Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews author Bob Lancer about how the Kabbalah helps us heal.

Bob Lancer shares The Method for being in the joy of your life’s expanding perfection now.

Discover how The Method applies to raising yourself, your children, your whole life with love and joy, and without anger and stress

Discover The Method for healing relationships and enjoying more relationship harmony in your life with Bob Lancer

Worry blocks the flow of what you want. Here is how to gain relief.

The Method For Harnessing The Positive Power of Self Acceptance

You accept all that you truly feel deserving of. When you feel deserving of all you desire you feel fulfilled and what you want manifests.

Discover the joy of your life as your perfect creation. There is nothing going wrong. Your every experience is a perfect fit for you. Stop comparing your life to another, plaguing yourself with negative self-judgment and fearful resistance.

How to recover from trauma, addiction and loss for true joy and empowerment, and how to raise children who are free, empowered and successful.

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