The Method for Improving Your Relationships

You are producing the quality of your relationship experiences. This applies to all of your relationships, including the one that you are having with your significant other (or ex) and with your children (if you have any). It includes your friendships, the people you fleetingly encounter in your daily living; and your business relationships.

If you don’t like what is happening in a relationship, just see what you are doing to create that condition. Stop creating it and the problem disappears.

The challenge here is that you may not be aware of how you cause how people relate to you. How they behave seems to be coming from them, but it is actually coming from you.

It becomes easier to recognize how you cause what happens to you when you know where to look. The “place” to look is within.

Look at how you really feel about your self deep down inside, and at what you believe to be true about who you are.

People will relate with you in ways that are consistent with those feelings and beliefs. The way the world treats you is a mirror-reflection of how you think and feel about yourself. Period.

Most of us interpret this situation backwards. We believe that our feelings of self-value are reactions to how we are treated.

This is because we experience feelings of lost self-worth we receive treatment that is consistent with them. Those feelings were always there, though, and the treatment that seems to stimulate them was actually stimulated by their presence within you.

Whenever you are feeling poorly treated by another, you are experiencing the feelings of diminished self-value that is the actual cause of that treatment.

As you gain freedom from those negative feelings about yourself you gain freedom from the treatment that exposes them. This is where The Method comes in. The Method is an invaluable tool for de-programming ourselves from the negative feelings about ourselves that make our relationships with others so difficult, painful and even destructive.

As our lost self-worth programming is healed through The Method we experience more loving, appreciative, and supportive treatment from ourselves and others. Even the universe as a whole seems to treat us as more valuable through the arrival of situations and opportunities that raise the quality of our lives.

We miss this opportunity when we project the cause of our feelings of devaluation onto others. We do this when we try to correct someone else’s way of acting toward us rather than interpreting that person’s behavior toward us as nothing but a mirror-reflection of how we are feeling, thinking and behaving toward ourselves.

The real cause of your relationship problems is revealed by how you feel in response to those problems. When you feel the pain of diminished self-value, that internal pain-pattern was already in you, instilled through early childhood programing. That inner pattern is what manifested the problem.

By withdrawing energy out of that pattern through The Method, you return to a totally loving relationship with your self, which is then reflected by beautiful, even sacred relationship harmony with others, particularly with your significant other.

The more you matter to yourself the more you will be treated as if you matter. If anyone is treating you as if you do not matter, that means deep down inside you feel that you don’t really matter to yourself. This is a devastating emotional state that can be so painful and value-diminishing that one does not even feel worthy of life.

The person who can help you feel this way about yourself is really a blessing, because he or she is really just giving you an opportunity to recognize this underlying pattern that has been producing misery in your life.

The Method is a proven way for quickly revealing and withdrawing the energy from the internal emotional-pain programs that produce our relationship problems. As that energy is withdrawn, we can redirect that freed up energy into the empowerment of what we can call “healthy self-reverence”. This means relating to your self as a truly sacred gift to you and to the world. This frees profound feelings of gratitude and appreciation for who you truly are and for the gifts you have to offer the world.

Your relationships can then not help but mirror this condition with sacred states of relationship harmony. This means more love in your personal relationships, more support in your business relationships, and more joy in your relationship with life itself. This is how to improve every relationship.

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