The Method For Your Higher Development

You are developing into your higher potential through your experiences.

As you advance in your development, your problems turn into solutions and you experience more joy, love, freedom, power and abundance. New problems then arise that challenge you to develop further, and thus your developmental process proceeds. There are no known limits to your potential for development.

Your development advances as you learn the lessons that each experience delivers and exercise your skills and strengths in moving through each experience as adeptly as possible.

Your development is governed by a natural order process. This means that you are always in the situation that perfectly reflects your current level of development and presents you with the opportunity to advance your development to the next level.

You cannot skip levels. If you get ahead of yourself, you will find your progress fleeting, returning you to circumstances that reflect the level of development that you skipped. Among the lessons that you learn from this will be patience, thoroughness and a healthy respect for accepting and completing the level that you are on.

Once you complete your current level of development you have a firm foundation on which to build further progress.

The present moment always gives you the exact experience that you need to grow through.

Whether it feels pleasing or painful, this instant is perfect for you right now. So there is really nothing to fear and no reason to denigrate yourself or anyone else for where you are or for where you are not. There is never any better place for you to be than exactly where you are.

This is why it makes no sense to envy anyone else, or to feel jealous. Each of us is given exactly what is best for us. It is only here that you can experience the joy of true fulfillment by fulfilling the purpose and potential of what you are going through.

There is really no comparing one life-situation to another because all situations are equal. Each individual’s situation offers that individual all that he or she needs for attaining his or her next level of development. The only true source of joy that exists within any given situation is our capacity to appreciate the perfection of that.

When you project a negative judgment upon your experience, judging it as wrong, inferior or inadequate, you conceal its perfection from your conscious experience and deprive yourself of the joy that is available to you.

When you accept your present experience as exactly right for you, trusting that passing through it inevitably leads to your higher development and the improved circumstances that reflect it, you open yourself to experiencing the joy of its perfection.

Every aspect of your life is heading toward improvement because your life is always moving you into higher development. When you resist, oppose or struggle to escape your tests and challenges you are really resisting the natural order process that is bringing you a better life.

Think of a seed planted in the darkness of the soil. While it longs to be a flower in the light, its present location gives it all that it needs to become that flower. By accepting where it is and appreciating the perfection of the support that it is offered, it would experience the joy of advancing into the light. But if the seed rejects its experience of darkness in the dirt, it rejects all that it needs for all that it wants to be.

It is the same with your present circumstances. The only difference is that you are the creator of what happens to you. Your choices led you to this very moment, even if you feel excruciating pain within it. Whatever seems to be lacking is really the condition you need to go through for all that you want. You guided yourself to be here with perfect intuition.

You can consciously follow that intuition now to most quickly, easily and joyfully advance through your present circumstances.

Your intuition works through your feelings. Follow the feeling of inner naturalness. If your efforts to control, change or fix what is happening bring you feelings of frustration, resistance, struggle or unnaturalness, take that as a sign telling you to ease up.

If easing up does not clear up your feeling of unnaturalness, take that as a sign to stop and just feel, accept, allow and appreciate what you are experiencing as just what you need.

When you feel stuck in fearful resistance, locked into negative judgments about yourself or what is happening to you, The Method is an amazingly simple, effective means for quickly freeing you to accept and smoothly move through the perfection what you are going through into the natural improvement of your circumstances.

You never really have anything to worry about. Your current level of development will never let you down. If you are having difficulty trusting your self for all you want, use The Method as your key to liberation.

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