TRUTH – The Inner Produces The Outer

Where does a tree come from? It comes from the inside. What goes on inside the tree produces what we see as the outer form of the tree. The same is true of your body. The same is true of your circumstances. What goes on inside your consciousness produces the outer forms that your circumstances display.

This is why your inner state is really all you ever need to be concerned with. What goes on inside you produces what goes on outside you. Beyond this, what goes on inside you determines the quality of your experience in the present moment. All you really ever experience is your inner state. Relate directly with that as the cause of your experience.

How do you relate with your inner self, your inner world, your inner life? It begins with looking at it, paying attention to it, directing the gaze of your awareness inward. You can tell when you are doing this. When you look outside you can feel it. When you look inside you can feel it. Right now, look inside to find the deepest core of your feeling.

You’re on your way!

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