The Method For Receiving Infinite Support

The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

Right now you are intricately interconnected with the Perfect, Infinite Abundance, Intelligence, Beauty, Harmony, and Love that we call “the universe”.  You are part of this universe.  You live, move and have your being in it. You are of this universe. You are this universe.

Physics can find no actual barrier or separation between you and all that is. When you experience lack or limitation, you are experiencing an imaginary condition. You are focusing on a form or appearance of lack, loss or limitation and mistakenly relating to that as your total reality.

What you hold your attention on you draw in greater measure into your experience.

You are presently in connection with every human being, with every being and all life forms in the universe. There is no true physical separation between you and every human being that lives and that has ever lived. All beings are intelligent dynamic energy systems whose power, mind, and love radiate into infinity for eternity. There is no such thing as “death” in the real world.

Wake Up To Oneness

You are in connection with the infinite abundance of resources and limitless power of the universe. You have access to all the gold, silver, diamonds, oil, and money in existence. It is all yours to draw upon, as much as it is anyone else’s. The moon and stars belong to you. The sun is yours. The entire physical universe is your body, the thoughts that flow through the universe abide in your mind, the infinite love that flows through the universe flows through your heart, all the goodness that exists is your goodness.

You have to hold onto and focus on thoughts of lack to deprive yourself of the infinite state of Oneness that is your ever-present reality. Why would you choose to do this, when that is all that deprives you of the abundant support of all kinds that you desire? The only reason is because you have not yet realized that your lack and limitation is entirely imaginary. It is a state of imaginary constriction, producing your suffering, that you impose upon yourself through your misguided thinking.

Thought is a great, creative tool. But like any powerful tool we must master it. If we are not in control of it, it is controlling us. This is like being controlled by a chain saw, or a gun. We must work at liberating our consciousness from the domination of our thought-habits to experience the Infinite Oneness that provides us with Perfect Support at all times.

All Relationships Are Perfect

If you focus your thoughts on how others mistreat you, you deprive yourself of the joyful experience of the Perfect way that the universe as a whole always provides for you.

Whatever you appreciate and feel grateful for expands in your experience. Whatever you feel desperate for and fear losing diminishes in your experience. You cannot experience the Infinite Support of the universe without feeling grateful and appreciative. When you focus on any form of imperfection, you bring more of the experience of imperfection into your experience.

When you focus on ways that others support you, be it spiritually, materially or emotionally, you are experiencing how that person serves as a channel through which the entire universe blesses and supports you. You are experiencing that person’s perfection and the perfection of the relationship you share.

The universe is always supporting you Perfectly. When you criticize or complain about what another person does, or about any aspect of your situation, you distract yourself from the Perfect way that you are really being served. If you look for the form of Perfection, Support, and Love that is coming to you, you will find it. But first you must be willing and able to let go of the ideas that report anything less than Perfect Support coming to you.

The Power Of Demonstrating Gratitude And Appreciation

When you identify the Perfect form of Support coming to you, you naturally feel grateful and appreciative and a desire to be in support of that Perfection ignites in your soul. For instance, if you are eating in a restaurant and you particularly appreciate the service your server provides, you feel a natural desire to support that server in a way that encourages him or her to not just continue being such a great server, but to inspire an even higher level of service from that human being.

When you demonstrate your desire to be of support to another through action, the energy behind your intention is what provides the real support. You are at the same time bringing more support into your own experience by empowering that other person to do more of what you appreciate. This demonstrates the Love and Oneness that we all share in.

Choose Your Focus

You can tell that you are focusing on Perfection by the feeling of desire to be of support to that condition. You want to give more in order to receive more. What you are really wanting to give and to receive more of is love and joy. Until you feel truly grateful for what you are receiving you are not looking in the right place. Our primary job or purpose in life is to endlessly expand our capacity to receive and give more of the Infinite Love and Joy that flows through the universe.

If you begin looking for all of the ways that the universe is supporting you, you will enter the infinite, because those ways are countless. You can focus on what is wrong with what you have, or you can recognize how you are being helped, supported and blessed by every condition. The floor you walk on, the shoes you walk in, the shirt on your back, the air you breathe are all forms of continual support we can easily take for granted and find fault with. You can focus on the inferiority of any person or condition compared with an idea of some superior quality, but that just blocks your vision of the universe’s Perfection and your capacity to enjoy that Perfection ever more fully. You have free choice in this matter. What you focus on expands.

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