoughts and disturbing emotion produce circumstances that feed, reflect and validate them. 

By contrast, when you live in your natural state of inner harmony, you find conditions synchronistically, divinely working out for you.  You attract more positive, enlightened, humane people.  Your presence is healing and uplifting in people’s lives, helping them to feel better, look better and do better. Without even trying you inspire more cooperation and support from people you admire.

How you think and feel is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The more negative thought and emotion you slip into the more problems, let-downs, difficulties and disasters show up in your life.  These are opportunities to recognize and release yourself from the internal conditions that make them so difficult.  As you leave those internal conditions your outer problems melt away.

The more you live in your natural state of inner harmony and joy the more order, harmony, and higher accomplishment seem to just happen in your life.

Like you, I tried relying on negative thinking about myself, others and my life to get my way.  I tried manipulating people and circumstances with negative emotion, often unconsciously, for years and decades.  I tried to avoid the conditions that I feared, only to find myself right back in their grips again and again. When I had The Method I decided to face those conditions and use The Method to melt my fears and found, and continue to find, The Method works!

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