The Method For Expanding Your Vision

Expand your vision into the perfection of all aspects of your life, of the world, of the universe. Let the energy of joy flowing from your open heart fill this vision with life, energy and real power. Trusting that all works out perfectly, give no resistance to this ceaseless flow of perfect expansion. There is nothing and no one you need to hold onto; no need for control; only for letting go to allow the flow of joy to ceaselessly grow.

Any idea of yourself that limits your view of your own perfection is nothing but a self-imposed impediment to your joy, caused by fixating on an idea of yourself as limited, lacking or less than perfect in any way. Your fear of trusting yourself, being yourself, presents you with a false picture of yourself that you have to let pass to experience the joyful liberation of your true, unhindered self’s expression.

Let the joyful energy of self-appreciation define who you truly are. If you are truly perfect in every way, any ideas to the contrary represent a false view of you. To arrive at the true you must be willing to let go of the false. As long as you believe in the validity of your ideas of being a less than perfect self, you remain trapped in the unhappiness wrought by that idea.

You can point to all sorts of opinions and appearances to validate your false view of yourself, like your age, your physical appearance, your lack of accomplishment, etc. But none of this accurately represents who you truly are. As long as you identify with limited visions of yourself, though, the perfection of who you truly are eludes you, leaving you feeling less than perfect.

The same is true about your life, the world and the universe. Any limited, imperfect ideas of these that you hold onto prevents you from seeing and experiencing their true perfection. Since we create what we believe in, we continue creating problematic, less than perfect situations for ourselves as long as we believe in their reality.

Let your joyful feelings of love define your reality and you enter the world of perfection. It is your choice which world you live in: the world of perfection or the world of imperfection. Many mistakenly believe that they must hold onto their ideas of the world’s imperfection to be practical and realistic. But this just reinforces their unhappiness and causes them to continue creating a problematic world for themselves. We create what we believe to be real. When you trust in your feelings of love and joy, the feelings of perfection, you allow the positive possibilities of life to manifest easily and naturally for you. You begin experiencing more and more circumstances that look perfect to you, filling your heart with deepening and increasing gratitude.

You are not your age, your appearance, your bank account or any other passing form or condition in the material world. You are all the love and joy and gratitude that you can feel in the present moment. You are an infinite being with infinite power to create the world you believe in. You are pure, limitless creative energy, with the wisdom to guide that energy perfectly. You have to let go of all false, limiting ideas of who you are to discover this, to appreciate it fully, and to live accordingly.

All that brings you down emotionally is the act of holding onto ideas that block your true joy’s flow. Unhappiness happens when you constrict your heart by resisting the free, open flow of infinite energy pouring through your heart as unconditional love and joy. Learning the skill of being aware of your inner, energy flow and keeping the inner channels open is the key to living in expanding states of joy. True happiness does not come from thinking the right thoughts or upholding the right ideology. It comes from working directly, consciously with your inner energy flow in the present moment. We can call this the path of spiritual (or energy) mastery. It develops through practice and exercise over time.

Receiving or giving negative, critical judgment, condemnation or condescension reinforces false ideas of imperfection. We need to learn how to stop closing our hearts by giving this, and to keep our hearts open by ignoring the negative messages sent to us from other people. Ultimately, we cannot depend upon other people to help us to experience our own perfection, and the perfection of the world. We need to develop that inner strength for ourselves. However, as we grow in this area, we naturally attract to us those people who are at a level of self-realization where they are able to support our experience of the joy of perfection. Relationships with these individuals are truly sacred.

No one can make you feel badly about yourself, your circumstances of the world in which you live without your cooperation. Exercise your self-control in response to their negative projections and extricate yourself from being any more involved with them as possible. Be willing to be alone, working on experiencing the unconditional perfection of the present moment, until you feel complete, whole and fulfilled right where you are. As long as you fear being on your own you will cling to people who mistreat you. Their mistreatment is perfect in the sense that it is teaching you to let them go and face your fears of being on your own. When you finally face those fears you can remove the energy that feeds them, and this lets them pass away, leaving you in feelings of perfect peace, safety, joy, love and gratitude – in other words, this frees you to enter the world of perfection. As you stabilize your consciousness in this sublime inner state your wonderful, mutually supportive relationships naturally blossom as your life takes shape around the energy matrix of perfection in all areas.

Often our attachment to fears and false ideas of limitation and imperfect seem too strong to simply let go of. This is where The Method can be used to release us. As we use The Method, we free the expanding flow of joy in our heart to experience more and more perfection in our life.

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