The Method For Finding Your Happy Way

Do your circumstances tempt you to feel unhappiness?  You don’t have to take a bite out of that “apple” that would cast you out of the paradise of joyful living.

When you feel blocked from solving a problem do you begin to think of ways to buckle down, work harder, sacrifice more joy to render yourself worthy of the solution? This is common. It is as if we believe that the way to happiness is through darker misery. How absurd.

Did you ever wonder if you can be as successful in all areas of your life as you want to be through a happy approach that makes work feel like play? While you are making yourself miserable to earn what you want, you may be making a choice for unnecessary suffering that ultimately fails to pay.

You can succeed along a worry-free path that feels great as you anticipate doors of opportunity opening for more joyful success. You don’t have to take things so seriously. The gifts and talents that bring you joy are your means for all the success and abundance you are capable of receiving. They are perfectly designed to fulfill the purpose of the universe and as you fulfill that purpose you experience the universe’s expanding support.

Being as a child, being happy, carefree, and trusting, is the way that works.  How can you tell? Because it feels so good. It places your body in a state of harmony, and that promotes your well-being on all levels.

Taking things too seriously, taking things stressfully, is unhealthy. An unhealthy way of living cannot be aligned with the meeting of your needs and the satisfying of your desires. That would suggest a broken universe. The way that is good for you must be the way that is good for you all along.

The better you are to yourself the better your outcomes. You know you are being truly good for you when you feel joyful. Joy comes from an internal state of harmony and balance that inspires you to be unconditionally, genuinely loving toward the world. You are having fun when you are in love with life. If you are not having fun you are in the process of shutting down along a path of self-destruction.

Your feeling of joy is your internal guidance letting you know you are on the right path for you. When you feel so happy that you feel giddy you are really on track. Feeling in harmony in the present is your indicator that you are heading toward the goals you really want to achieve, toward more and more harmonious circumstances in your life.

You can trust the feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude that spring from your heart when you are living your life in happiness.

There are two “things” that interfere with living this joy-filled path. One is the belief that you need to lead a miserable existence to deserve what you want in life. The other is the habitually miserable, overly serious ways of living that you have developed in response to that belief. Here is where The Method comes in to help us.

By usingThe Methodwe release the fear of living happily right now and take our power to be happy back from the habitual patterns of unhappy living that were developed from that belief.

Are you tired of counting on unhappiness to achieve what you want in life? Are you ready to entrust your life to happiness? The path you try from this moment forward is entirely up to you.

Are you tired of following unhappy ways for happiness?

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