Want Less to Receive More

Wanting is always a false state. The feeling of wanting is real, but its premise is false. There is nothing to want. There is nothing lacking. Your real state is completion and fulfillment. You have to imagine yourself lacking something to want something else.

The internal urge to push away is also false. Here again, the feeling is certainly real, but once again the basis for that feeling is false. When you resist what is happening you close yourself off to your own completion.

Living in the full contentment of completion works because that is exactly how you really want to feel: a harmonious state of perfect inner equilibrium. It also works by naturally producing changes in your physical world consistent with it. In other words, your outer circumstances reflect your internal state. When you are in a state of inner harmony, harmonious relationships blossom, your work in the world goes well, pleasant coincidences fall from the sky. Things work out wonderfully, even miraculously.

However, when we live in the feeling of want, and identify with that feeling, relate to that feeling as a true statement about the nature of our reality, we manifest problems and difficulties consistent with that internal, inharmonious feeling state. One can accurately say that the more one lives in feelings of want, the more loss one must experience.

Those who live from aggressive states of want may accomplish a tremendous amount as their gnawing sense of lack drives them to work extremely hard to achieve and acquire more and more. But their “success” never brings satisfaction. There is always something missing, something going wrong, something else they need to fix, control or attend to in a futile attempt to get things right and fill their inner hole. They may accumulate massive wealth but their focus will be on what seems wrong, and thus they will feel just as dissatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled as they did at the start.

Our primary work, then, needs to be inward work. Working on dissolving the internal feeling of wanting or needing anything more or anything different than what is present leads to both the inner state and the outer circumstances we are looking for. You really can be completely content, fulfilled, at peace and happy right here where you are. You don’t need your outer circumstances to change one iota. To arrive at this inner paradise involves looking within to recognize how you block yourself from experiencing it. You are doing this on a feeling level. As you open up to feel your feelings fully in the present moment you grow more sensitively aware of how you are feeling. You will gradually awaken to the realization of how you make yourself feel dissatisfied, disturbed, incomplete, un-whole. And when you actually feel this consciously, you will be able to feel your way into relaxing from that inner state to allow the peace of fullness, contentment and joy to flow freely and abundantly through you.

Your real, natural, original state is the pure flowing energy of unlimited love. You never need to step out of this flow. You never need to bar its way. But you do so unconsciously to the degree that you experience anything less than that perfect state of inner, harmonious bliss in the now. By directing your attention inward you grow more conscious of your internal experience. As your consciousness deepens, expands, awakens within, you see, feel, sense and know the way to open the flow of your joy. But when we focus on making changes in outer circumstances as a means to improving our internal experience, we cement our state into one of lack and wanting. We then reinforce the uncomfortable feeling states we are trying to escape through efforts aimed at manipulating our external world.

Letting go of control of the outer, relaxing the effort to change, direct or resist events begins the process that allows our inner joy, peace, freedom, ease and wholeness to arise. It is by relaxing effort that we discover happiness. It is true that sometimes making effort can be joyful and fun. This is the sort of action to take. But when we take action, not for the joy of it, but because of what we hope to gain as a result of it, we deepen the hole we are trying to dig ourselves out of.

You can have all of the peace, joy, love, fulfillment and wholeness that you want to experience right now. Stop looking to changing your circumstances to bring it about and you are on your way. You are on your way both to the inner way you want to feel and to the wonderful circumstances that you want to have. It is through those inner feelings that your outer circumstances of higher order and beauty flower.

It requires support to unravel the inner workings of our feeling patterns that are lodged in the unconscious, preventing us from experiencing our wholeness and manifesting the life we desire. I’ve been providing this culture for nearly 4 decades, on a full-time basis, since working with my wisdom teacher back when I was in my 20’s. Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary phone or Skype coaching session with me.

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