The Method For Ameliorating Media Expanding Global Terror

A way to create a safer world for our children

Dear Peace Lover,

As the stress and anxiety in people around the globe rises to the point of growing inner terror in response to media reports of world events, like the recent quake in Italy, we who use and understand The Method recognize how this growing state of internal distress can only fuel more events that resonate with them.

The Method is one way that we can free ourselves of emotional discord and pain for more inner peace and joy, demonstrating more order, harmony, success, fulfillment, freedom and abundance in our own lives. At the same time, our natural state of blissful unconditional love and joy serves to soothe and calm those around us, helping them to experience life at a higher level of harmony, happiness and safety.

As parents go through The Method their inner peace spreads to their children, serving as their protection. It also contributes to a more safe and peaceful world, as explained above.

Additionally, those going through The Method on a longer term basis are simultaneously receiving a “training” in how to use The Method to help others.

In this time of media despair and terror mongering that is consuming more and more of people’s energy and attention, The Method is a gift that we have been given to rise to the challenge for ourselves, our close loved ones, and our greater family of humanity.

Using The Method also supports healthier lifestyle changes, freeing individuals from the drive to engage in addictive behaviors to soothe the inner pain of unhealed emotional trauma!

Contact me to schedule a time for your demonstration of The Method to help you experience the liberation of your joy and real love of being you. The session lasts around 20 minutes and results are immediate.

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