Access Your Hidden Mind-Power for More Joy and Success

If you struggle in any area of life, it has nothing to do with external forces beyond your control. Your struggle is symptomatic of a divided mind. Bridge the divide and you end the struggle as defeat dissolves into success. Let’s see how this is done.

To begin with we need to clarify the two sides that compose the divided mind. You basically function with two minds or with two levels of mind. Like the proverbial iceberg, the level of mind above the surface of your awareness – your conscious mind – is miniscule compared to the mind below that level – your subconscious mind.

Though hidden, your subconscious exercises absolute control over your life. When you know how to harness its power and do so effectively you can liberate yourself from the inner conflict that stands in the way of your happy success.

The only “thing” standing between you and all you want in life is the subconscious programming that opposes your conscious mind.

Your subconscious directs your automatic actions and reactions, including all the things that your physical body does automatically, like the beating of your heart and the blinking of your eyes. All of your habitual actions that you engage in without having to think about what you are doing, like washing dishes, riding a bike and driving your car are ruled by the subconscious. Right now your subconscious is transforming the letters that you are seeing here into words that you understand.

Your subconscious mind also directs the thoughts, emotional reactions and desires that happen to you before you have the time to decide if you want to experience them.

Your subconscious is programmed by repetition. Any thought, emotional reaction pattern and action that you repeat enough times becomes subconsciously directed. This is why, for instance, you cannot seem to stop yourself from reacting in anger when something in particular happens, even if you regret that reaction later. All negative, painful emotional reaction patterns come from the subconscious due to repeating them over and over. You don’t want to feel ashamed, insecure and unhappy, but your subconscious programming is making you feel that way.

What we repeatedly expose our consciousness to eventually imprints the subconscious and becomes a subconsciously directed activity.

The subconscious is also programmed by what we observe, particularly in the first six years of childhood. If you repeatedly saw your father reacting in anger when your mother disagreed with him your subconscious took that pattern on. As a result you find yourself seemingly uncontrollably reacting in anger when your mate disagrees with you. If your mother reacted to your father’s anger with feelings of insecurity and intimidation, you had that reaction imprinted upon you as well, resulting in you reacting similarly to someone’s display of anger.

If your subconscious has been programmed with thought, emotion, desire and action patterns that oppose the success you desire in any area of life, no matter how hard you work for what you want you will find your efforts thwarted. What thwarts them? A divided mind thwarts them.

On a conscious level you want a certain condition in life and do all you know to do to achieve it. On a subconscious level you are engaging in self-sabotaging patterns that undermine your efforts. It may seem that forces outside of you cause your disappointing results, but if you pay more attention to what you do, say, think, and feel you will see how you oppose your conscious intentions.

For instance, you might see that you worry about failure. This means that your mind is focused on negative outcomes and you are emotionally reacting to those outcomes as if they are real. This means that you already feel defeated, which prevents you from giving your full power to the work that could lead to your success. Because our circumstances are formed by the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the actions that we engage in worry produces what we don’t want. Thus, no matter how hard you work for what you want your worry is working against your success.

If you have a tendency to feel discouraged, depressed and hopeless it is because your subconscious has been programmed to place you in those self-defeating emotional states. If you have a tendency to lose your temper to the extent that you destroy potentially supportive relationships you are suffering from a subconscious pattern that sabotages your best efforts.

In order to be as successful as we can be, as we want to be, in any given area, we need to harness and align the totality of our energy. We need our subconscious to produce in us extremely high states of energy or power that flows through positive channels, in the design of what we intend to accomplish. If we think that we cannot do this we are experiencing a negative subconscious programming that is turning the power of thought against us.

The subconscious believes what you believe. If you believe that you cannot do something your subconscious will see to it that you do whatever is necessary to prove that you cannot do it. If you can free your mind from thoughts of being limited in power and ability, to the point that you can actually feel totally powerful and capable, your subconscious is working for you.

Power equals joy. The more empowered you feel the more joyful you feel. When you connect high states of joyful empowerment to specific intentions of what you want to accomplish in life your hidden mind – your subconscious – will see to it that you receive all the power and abilities you need to bring about that accomplishment.

Imagine the feeling of being infinitely powerful, with every ounce of your power flowing into the activities necessary to produce the results in life that your heart desires.

As you have read, the subconscious is programmed through repetition. If you repeatedly hold your coffee cup a certain way it becomes a habit. You don’t have to think about it. Your subconscious takes over. If you see someone behaving in a certain way repeatedly your subconscious learns to mimic that behavior pattern. Here is another way that we program the subconscious: through our deliberately designed internal states of consciousness.

You have the capacity to internally experience any condition you desire This involves more than imagination. It involves feeling. You can go within and create for yourself the experience you want to be having as if it is real. The more you do this regarding a specific experience the more real you make it feel. At some point you will find yourself feeling as if it is real. When this happens it means that your subconscious mind has been programmed by the reality that you have repeatedly exposed it to. This means that you will automatically think, feel and act in ways that support the physical manifestation of the reality that you conceived of within.

Simply wanting something to happen in your life is not enough to make it happen. As my mother used to say, “If wishes were horses we all could ride.” But neither is working hard for what you want going to work well. We need to unite our two minds, to access the infinite power of our hidden mind.

Here is an exercise for accomplishing that:

  • Think about what you want in life.
  • Imagine yourself filled with limitless energy, infinite power. Open your feelings to experience this as your reality. As you feel your power rising you will feel your joy rising.
  • Go within and imagine the experience of the specific condition you want to happen, using your imagination, making it feel as real as if it was happening right now.
  • Using your imagination, feel your power and joy growing stronger and stronger within your experience of the desired condition.

To fully master this process of creating through the union of your two minds requires more than doing this exercise once or twice. We need to practice it daily, and more than once a day.

Combined with this is the need to practice staying extremely vigilant over the thoughts that stream into your head. Every negative thought about yourself, your life or other people drains you of energy and sets the subconscious to work on creating the condition you don’t want. Practice being so aware of your thinking that you can instantly recognize a negative thought and feel the energy drain that comes with it. The sooner you recognize a negative state the sooner and more easily you can let it go.

Sometimes we find ourselves seemingly trapped by negativity. No matter how hard we try we cannot get out of it. The solution to this problem is to use The Method. The Method releases our energy and awareness from negative subconscious programming. You can then apply that freed energy and awareness to the above exercise.

Living in an unconditional state of joyful empowerment, which The Method liberates in us, is the foundation for spectacular success in any and in every area of your life. As you discard negative states and tune into feelings of infinitely powerful joy, love and inspiration your hidden mind is getting the message that your life is a wonderful adventure; it will see to it that evidence of this in your physical world accumulates.

It virtually always requires skilled support in identifying our subconscious blocks and in reprogramming our subconscious for the swiftest positive results. Through my phone-coaching using The Method many have found themselves making breakthroughs beyond what they dreamed to be possible, including the releasing of a level of joy in life that they had never known. Contact me to schedule a time for us to discuss how I might be able to help you make your breakthroughs through The Method. Also, contact me if you would like to inspire and empower your workforce, group or association membership with an inspiring keynote on how to unlock the powers of the subconscious for spectacular success and happiness.

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