Providing the ongoing support you need to live your wisdom, transform your inner life, and joyfully create the life conditions you would love.

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to find your soulful path to independent success.

The Method Phone Coaching releases you from the fears that hold you back from pursuing your true path of joyful success, the fear that keeps you locked into a life lacking in purpose .  I'll help you consistently live the life you want INTERNALLY which will produce it externally to your joyful amazement. 

I have been coaching in support of individuals flourishing along their path of positive success for nearly 4 decades. contact me to set up a time to chat about how The Method Phone Coaching can work for you.  The results are immediate and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

THE METHOD Phone Coaching  sessions are offered in person at my Atlanta, GA Headquarters, and remotely  over the phone, Skype and Email.




3rd Tuesday each month, 7 PM, at Altanta Unity
Receive group support for transforming your consciousness to transform your life.
Group support is essentually helpful to make your life changes.
Contact me for more information.



Next Seminar Date: 1/28/18 at Unity of Greenville

The Create Your Life Workshop


In this life-transforming workshop we will

  • Achieve total functional alignment for the joyful creation of the life we want
  • Use Method to eliminate the negative thought-emotion attachment patterns that have been holding us hostage
  • Discover and fulfill our true life purpose
  • Achieve unconditionally loving, harmonious, beautiful relationships
  • with everyone
  • Liberate with our unlimited Power-Divine Self


If you are experiencing any area of struggle in your life, this workshop will guide through the process of transforming struggle into joyful success.


Even if your life seems to be flowing smoothly right now, we all need support in achieving our next higher level of self-mastery for a more miraculous life and

contribution to the life of the planet.


This will not be a rehash of inspiring information, but a practical engagement and exercise of your inner, infinite power to create your life the way you want it to be.

Suggested Love Offering: $20/person.




Positive Seminars and Keynotes 
offered at your business,
school and conference.


If you would like to inspire and empower your workforce or group membership to follow the positive path at work, to transform your organization into one that prospers with more interpersonal harmony, happiness, higher productivity and purpose, contact me through to discuss your
motivational speaker, training or management-coaching needs.


Bring more happiness to your workplace. 


Studies clearly demonstrate that a happier workforce is higher performing, raises the bottom line and produces happier, higher performing (more referrals and loyalty) clients and customers.  The limitations of other workplace happiness programs is that they focus on behavior.   Happiness, though, is an inside game and behavior does not change long-term until its internal causes have been addressed.  This inner dimension of real emotional transformation through Happiness-Skills-Training based on THE METHOD is the unique and uniquely effective work that my coaching, speaking and training accomplishes.  Contact me to discuss ways of bringing more happiness to your workforce, for a healtheir, more productive, creative and cohesive team.


"The video (you emailed us today was) just perfect! It is really a reminder to me just how wonderful I feel after one of your sessions - calm and free from worry and anxiety with a smile. It really is instant relief! Thank you!" 


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Heartily endorsed by:
Rev. John Strickland, Minister, Atlanta Unity
Rev. James King, Minister, Unity of Greenville




"I had an experience that I thought could benefit you. A colleague of mine, Bob Lancer, has discovered a breakthrough method for reversing negative patterns he calls The Method. I experienced a demonstration of The Method for myself and it was quite remarkable. Bob did this for me over the phone. I’ve worked very closely with Bob on a number of projects over the last 5 years, and I can confidently say his integrity is impeccable and his level of achievement and competency at doing things of this nature is extremely high."  Tom Cramer, CEO and Co-Founder of Braintrust CEO


4  Ways For YOU To Benefit From  THE METHOD


1. Individual Coaching Via Phone, Skype and In-Person  


2. THE METHOD Seminars and Retreats 


3. THE METHOD Keynotes:  
For conferences and conventions of all kinds


4.  Have THE METHOD, Will Travel:  
I am ready to travel anywhere in the world to share
The Method with your group in a live format. I also present The Method Workshops to groups via Skype.   





Email me to set up a time to discuss your interests.


The Method Works!
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