Lyrical Wisdoms

Imagine Nothing

Imagine Nothing
You don’t want to happen.
As tempting as it is to fear
Outside of imagination’s soundless roar
There’s nothing to worry about
Waiting on the other side of that door.
Free your mind from fear’s thought bind.
Freedom find from thoughts that blind.
Perceptive awareness fixed on the now
Without mental interference is how.

Clear And Sure

Monitor your consciousness.
Notice every wave of feeling.
Notice every thought as thought.
Fear is unfounded
Relative to your True Self.
Your body may be swallowed
By a lion,
But that doesn’t mean anything.
Death is nothing to fear.
Maiming is nothing to fear.
Everything passes.
Fortune reverses.
But not for the True Self.
The True Self stands stable
Stable and secure
Clear and sure
That True Love is all there is.

There’s Nothing More Important

There’s nothing more important
Than what is happening now;
No more distant mountain to climb
Than the ascent to Mind;
No wayward voyage to take beyond
The shores of now;
No splendor beyond your four walls awaits
Because facing here and now totally satiates.
Here and now your heroic quest calls
You out of your slumber
In which you dream of this and that.
Wishing yourself elsewhere
Makes where you are flat.
Making the most of this moment
With your whole heart and soul
Is all you need
To be true, expansive and bold.

What It’s All About

Feeling left out,
Feeling less than,
Are states of consciousness
You can take or leave.
They are inner dramas
To which you unconsciously cleafe;
But the state of loss seems real
Only as long as it’s the state you choose.
Choose to live a meaningful life right where you are;
Create your greatest destiny in this moment.
The night sky sparkles with countless stars;
The ocean waves crash, then lap up the shore;
Nothing lacks importance;
The universe never leaves you out.
Ask yourself, “How can I grow the most in this moment?”
That’s what it’s all about.

What Comes Next

Live life to the fullest this instant.
Bring your best into the now.
Work on yourself right here
For the sheer joy of it.
Be too busy building your life
To complain about what you have to work with.
Be fully present.
Choose what you give your attention to,
Because whatever gets your attention gets you.
What you feel
Is the feeling you tune into;
What you think
Impacts how you feel.
Keep your focus on bringing out your best.
Every moment is a test,
And what comes next
Is your consequence.

What You Make Of Yourself

You are creating your life
Here and now.
This moment is the experience
You give yourself;
You make it and shape it
As you will
With your consciousness.
Uncover your intention
For it to be what you want.
Your life is a series 
Of here-nows
There is only this instant
That is your true concern
How you live it
What you do with it
And you make of yourself
With it.

Trust Your Freedom

This moment is nothing to resist, change or control;
Allow it to be as it is and trust what unfolds;
That sets you free.
Taking charge based on what you predict
Keeps you chained to the law of accident.
There’s nothing to fear in this sea of love
In which we swim, like fish who don’t recognize
The water that they’re swimming in.
You can be as free if you are willing to be.
All it takes is letting go
And being bold.
Let this moment open up
Like a blooming rose
Who’s fragrance spreads joyously
To sweeten the infinite expanse.
Surely you can be as courageous as a flower
So tender and frail!
Trust your freedom,
Not a way that feels like jail.

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