The Method For Enhancing Your Self-Value

Feeling de-valued or unvalued is no fun at all. Beyond the sheer internal pain of it, there are circumstantial consequences.

For instance, if you feel that others are not demonstrating much value for you, it is because you are not feeling highly valued by you. When you don’t feel valuable others relate to you in ways that are consistent with that negative feeling. This is why it is so futile to try to get others to demonstrate more appreciation for you.

Your entire life is a reflection of how valuable you feel. To improve any area of your work on improving your sense of self-value. Any efforts to improve things that leave out this essential component must prove futile.

To help you to experience more self-value consider these two questions. What would have to be going on in your life for you to feel more valued? What seems to be happening in your right now that is preventing you from feeling valued? The answer to these two questions points the way to your enhanced self-value.

Let’s begin by looking at the second question first. If you are not feeling totally valued or valuable right now it is because you are basing that feeling on something that is or is not happening in your life. Perhaps your professional services do not appear to be in high demand in the marketplace. Perhaps your lover just left you. Perhaps you don’t like the condition of your bank account.

What if those conditions changed in ways that caused you to feel totally valued? What would those changes look like? This leads to your answers to the first question.

Perhaps you would see yourself at the top of your career, making oodles of money, with an endless series of lucrative professional opportunities opening up for you. Perhaps you would see yourself in a loving relationship with someone you adore and who truly adores you. Perhaps you would see yourself being admired by the people that you admire. Perhaps you would see yourself in a joyful state of utter self-confidence. Perhaps you would see individuals who have related to you with disdain now suddenly relating to you as a sacred being. Perhaps you would see yourself making an invaluable contribution to the lives of others. Perhaps you would see yourself as a great parent, a loyal friend, a generous philanthropist. Perhaps you would see yourself in tip-top physical condition, exuding an attitude that uplifts people.

The truth is that you don’t need any of those conditions to be present in your life to feel self-value. Beyond this, by feeling a deep sense of self-value you will find all the conditions that you can imagine being consistent with those feelings occurring in your life. That’s right: how you feel about yourself is the cause of how life happens for you.

It is the feeling of low or lost self-value that produces the conditions in our lives that seem to validate, support and reinforce those painful feelings. Those feelings about ourselves were programmed into us at an early age, and when we use The Method to release our belief in them, we experience the actual self-value of our essential divine magnificence. This then allows our lives to form conditions consistent with those wonderful feelings.

It can help you to imagine all the conditions in your life that you associate with feelings of positive self-value, but then you have to be careful to not count on or depend upon those conditions in order to feel your self-value. The purpose of the imaginative exercise is to help you to feel the marvelous truth about your infinite worth.

A short-cut to this end result is to practice feeling totally grateful for your life-experience. Feelings of deep gratitude make you feel valued by the universe, by god.

The more you dwell in feelings of high self-worth or self-value the deeper and stronger those feelings grow, and the greater their positive impact upon your life conditions. At the same time you grow in your strength to be your own unconditional source of feeling highly valued. The benefit of this is that you lose emotional dependency upon conditions or people turning out to be this way or that way. Either way you feel the joy of total self-value and reap all of the circumstantial benefits that accrue from that wonderful inner state.

Experience immediate relief from the pain of a self devalued. Release your joyful experience of your marvelous worth to experiences circumstances consistent with your heart’s desires.

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