The Method For Fulfilling Your Purpose Now

Depression sets in when a person feels purposeless. Some snuff out their unfulfilled inspiration with drink or drugs. Some are driven to acts of terror to fill the vacuum left by a sense of being of no importance. To them, making a negative impact seems better than no impact at all.

It’s not always enough to live just for your own immediate gratification. You sometimes feel the need for more meaning. You need to feel that you are fulfilling a purpose that is meaningful to you.

Sometimes all we want to do is to take care of the little things. Sweep the yard, get to work on time, drop off the dry cleaning and get home in time to see the kids before they go to bed – that’s a good life as far as it goes.

But then you get bitten by this inner bug. You want to do something bigger, to speak with a bigger voice, to cause some kind of positive planetary shift. You want to play music that makes the universe dance. You may not be able to articulate what it is you want to do. But you can feel it. It is a feeling for expansion.

Maybe you don’t know what this feels like. Maybe you do. I know that there are a lot of people who know exactly what I’m talking about, and many of those are feeling frustrated and blocked.

Depression sets in when you tell yourself that you do not have an open way to fulfill the larger purpose you desire to serve. You feel the desire to fulfill a purpose, but then you feel this sense of shut-down within you that says you are blocked, cut off, disconnected from the world; it feels that you are not serving a purpose with your life and that your life therefore has no real value. Maybe for some, living for themselves alone is enough. But not for you.

The solution here is to trust that you are free to serve a purpose as big as the one you want to serve, that you can, right here, right now, have as big of a meaningful impact as you want to have. Stop telling yourself that your life is not the way you want. Just become aware of the way you want your life to feel and let that feeling flow freely through you.

This self-liberation does not come easy for all of us. He have strong patterns of negative thinking about ourselves and our lives. We have deep feelings of being blocked, disconnected, shut-down. This is where The Method comes in. It releases our energy from attachment to the limiting beliefs that keep us feeling insignificant, inadequate, unworthy.

You experience being who you think you are. You experience doing what you imagine you are doing. You want the world to vibrate at a higher level from a loving energy that flows through you? Drop any doubt that you are achieving that right now.

You are like a channel through which energy from the heavens flows into this world. Your awareness is like a lens through which the light of your highest inspiration shines. Let yourself feel the sense of the beautiful impact you want your energy to have on the world and you will experience the fulfillment that comes from fulfilling your purpose now.

You are an inlet and outlet for energy. You are constantly admitting energies of particular qualities into this world. Become aware of the quality of energy flowing through you. Is it positive, loving, authentic, joyful, caring, inspiring? Know that the energy flowing through you flows into the world, causes the whole universe to vibrate with you.

Feel the quality of energy moving through you that you want to feel moving through you. You don’t have to entertain a single doubt about the quality of energy moving through you, the immensity of positive impact you are having on the world, the purpose you are fulfilling for the whole universe right here, right now.

The joy of fulfilling your purpose now is a feeling. Your doorway of opportunity for experiencing that is yours to walk through wherever you are.

The universe vibrates to your tune – it vibrates to the attunement of your feelings.

Experience immediate release from the anxiety and discouragement that limits your ability to feel the inspiration of fulfilling your higher purpose in life. Live in harmony with who you truly are.

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