The Method, The Real World And Money

I can remember in my teen years my father telling that the real world is a jungle.

Well, I think jungles are beautiful, sacred places.  I’ll take them over a shopping mall any day. What my father meant by describing the world as “a jungle” was that the world is a dangerous, vicious, predatory environment. There’s no room for vulnerability, no place for sensitivity, and the closest we come to safety is through conformity. Those were my father’s “real world jungle teachings”.  

After working with The Method, I have come to realize that’s not the Real World at all. The Real World is very much the opposite.  Danger is illusory. There is more than enough for all. The more sensitive you are, the more guided by perfect intuition you can be. And your real power lies in being true to the authentic, uniqueness that you are rather than by hiding who you are behind a mask of conformity.

What I came to learn is that the world in which so many feel terrorized is all made up.  It’s all imaginary.  In the Real World we are all always perfectly safe and abundant.

I don’t recognize the Real World, though, when I slip into feeling sad or afraid, frustrated or resentful, powerless or needy. I don’t recognize it whenever I am under the influence of one of my negative thought habits and emotional patterns.   

The Real World is the world I enter through The Method. The more I live in that Reality the more joyful, abundant and safe I feel, and the more my circumstances perfectly reflect and validate those feelings.

There are very practical results obtained through using The Method.  You find yourself in the right livelihood, enjoying a flow of abundance, in beautiful relationships, expressing your Divine Gifts and Talents with inspiration and joy, seeing demonstrations of being valued highly by those around you. 

Your living conditions become more harmonious; your state of physical well-being is enhanced.  Your kids behave better.  Your dog stops peeing on the carpet. 

It all falls into place for you, and through the sheer influence of your presence the lives that you touch are graced and uplifted as well.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is there ever a time when we no longer need to use The Method to live in those higher states on a stable basis?

The Lancer Answer: I don’t know. I still use it. Some days I use it several times. One of the great shifts that take place is a shift in how one views negative, painful emotion. A painful feeling is no longer viewed as an indication of falling back or not being advanced. It’s viewed as an internal pattern arising from the unconscious that you are now ready to release from by using The Method. After doing this enough times you know that on the other side of your pain is more freedom and joy than you have ever known.

Question: How can The Method help someone with financial issues?

The Lancer Answer: There really is no such thing as a financial issue.  You entertain a mental concept of limited finances, imagine future scenarios that frighten you and then relate to what you are thinking as external reality. This takes away your power to experience the reality you want.

The Method is an incredibly effective way to take back the power you have given to money. Instead of money having power over you, you then have power over money. When you free yourself from the distressful thoughts and emotions connected to money you no longer have a money problem. You live in joyful peace, balance and freedom and find all the means you need to live a miraculously fulfilling, meaningful life of true joy.

Use The Method when you feel stressed about money. Instead of trying to change your financial situation to make you feel better, use The Method to free yourself from your painful inner state. Then, stop thinking about the financial situation that you do not want.

When you think about the financial condition you do not want, you are misusing the tremendous power of your thought. You are using the power of creative visualization to create what you don’t want. When you combine this with a disturbed emotional state, your emotional energy generates chaos in your circumstances. This is how you manifest the lack you worry about.

Using The Method is a way to count on inner peace, love and joy instead of negative thinking and anxiety and other forms of emotional distress and disturbance to secure for you a life of joyful freedom and abundance. And the amazing thing about the Real World is that joy WORKS!

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