The Steps Of The Method

The Method proceeds through a series of steps. There are many nuances to it that require the support of an experienced guide to benefit the most from the process. But doing the following simple version of it on your own can be quite effective, with practice. This outline is especially helpful to those I’ve personally guided through The Method, as a way of practicing taking yourselves through it.

Step 1: Feel The Feeling

Open to how you are feeling emotionally. Feel your feelings fully, without resistance. If you feel emotional pain, open to that fully. The more deeply you feel the more energy you release from whatever is blocking you.

Step 2: Return To The Child

When you feel ready, move on to Step 2 by reflecting back on your early childhood, as you continue feeling this feeling. See if you can recognize if you have experienced this feeling before. If you can recall feeling it before the age of 6, all the better. Feel that feeling in the child’s body.

Next, consider which one of your parents modelled this feeling or emotional pattern for you in early childhood. If you can identify this parental source, relate to the feeling as a learned pattern rather than as an expression of your intrinsic self.

Step 3: Feel Compassion and Love

When you feel ready to move on, the next step is to direct feelings of compassion toward the suffering child.  If you are not experiencing a state of suffering from childhood, simply direct feelings of loving compassion toward yourself.

Then allow your feelings to turn into a feeling of love for yourself right now. We usually send our feelings of love outward, but now send yours inward. Feel the energy of love directed inward toward yourself. Feel this love for yourself as deeply and completely as you can.

Step 4: Open The Space

When you feel ready for the next step, imagine a space opening up deep inside you. Feel this space expanding until it is as big as the universe. Then feel yourself stepping into this space and being filled with Divine Energy. Feel Divine Energy filling you, expanding to fill the infinite space you created. Then feel the whole universe filled with Divine Energy.

Step 5: Feel Your Self-Value

When you feel ready, shift into a focus on the feeling of your self-value. Feel the sense of being valuable to yourself, valued and treasured by yourself. Relate to yourself as a sacred divine being. Do this on a feeling level. Don’t just think it. Feel it. This may involve exercising a new “feeling muscle” for you. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

Step 6: Value Your Gifts

Think of your gifts and talents, the things you enjoy doing and that you derive inspiration from doing, and feel deep appreciation for them.

Step 7: Share Your Self And Your Gifts

Now feel yourself sharing your gifts and talents with EVERYONE in the world.


  • The sense of being recognized and valued for your contribution.
  • Everyone in the world supporting and appreciating you.
  • The entire universe being alive, conscious, loving and supportive toward you.

Step 8: Experience Abundance

When you feel ready, feel the appreciation of the universe translating into infinite abundance. Feel yourself to be in a state of limitless affluence. Feel the sense of releasing your hold on all that you have, secure in the knowledge that more you release the more room you make for more to come in. You are in the perfect state of abundance in all forms of supply, including finances, abilities, opportunities, and people who can love and support you in every way that you desire to be supported and loved. Feel this state of perfect, limitless abundance as your TRUE condition, relating to all ideas of lack and limitation as imaginary and illusory. Remain in this feeling of abundance for as long as you like. The more you live in “abundance consciousness” the more abundance will manifest in your life.

Step 9: Trust And Surrender

The final step is to completely surrender all control of your life to the Divine.


  • That the universe is a perfectly safe “place”, a perfectly loving system of support that cares for you.
  • The sense of giving up all control to this Perfectly Benevolent Infinite Power we call God. 
  • The sense that you cannot make a mistake, that you don’t have to figure anything out, that no matter what the outcome it will always be perfectly formed by Infinite Love for you.

Continue feeling this state of total surrender to the infinite possibilities, with a feeling of joyful trust, appreciation and gratitude. All you need to do to experience the validation of this trust is to live in your joy and follow the inner guidance of inspiration that intuitively guides you perfectly always.

Follow Your Feelings

That completes The Method.

From this point forward, remain aware of your feelings, and rely on your feelings for your guidance. Your intuition communicates with you through your feelings, not through your thoughts.

You will be guided, essentially, through three feelings that we can compare to a traffic light: Go (Green), Slow (Yellow), Stop (Red).

When you feel a sense of harmony, inspiration, joy, inner peace, alignment or empowerment, that means “Go”. The thoughts you are thinking, the actions you are taking, are in line with your True Destiny.

If you feel a sense of internal discomfort, resistance, conflict, anxiety or loss of power you are receiving “a yellow light”, meaning “slow down, ease up and use caution”. If that doesn’t resolve the feeling of resistance, take that to mean “red light”, meaning “Stop”. Don’t do. Just feel. If the feeling of discord doesn’t pass, use The Method to release it.

One More Point

Be gentle toward yourself. Use The Method without strain. You don’t have to completely free yourself from any given negative pattern in one session. That would be like trying to eat so much in one sitting that you never have to eat again or trying to work out so hard at the gym that you never need another workout.

Each time you employ The Method, it releases more energy from patterns of pain and blockage. Use The Method as often as you choose, and spend as long as you like on each step. I have taken myself through The Method in under a minute when feeling anxious prior to an encounter, and it has worked miraculously! With regular use the process of your release builds up momentum, helping you to remain more stable in unconditional, total inner peace and joy feeling states, causing the circumstances of your life to improve commensurately.

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