Coaching & Seminars


Coaching / Consultation sessions offered in person at my Atlanta, GA Headquarters, and remotely
over the phone, Skype and Email .


Seminars and Keynotes offered at your
business, school and conference.


Free Text Support: Would you like to receive free daily texts from me that help you raise your level of consciousness and let go of negativity for practice in daily living, for a more positive daily experience that helps you to avoid giving any event or person the power to make you have a bad day, and frees your energy to create the life you want?  These texts are loved by many, many people.  You can stop it at any time.  To receive your free daily texts email me your mobile number, and you will receive your text from my mobile number. You have my word that your number will never be shared.

"The video (you emailed us today was) just perfect! It is really a reminder to me just how wonderful I feel after one of your sessions - calm and free from worry and anxiety with a smile. It really is instant relief! Thank you!" 

Sunday, 7/9/17,  2 - 4 PM
Unity Church of Chattanooga, Chattanoga, TN     

Whether you attended my previous workshop on THE METHOD or not, this
seminar will deliver a breakthrough into the joyful expansion of abundance
and relief from the stress of financial challenge


$20/person Love Offering Suggested

Heartily endorsed by:
Rev. John Strickland, Minister, Atlanta Unity
Rev. James King, Minister, Unity of Greenville



"I had an experience that I thought could benefit you. A colleague of mine, Bob Lancer, has discovered a breakthrough method for reversing negative patterns he calls The Method. I experienced a demonstration of The Method for myself and it was quite remarkable. Bob did this for me over the phone. I’ve worked very closely with Bob on a number of projects over the last 5 years, and I can confidently say his integrity is impeccable and his level of achievement and competency at doing things of this nature is extremely high."  Tom Cramer, CEO and Co-Founder of Braintrust CEO


4  Ways For YOU To Benefit From  THE METHOD


1. Individual Coaching Via Phone, Skype and In-Person  


2. THE METHOD Seminars and Retreats 
For spiritual groups, business sales teams, and professional associations.

Current Spiritual Groups Include: 
Unity Church of Atlanta, GA
Unity Church of Greenville, SC

Corporate clients include:  
Solvit Software
New York Life Ins.
Delta Airlines
Radiology Associates of Dekalb
Dental Shift Inc.
CEO Braintrust, Inc.


3. THE METHOD Keynotes:  
For conferences and conventions of all kinds


4.  Have THE METHOD, Will Travel:  
I am ready to travel anywhere in the world to share
The Method with your group in a live format. I also present The Method Workshops to groups via Skype.   





Email me to set up a time to discuss your interests.


The Method Works!
Free Your Joy. Open the possibilities. Schedule Your Demonstration TODAY!
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