The Method For Harmonious Business Development

When it comes to successfully building your business in a joyful way there are certain fundamental principles to keep in mind. I call these, “The Four Pillars for Harmonious Business Development.”

As we rely upon these pillars or principles they support us by allowing our success to happen more easily, more joyfully and more quickly. When we work in conflict with them, we undermine our own efforts, self-sabotage, and experience increasing frustration, fear and resistance relative to the meeting of our needs.

Here is a brief description of the Four Pillars and how to work with them:

1. How you feel is of the utmost importance.

Your feelings determine the basic pattern of the circumstances you are forming. Harmonious feelings mean that you are emitting an energy pattern of order that causes your circumstances to harmoniously organize themselves around you. This means that things naturally fall into place. The right opportunity shows up at the right time. Your inner harmony produces your outer harmony. The more harmonious you feel, the more joyful you feel, and the more strongly you influence circumstances to flow the way you want.

When you plunge into feelings of discord, you feel anxious, uncertain, angry, unhappy. These feelings produce more discord in your circumstances, meaning that chaos, conflict and confusion expand. Things then seem to not work out for you, and even seem to work against you.

2. What you think determines how you feel.

The only thoughts worth thinking, about your business are those that reinforce and nurture your harmonious feelings of inspiration, enthusiasm and conviction in the inevitability of your success.

Worrying about things like not having enough clients or revenue, about the limits of your bank account, about ways that others are letting your down, about reasons to doubt your own ability to succeed are all examples of using your power of thought in ways that undermine your harmonious business building.

3. Your life heads in the direction of your attention.

Thought is creative. We bring about circumstances that are essentially similar to those we think about. When it comes to harmonious business building, give attention to those thoughts and conditions that feel consistent with your desires, and keep or take attention off of those thoughts and conditions that represent the opposite of what you want.

When you focus attention on conditions that you do not want you are actually pointing your business in that direction. If you are looking at the idea of your business struggling or lacking in clients or revenue you are sending your business further in that unwanted direction.

4. Take harmonious action.

We have been programmed by society to believe that action is what counts most when it comes to bringing about desired results. And this is true. You can think about opening a door all day long, but until you actually take hold of the knob and pull nothing happens. However, what has been lacking in this bit of conventional wisdom is the importance of harmonious feeling being present before and while the action is taken. When you feel harmonious take action on the ideas that excite you. When you believe that you need to do something that you don’t feel like doing, get yourself into a harmonious state and function in a mode that supports that feeling of harmony in the doing of it. When action is supported by harmonious feeling positive results come more easily and more quickly.

If you take action to build your business while you are feeling a lack of confidence, insecure, frustrated and unhappy the power of negative feeling works against the power of positive action. This is like trying to go in opposite directions at once. Your progress must be slowed or stopped when you act in opposition to how you feel, and if the negative feeling is strong enough, your actions produce some sort of mishap that actually sends you back.

Your ideas for useful actions will come to you when you establish yourself in a harmonious feeling state. Even when you receive no idea for action, though, remaining in that harmonious feeling state is sufficient to allow conditions to align with your intentions, including your mental conditions (meaning that you become attractive to thoughts that align with your intentions).

As powerful and reliable as these four pillars are, sometimes it is just not possible to enter or remain in good feeling states and to keep our attention focused on positive aspects and possibilities. When this happens, it means that we have gotten stuck in what can be described as negative emotional programming that is working against us.

The Method proves to be a super effective means of achieving quick release from this programming.

The reality is that anything is truly possible and that the universe really is always functioning in support of your growing success and abundance in joy. The only thing that blocks one from receiving and fully enjoying this support is one’s own internal resistance to it. Inharmonious feeling is an indication of this resistance.

Using The Method to return to inner harmony relieves the resistance, permitting your harmonious business building process to progress joyfully.

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