The Method for Abundance

Abundance is a law, like gravity or any other natural law. You don’t have to worry about the law of gravity not working for you. You don’t worry that when you get out of bed in the morning that gravity won’t be there for you to place you firmly on the floor. You don’t worry that you will just float away when you step outside your front door.

The Law of Abundance states that always have more than enough supply offered to you on all levels. You can always count on this law to support you wherever you are. The reason you don’t has nothing to do with the reality of your situation. It is the result of early programing that you received, something The Method frees you from.

As gravity brings you down, abundance, in a sense, lifts you up. It lifts you up above need and want. As gravity sees to it that the seeds the farmer plants stay in the soil long enough to sprout, abundance sees to it that whatever form of supply you need will rise to the level that you need it, when you need it.

When you relate with abundance as a law it changes the way that you relate with your supply. You don’t feel the need to hold onto it. You don’t worry about it shrinking or being taken away, no more than you worry about someone stealing your body-weight away.

Abundance being a universal law means that no one can interfere with its flow in your life. No one is really responsible for its flow in your life either. Abundance, like gravity, is a given. It’s not something you need to make happen. (The belief that you have to make it happen, or that you depend upon someone else to make it happen for you, is a programed blockage that The Method clears.) You never really have to worry about having enough; and yet, you probably cannot stop worrying about it.

Every so often the news media reports “another panic on Wall Street”, while so many trillions of dollars are flowing through Wall Street every day. Who is panicking? The people who read those news stories.

You were most likely not raised to believe in the law of abundance. You were raised to doubt that you would have enough, to worry about lack and shortage, to believe that such conditions were possible. And from all appearances those fears about supply are justified. Just look at the number of homeless people on our streets; at the number of starving men, women and children all over the world. Where is the law of abundance operating for them?

Why is it that some appear to have so much while others appear to have so little if there is a universal law of abundance operating equally in all lives? The answer to this question is not one that you can prove in anyone else’s life but your own. As you relate to the abundance of supply in all areas of your life as a law, rather than as something you need to ensure takes place, you will experience the benefit.

The challenge here is that our beliefs to the contrary run so deep. As hard as we try to trust in abundance we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night, terror stricken that we will not have enough.

Until now there has not been a way to clear this programing to experience the actual gift that is the ever-present flow of abundance in our lives. We are all like the children of infinitely wealthy parents who’s joy it is to ensure that we always have more than enough of everything, but we don’t realize that to be our condition. (The Method is a way for us us to clear that blockage and enables us to receive, and to delight in, the ever-presence of that gift.)

Through the use of The Method your anxious stress around supply in any area of life can be replaced with a feeling of confidence in more than adequate supply in all areas for you, for your loved ones and for everyone else.

To benefit from the law of gravity I need to operate in ways that respect the law. If I walk off the top limb of a tall tree I fall to the ground, crushed by the law of gravity. But when I plant a seed in the ground I am aligning with the law of gravity to produce food for my table.

It is the same with the law of abundance. We have to respect that law for it to serve us. This means living with the consciousness of sure and steady supply in every area.

When we doubt the presence of this supply, when we worry about it, when we take it upon ourselves to try to make the supply happen, we are functioning counter to the law of abundance and produce the opposite of what it can do for us. We are working in defiance of the law and come upon the same kind of consequences as operating in defiance of the law of gravity.

Trusting in the law of abundance frees up a lot of your energy. What you do with that freed up energy makes all of the difference. Now that you know that your needs are always going to be taken care of, what are you to do with your attention, time and energy, with your talents, with your passion for serving others and fulfilling a higher purpose?

The law of abundance operates on a feeling level, just like gravity. As we attune our feelings to it we can work with it to expand its support of our enterprises, just as we can work with gravity by rolling a heavy object down hill, using levers to lift heavy objects, and giving ourselves a rest by reclining in complete surrender to it.

Using The Method frees us from the false programming that leads us to believe in, and therefor to manifest conditions that demonstrate, lack, scarcity and shortage .

As you release yourself from fear of lack through The Method, an expanding experience of joyful abundance seems to flow into your life by grace.

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