Trust Joy

Joy is what you want, joy at the deepest level of your being, the joy of a miracle unfolding in your life. The purpose of thought is to help you to open up to that joy. Use thought, guided by your feelings, to help you to unlock the safe inside your heart where limitless joy abides, waiting to abound.

Thought that lets joy out of your heart, the deepest joy that is indistinguishable from the deepest love and gratitude, is what we can call “right thought”. As your mind scans the inner universe of infinite possibility do not allow it to land on a thought that locks up your heart, but only on thoughts that unlock it and let it expand in joy.

Discouragement is the symptom of a closed heart. Despair is the fruit of joy and that has been denied its life force for so long that it has begun to rot on the branch of the tree of knowledge. You have been too “practical minded” to allow your love and joy to flow freely in abundance to the point that it washes away all the mental-emotional sediments of disappointing thoughts. You have held onto your problems until they have closed your heart like a closed fist, leaving it empty of its delight. The time to awaken is now. Awaken to the futility of using thought to keep you in the heavy chains of pain. Awaken to the wisdom of your heart’s delight. Be as a child in the playfield of life, entrusting your life to a trusting heart.

You say that you have bills to pay, payrolls to meet, people to please, deadlines to beat and credit scores to protect or improve? You have places to go and things to do and not enough time, energy, attention or help? You can focus your mind on everything that brings your heart down until you feel like you are drowning in a sea of tears, like a tortured slave being whipped your fears, clutching onto your passing life like a miser of years. You can do all of this or you can do something else. You can trust joy and use thought rather than being abused by thoughts that steal your joy.

Anything is possible. It is possible that you are heading into the miracle your heart is desiring rather than the loss or lack that fearful expectation is transpiring. The possibility that you mentally dwell upon opens or closes your heart. Why would you choose to focus upon heart-closing ideas? You may not realize that you are doing it. You may believe that you have no choice or that it would be irresponsible to not dwell upon the possibilities that close your heart in fear. As long as you remain unawake to how you cause your emotional drear by focusing on thoughts about what you fear, as long as you accept or deliberately place a barrier or gulf between your heart and the joy that could fill it to overflowing, you live a life devoid of the splendor you could otherwise feel singing from your heart.

The human being is like an instrument through which the music of nearly unbearable joy can chime into the universe. You are capable of that much happiness. But if you do not allow that much happiness to play through the instrument that is you the instrument wastes away and warps. The music of feeling that flows through the instrument of your consciousness forms the instrument. Fail to play the great joy that is possible and you are doomed to reflect its absence in a form that shrinks, shrivels, frowns, hunches over, as only the dimmest sounds of darkness emanate from the feeble flute.

Let your highest joy vibration re-create you! Let it make of you a beaming sun! Use thought to melt the boundaries of joy waiting to burst forth from your heart and soul. Feel the joy of winning the lottery, finding the love of your life, landing that great business deal, delighting your child no-end. Feel the joy of waking up on Christmas morning to a heavenly dimension of infinite love and light and plenty and peace on earth. Feel the joy of your problem solved, your goal attained, your dream come true. You think you have to wait for things to change outside of your for you to be entitled to unbounded joy within? If so, you allow that thought to seal your joy from your heart. You are protecting yourself from joy with thought-shields of pain disguised as practicality.

There is nothing more practical than living in unhindered joy. Joy makes the world into its reflection. The joy of the miracle produces the miracle as surely as the miracle produces the joy. The real miracle is, in fact, the joy! Use your thought of the fulfillment that your heart desires to help you feel the infinite joy your heart longs to feel. You are not too old. It is not too late.

You feel what you think about and you bring about what you think and feel about.

You need not let any outside condition bring you down. Whatever you have lost can be re-found. However low your heart has fallen it can rebound. Feel your deepest pain until it reveals what it is you want so badly that you can hardly bear it, until it reveals what you might have that could give you so much joy that you could hardly bear it. This process is symbolized Biblically by Jacob’s night-long wrestling match with an angel until it finally gave him its blessing. Your deepest, darkest pain is your angel descended to earth, carrying the blessing that is all you need for your spirit to soar heavenward. You have to wrestle with your painful feelings, feeling them fully and deeply and clearly, receiving their bruising battering, until you finally realize what it is that you are so aggrieved over. Then, when you realize the loss you are inwardly fighting against you can see the gain you would rapturously delight about. You can see in your mind what it is that would fill you with all the joy of receiving your greatest blessing. Seeing that in your mind to release the joy behind it is the right use of your thought.

Whatever you hold attention on grows in power. You are heading in the direction of what you give your attention to. Hold your attention on the joy song buried deep in your heart, crying out from beneath the cloak of your soul’s darkest night, and into its light is where you go. That joy light expands, filling the space sad night had occupied, as you allow it to arise in your consciousness and hold your consciousness fixed and focused upon it.

Be willing to face your deepest, darkest, heaviest feelings until you see the jewel of joy’s light glittering in their core. Then use thought to conceive of the fulfillment of your heart’s desire, a fulfillment that dispels all woe and makes your precious happiness whole. There is no better use of thought and feeling – of consciousness itself, for that matter – than that which opens you up to miraculous joy right now.

Delving deeply to unlock the secrets of your heart that reveal your path to deeper joy, joy lived more consistently and more triumphantly, requires the support of an experienced and skillful coach or guide for the greatest progress.

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