The Method And Your Life In 3 Stages  

We can view your life as occurring in 3 basic stages. You:

  1. Go to sleep and weave a dream of limitation. 
  2. Live in that dream.
  3. Awaken from that dream, into glorious freedom.

Stage 1: You Go To Sleep And Have A Dream    

Stage 1 begins from the moment of conception, and possibly before that, as you begin your journey into the human experience.

Just as your birth parents’ physical intercourse produced the basic materials needed for the construction of your physical body, the beliefs and emotional patterns expressed between them through their psychological intercourse – ways of interacting with one another – provided you with the emotional conditioning that would develop into your personality.

All of your conditional emotional reactions were formed during this stage, which lasted, roughly, for the first 6 years of your life.

This means that during this period all of the triggers were set in place for your CONDITIONAL emotional reactions, including feelings of:

  • worthiness and unworthiness
  • being loved and being unloved
  • being rejected and being accepted
  • being disapproved of and being approved of
  • being abandoned and being secure
  • being defeated and being triumphant
  • being threatened and being safe
  • being in lack and being in being abundance
  • being dependent and being being self-sufficient
  • being resentful and being being appreciative
  • being limited and being free
  • being betrayed and being faithfully treated
  • etc.

All of these CONDITIONAL emotional reactions were based on underlying beliefs of neediness, limitation and lack formed in your consciousness during this early stage, through the psychological modeling of your parents’, as those beliefs were played out in their relationship.  These beliefs form a kind of dream-life that you enter and begin living in after your 6th year.

Stage 2: You Live In Your Dream  

As you entered stage 2, you began living in the dream that you weaved in your first 6 years. In other words, from around the age of 6 years old, you carried the emotional patterns, and the limiting beliefs that support them, that you learned in your first 6  years, and related to them as your own.  You began seeing reality, not as the perfect, unlimited potential that it truly is, but through the distorting lense of the limiting beliefs about reality that you adopted.

For instance, if you were raised with a belief in your helplessness, you now believe yourself to be helpless and feel insecure and dependent as a result, DESPITE THE REALITY THAT YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING OF UNLIMITED POTENTIAL IN A UNIVERSE DESIGNED TO PERFECTLY SUPPORT YOU AND WHICH CAN NEVER LET YOU DOWN.

Based on the principle that we must always see our circumstances as reflections of the beliefs that we unconsciously project upon them, in stage 2 you began experiencing life in ways that supported, reinforced and appeared to validate the limiting beliefs about yourself and the universe that you received during your first 6 years, making your fearful illusions of loss, lack and limitation seem more and more real.

Even if you never knew one or both of your birth-parents, even if they separated before you were born, even if you have no memory of how they interacted, it is the pattern of their relationship between one another that we are concerned with here.

If, say, your father left your mother before you were born, you may still be carrying a deep-seated fear of abandonment that your mother experienced when he left her, while you were in her womb.

If you experience feelings of inadequacy, we may trace that ways your father felt in response to your mother’s incessant criticizing of him, whether that happened in front of you or behind closed doors.

We might trace your insecure tendency to be overly placating in relationships to ways that your mother was overly placating in her way of interacting with your very temperamental father.

We might trace back your pattern of working extremely hard, and yet still making very little money, to a belief that one or both of your parents expressed in their relationship that “I need to work very hard just to make peanuts”.  As a result you have gravitated toward jobs that overwork and underpay you.  

If you find yourself quickly losing your temper in reaction to your children’s behavior, no matter how hard you work at changing that pattern, we might be able to trace that to ways that your father exploded in anger during your first 6 years of life, whether you have conscious recall of that happening or not.

Recognizing the parental roots of your limiting beliefs and the painful emotional patterns and life-choices they led you toward is not about blaming your parents or seeing your self as a victim of your upbringing.  If you do blame them, or if you do see yourself as a victim, it is because you learned to do that from their modelling.  

Going through the trials and tribulations brought on by the false, limiting beliefs you developed in stage 1 has actually been a very precious gift.  Through the experience you have learned what does NOT work, ways of seeing the world and reacting to what you see that cause you pain and that can never bring fulfillment.

It also gave you the opportunity to feel compassion for yourself, and for your parents, for the suffering the three of you have endured under the influence of the limiting beliefs they shared with you.  As you grow in compassion, you grow in wisdom, joy and in the ability to interact with others in more mutually supportive, collaborative ways. You function more consistently with the way the universe works and thus experience more of its support.

So there are very real benefits to your Stage 1 and Stage 2 experiences. Those experiences were actually all perfectly designed to lead you to Stage 3, the stage of your glorious awakening to freedom.

It is precisely because those patterns bring so much pain and unhappiness into your lif, that they lead you so effectively on the quest for release from them.  But that quest usually does not lead immediately to Stage 3.  For a long time we seek our way out of suffering by pursuing the very path that leads to it.  This is why Stage 2 is typically the longest stage of our lives.

Based on the false beliefs gained in Stage 1, if you feel a sense of financial lack you strive to solve that problem by acquiring more money.  The reality is that your belief in lack is false, but you are treating it as real because you have the belief that it is real, based on past programing.  The problem here is that as long as you have the belief that you are in a state of lack your circumstances must support that belief, no matter how hard you work at acquiring more money to solve the problem.

