Open the True Source of Your Abundance

The true source of your flow of abundance, in whatever form that abundance may take, exists within you. It exists as a feeling of the energy out-flowing from the core of your being. The human being experiencing abundance is like a fruitful tree.

The energy flowing within the tree produces the fruit that blooms upon its branches. Each apple, each orange, each cherry is a product of that inner flow. Similarly, the rich fruits that manifest in your life come from the work of the inner flow of life within you, within your consciousness.

As you feel the energy in your body you are feeling the life flowing into fruition. You can learn how to open and expand that flow within you to manifest more and more rich fruit; rich fruit in the form of dollars, in the form of harmonious companionship, in the form of vibrant health and healing, in the form of a joyful job that you love giving your all to. Your abundance can manifest in the form of more clients, more opportunities for purposeful service in the world, more talent and ability, more knowledge, more wisdom, more joy, more people to support your projects and share in the bounty.

Opening To The Flow Of Abundance

When we doubt ourselves, doubt our worth, doubt our ability, doubt the universe’s will or ability to come through for us, we squeeze shut the inner channel through which our abundance flows. This diminishes its flow, perhaps all the way to an impoverishing trickle. It may block our life’s force all together.

To open the flow, feel the flow. What you place attention on expands. Just consciously dwell in the feeling of energy flowing through you as the force of abundance, as the energy of supply manifesting rich fruit in your life. Then gently, lightly, open your inner feeling to the sense of guidance coming into you. This will be a feeling guiding you to take this or that action. Just be receptive to a higher flow of guiding light or knowing coming into you, revealing any actions you need to take to cooperate with the flow of the energy of abundance. Practice living in the conscious feeling of abundance and inner guidance.

Clearing Blocks

This is all you need to do, unless or until you find a feeling of blockage or fear impeding the flow. This is experienced as a feeling of constriction in your heart. When you recognize that energy-obstruction within, here is how to open abundance’s flow, in the form of a step-by-step process.

First, just feel the sensation of inner squeeze. You can feel it as the sensation of a closed heart, a feeling of being walled off for protection. This happens when we buy into self-critical thoughts that make us feel unworthy of love, unworthy of abundance, even unworthy of life. Feel the barrier. Feel the blockage. It feels like fear.

After spending a few minutes, or longer, feeling this inner sense of fearful constriction, feel that feeling as love. For it is love. It is your loving way of trying to protect yourself from a threat. You are reverting to some early childhood stress-response pattern, when you felt too vulnerable and unsafe. Feel the fear now, as love. This involves gently shifting the feeling of fear into a feeling of love.

As you find yourself feeling true, kind, caring love for yourself, spend as much time feeling it as you like. If you find it difficult to feel love for yourself, go back to the previous step to allow yourself to feel that sense of fearful constriction within you for a while longer. Then see if you can make the shift into love. If not, go back to the feeling of constriction. Go back and forth until you can dwell uninterruptedly in the flow of the feeling of love for yourself.

Then, when you feel ready to move on to the next step of clearing, feel a sense of an empty space expanding within you. Imagine the feeling of that space of emptiness expanding until this sense of emptiness is all there is. Don’t strain to feel this very palpably. Just feel it lightly, gently, easily.

Then imagine the feeling of the Divine coming in to fill that space. Feel the presence of Divine Energy expanding to fill that empty space. Then feel that Divine Energy expanding into the whole universe, until all that you feel is the sense of Divine Energy as the all. (What you are doing here is clearing out that blockage to open the flow to vast potential.)

Spend as long as you like in this feeling of Divine oneness. When you are ready to move on, shift into the feeling of mattering to yourself. You would not feel insecure, threatened or walled off if you did not care about yourself. Our fears indicate how much we actually matter to ourselves. If we didn’t matter to ourselves we would feel no fear. So now, just rest in the feeling of mattering to yourself, of valuing yourself. If you find this difficult to do (because you have spent so much of your life in self-criticalness), return to the previous step for a while; then try again. Go through each step without strain; gently, easily.

After you allow yourself to feel the sense of mattering to yourself, and you are ready to move on, recall your gifts and talents and feel appreciation for them. These include anything you are naturally good at, that you enjoy doing. Perhaps you have natural talent for playing a musical instrument, for accounting, for inspiring people, for organization, for cooking, for child care, for elder care. Allow yourself to feel value and appreciation for these.

When you are ready for your next step, Gently feel the sense of being in loving service to the whole of humankind. You can expand this to feel the sense of offering your gifts and talents in service of all all living creatures, the entire world, the universe.

After dwelling in this feeling of being in loving service for a while, you are now ready to open the flow of abundance. Do this by directing your attention to the feeling of the flow of life energy within you. Feel that energy as the source of your abundance, the energy in the tree of life within you that brings forth rich fruit.

Feel that flow opening up and expanding into the infinite, and allow your imagination to gently envision the forms of the fruit you are thus allowing to manifest in your life. You might the sense of your financial abundance being present and opening up in large sums. You might feel the sense of loving, harmonious companionship manifest with abundant fulfillment in your life. You might feel the fruition of endless opportunities to serve the world and express your talents at the highest level. Go deep in your heart to connect with your sense of real desire or true need, and let that guide your gentle visioning of what is possible.

You don’t have to know how the abundance will manifest, and make absolutely no effort to figure that out. Just feel that the flow of abundance itself will find its own way of bringing about the fruition as you consciously dwell in the feeling of unbounded openness. Feel this flow of abundance producing fulfilling your every need and desire in overflowing abundance. Feel your awareness of the feeling of this flow as your real source of your abundance. Remain in this feeling.

There is one more step to go for the full opening of abundance’s flow. It involves total surrender to a feeling of higher Divine Guidance coming in and flowing through you. This attitude can be expressed with the Biblical phrase: “Thy Will be done.” Feel the sense of utterly surrendering to the Divine, to Truth, with perfect trust that Love rules the universe and guides your life with perfection. Feel the sense of surrendering control and abiding in trust, being receptive to higher inner guidance, as you continue to dwell in the feeling of the flow of abundance.

There’s the process for accessing the true source of your abundance. As you live more and more consistently in the feeling of the open, expanding flow of abundance within you, without having to know how your abundance will manifest, the feeling of that flow will strengthen, and its fruits abound. Trust the flow.

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