A Spiritual Path To Joy, Success & Abundance

Relating to God as the One Omnipotent Power and Ultimate Truth of existence as PERFECT LOVE causes JOY.

Attachment to particular people, things and conditions – the passing forms of existence – causes sorrow and fear.

Another way of saying the same thing is that trusting the universe makes us happy, while the belief that we need to control the universe makes us unhappy and afraid.

Let’s now look at how to rise above attachment into the JOY of utter FAITH in GOD’S PERFECT LOVE.

There are certain activities that bring you joy. When you give your life, your energy, your time to engagement in those activities you shed fear and sorrow. Engagement in these activities lifts you out of attachment, into the sheer joy of being and doing what causes your heart to sing in a state of harmonious transcendence. Faith and confidence in the Supreme Power is experienced and expressed therein.

When we are thus uplifted we can engage in creative activities aimed at producing desired conditions, and the inspiration of our joy empowers us to be successful. If we attempt to create desired conditions from fear and sorrow, we feel powerlessness to do so and anticipate an inevitable slide into losing what is desired.

A higher level of joy is released as we devote our activity to serve the most high purpose that we can feel and conceive of in our heart and mind. Action for action’s sake brings no real, substantial or lasting joy.

Dedicating ourselves every moment to serving this purpose brings down to our conscious mind a continual stream of higher guidance leading us to this end. Imbibing on this inner light further supports our joy.

Dedicating action or work to fulfilling personal desires or egocentric aims or goals brings happiness for a while, but it does not last. It lacks the transcendent quality of higher purpose, the altruistic call to our true, heroic heart. The sense of true, higher service serves our joy more than aiming at getting what we want for the selfish pleasure that brings.

Joy equals power. The more joyful we feel the more powerful we are, and thus the higher level of intelligence we can connect to for our guidance. The heart has unlimited capacity for joy, and thus the self has unlimited capacity for power and the mind unlimited capacity for enlightenment.

Doing the work you love to do and consecrating it to the highest and deepest sense of sacred purpose brings joy, success and abundance. Do what brings you joy right now, with the intention to serve the highest possible purpose in the life of the world to transcend all fears, worries and insecurities about your own personal needs, problems and challenges into absolute faith in the Divine, in the Ultimate Power that Inevitably Determines the consequences, results and outcomes.

Be so absorbed in this present act of service that you have no thought about what will come back to you in the form of rewards, results or fruits of your actions. The fulfillment you experience in this kind of action is reward enough, thrilling the heart with pure contentment.

Once we have even a slight taste of this experience we can no longer settle for any lower form of action or happiness. We become truly addicted to this high state of joy and love and must make it the guiding force in our life. We are here for service of this nature, obviously, because no higher form of fulfillment of the heart is possible. It matches the design of our essential structure and therefore engaging in it causes us to experience a state of utter harmony.

Furthermore, engaging in this kind of activity unites us with the Divine, because we are about the business of being a manifestation of God’s Loving Will in the world. We become the Loving God, albeit in our own finite human form, in the highest level of service of all. The quest for personal fame and fortune pales in its ability to satisfy the heart relative to the true fulfillment delivered by serving this higher purpose in life and effort.

All forms of resources needful to serve this purpose at the highest level will always be made available to you by the universe. As you serve the universe the universe serves you, for you are intrinsic to its fulfillment of its purpose, which is to serve all that exists as a loving mother would do.

Is this higher motivation not what is missing from the world’s leaders in finance, business and politics? Does this not purvey the illusion that the only way to be successful is by being fanatically selfish? The sacrifice of morality for money is the code such “titans of industry and government” apparently follow, adhere to and promulgate.

We see then a clash of values in the world. Each one of us must decide for ourselves which path we place our faith in, we place of foot upon: the materially or the spiritually based. The internal conflict between these warring sides takes place in the breast of every human being, sooner or later. The only true guide we have for ourselves here is the guidance of self-honesty, the commitment to making the right decision based on the truth. This necessitates our commitment and dedication to waking up to, discovering, and realization of the truth. We don’t want to waste our life on a basis of mere speculation, conjecture or here-say. Or do we?

How many individuals do you know who spend much time contemplating and discussing this issue? How many take the time to question their values, what they are really about and why? Aren’t most people living their lives to take the time to discover how is the truly best way to do that? Are most of us not merely taking a blind leap or living like a kite blown about by the winds of any urge, desire or idea that impels us in the moment? Who is willing to risk their personal happiness on a higher path of spiritual interest? It seems that only those who have discovered by way of experience that the personal, selfish, egocentric life turns out to be not worth living. Those who have found that such a life ultimately ends in the sense of profound failure and disappointment, with hollowness in the place where soulfulness could reside, are ready, willing and able to pursue a higher way of life.

To resolve the crisis of choice does not require clinging to a belief and suppressing contradictory urges and desires. We do not have to, for instance, suppress our spiritual values and pursue a strictly materialistic path. Nor do we need to pretend that we have achieved freedom from personal, ego-centered self-interest in pleasure to cling doggedly to the path of the soul. We need, rather, to be honest with ourselves, to pay attention to our inner most thoughts and feelings and make our moment-to-moment life experience a conscious experience. Living naturally and true to ourselves in the moment is then possible, and this ultimately reveals the truth about the path through life that really works for us, and the one that we need to abandon because we know that it leads to false rewards at best.

The essential thing here is complete dedication to leading a full, authentic life, guided by the sense of relevance as it is revealed in our heart of hearts. Each moment is to be lived as if how we live it truly matters, and matters more than anything else. Life is a gift to be fully utilized, to make the most of, to experience it with limitless meaning. Through this approach to each moment we become aware of what we want to accomplish in life. We awaken to a feeling, sense or vision of the kind of life we want to be living, and to our burning desire to live in that life.

If concentrated on, that desire grows so strong that we become unwilling to wait for that life. We must live in the experience of it now. And this can be done as we focus our attention on the internal feeling or state of consciousness of that being our present reality. Instead of creating goals to attain somewhere far off in the future, we can “step into” that life-experience now with the aid of imagination and the direction of our feelings into the reality we want to experience as now.

Living in this state of fulfillment and success is possible right now, and the longer we hold our attention upon it the more real, powerful and alive the experience becomes, until finally, through the productive nature of our own will, we see it materializing into our actual physical reality. Living in the internal state of this conscious experience until it fills our hearts with joy represents the internal work of material manifestation or physical creation that is the innate capacity of every human being.

To facilitate this creative process you might ask yourself, “If everything in my life was perfect right now, how would that feel and how would it look?” Don’t answer this question with mere words, but with the internal experience that it portrays. This experience will bloom naturally, organically, as you nurture your intention for it with your attention. By and by it will bloom as a full-fledged feeling and knowing of the reality of that experience being present within you. Don’t try to rush it or push it. Patiently persevere, alternating from the effort to experience it with relaxation into a receptive mode of expecting it to blossom.

On the heels of this internal experience will come the dawning of the desire to fulfill a higher purpose within it. This happens naturally as the attainments of your personal desires prove to be spiritually hollow in your experience. The remedy for this hollowness is opening the heart to the soul’s desire for higher purpose, for the fulfillment of the highest conceivable purpose, to serve the Most High purpose in the living of our life, a spiritual path to Joy, Success and Abundance.

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