If you do manage to make more money, spurred on by a belief in lack, you find that the money doesn’t last, or that you still feel the need for more to cure a feeling of vulnerability or emptiness that causes every experience to feel “not enough”.  As long as you believe you are in lack you really cannot escape the experience of it.

Your life is perfectly designed to support whatever feelings and beliefs you have about it, but not everyone realizes this before they die.  They believe that they are inadequate and continually strive to prove they are not, only to find circumstances and relationships turning out in ways that confirm their underlying, false, limiting belief about themselves.

They feel like victims deep down inside, and thus find themselves feeling like victims again and again.They feel unworthy of love and find themselves rejected by the very ones they want love from the most.  This goes on and on, with life repeatedly confronting us with our underlying beliefs about ourselves.  It SEEMS that we experience these beliefs AFTER something happens, but it is those beliefs that really operate as the CAUSE of what happens.

This is where The Method comes in.  The Method is a way of clearing those limiting beliefs that cause our painful life-experiences.  As we do this, we experience more and more joy and come to know and love our true, authentic self as unlimited. We appreciate the universe as an entirely loving, safe system designed to perfectly support us.  We see all people, including our parents, as perfect players in the theater of our lives who provided us with exactly the kind of experiences we needed, leading us to the 3rd Stage.

Stage 3: You Wake Up To Freedom

It is in the total process of release of control that the awakening takes place, when you see all of your limiting beliefs about reality melting away and experience the state of absolute freedom that has always been your true condition.

Countless people remain in the dream of Stage 2 all of their lives.  If they feel angry at someone, they believe that it that other person’s fault.  If they feel insecure about their job, they believe it is the fault of the economy, or the CEO, or the guy they work next to who has been whispering false stories about them.  They don’t realize that all of the drama in their lives is entirely imaginary, and that as long as they imagine it they keep it in place.

As your limiting beliefs melt away you realize that there is nothing going wrong and nothing to worry about.  You have to hold onto a belief that something can go wrong to experience the emotional pain associated with that belief.  

During the awakening process we are released from the dream of Stage 2 and experience reality as the perfect state of freedom that it has always been.  We see the dreams that have blocked our joy and kept our fear in place as dreams only, and finally feel free to experience unlimited love, joy and appreciation for just being.  We see life as an opportunity for this great awakening rather than as a burden we have to endure. At the same time, we are completely happy right where we are, in the awareness of all being perfect just the way all is.  Our joy expands to indescribable, uncontainable proportions.

The Method is a “tool” that has worked for me and for many others to make the awakening happen.

Through the use of it we no longer seek to change our lives while holding onto the limiting beliefs that cause our lives to remain the same dreary drag. 

We free ourselves from our limiting beliefs in lack, loss and limitation and from the painul emotional patterns they spawn, releasing us to live in expanding states of unconditional love and joy. 

We learn to base our choices on our feeling of inner harmony rather than struggle for external control and domination.  WE make the feeling of joy the fulcrum of our leverage for directing our lives. 

We learn that joy does most of the work for us, because life must reflect how we feel. So we learn to count on how we feel as the highest priority and most crucial factor of our lives.

We free ourselves from the fears and depressions that make life seem so hard, and as we awaken to the glory of reality within we find our circumstances supporting our wonderful feelings with the manifestations that we desire the most.

If you are done trying to fix your life from feelings of loss, lack and limitation – if you are ready to wake up to the true, total freedom that is your actual, natural state – if you are ready to give joy, peace, love, appreciation and gratitude a chance – if you are ready to wake up before your wake, The Method is for you. 

The Method Has Begun Working  

By learning about Stages 1, 2 and 3 The Method may have already begun working for you, because you may now feel somewhat less attached to the beliefs and emotional patterns that have been plaguing you with inner pain, and you are a bit less inclined to try to “fix” what’s wrong through attempts at directly controlling your circumstances. 

As you feel your feelings you begin the process of freeing your energy from the painful emotional pattens and beliefs that have been producing difficulties in your circumstances.  But this is just the beginning of The Method.   

As you proceed through the steps of The Method you release more and more energy and awaken to higher levels of intuitive inner guidance for creating more of what you want with more joy and love.  You feel reborn into a universe where nothing goes wrong and you feel total safety and excitement over the limitless possibilities.

Through the use of The Method, the patterns that have been causing your suffering disappear as if they never existed, and the difficult circumstances that reflected them are replaced by more harmonious, fulfilling, loving and supportive conditions.

The most important thing for me about The Method is the freedom it gives me to live in more and more unconditional joy on a more consistent basis, and to focus on increasing my feeling of joy in the present as the key to bringing about all that I could ever desire in life.

If you are ready to give The Method a try proceed to the section entitled The Steps Of The Method.

While you can certainly use The Method effectively on your own, the results are more dramatic when you go through it with a trained and experienced guide. 

I’m happy to assist you in changing your life into a totally joyful experience of freedom, abundance and love.

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