The Method For Balance, Rhythm And Harmony

There are three essential factors for living a joyful life of meaning, love, joy and abundance. These are the elements of: balance, rhythm and harmony. In the absence of any one of these elements the other two dissipate. As imbalance, discord and conflict then expand in our experience, we lose energy, feel disempowered, threatened and alone, and our lives seem to tumble into a downward spin. As we maintain our balance, rhythm and harmony in daily living we build our lives upon on a solid foundation of joy and experience abundant support from the universe.

The universe as a whole demonstrates perfect balance, rhythm and harmony. Our solar system is a prime example. If the balance of forces in our solar system was to be disrupted, utter chaos and destruction on a colossal level would inevitably follow. Erect a building on an unbalanced foundation and its collapse grows more likely the higher we build.  Lose your emotional balance and your thoughts, actions and results spin out of control.

We see the rhythm of the universe in such common place activities as the alternating cycles of rising and falling when a ball is tossed in the air. We see rhythm in the rate of our in-and-out breathing, in the changing of the ocean tides, in the passing and return of the seasons. You demonstrate a rhythm by the pace at which you move. When you move according to your natural, healthy rhythm you remain free of the internal stress and pressure of rush and your body and spirit thrive.

Harmony is a bit more ephemeral to describe. It is a feeling of love and joy. When various sounds are in harmony, we call it music. When there is harmony in the proportions of a face, we call it beautiful. Harmony is how we feel when we are physically, emotionally and mentally balanced and moving through our activities in a natural, healthy rhythm.

We need to establish a pattern of balanced rhythmic alternation between action and rest, between giving and receiving, between work and play, between solitude and community. Doing anything too long or too intensely breaks the natural balance that is need for harmonious relationships, to remain fresh, and to function at our peak level.

Many of our ills and problems can be avoided or cured by restoring a more conscious balance, rhythm and harmony to our lives.  When we feel inner harmony, our life makes sense. We are happy just to be alive. We don’t need to pursue endless pleasures, possessions and excitements when we feel harmony within. We are already happy, at peace and fulfilled.

As we practice living with more careful, conscientious balance, rhythm and harmony we feel the joy of being alive, and we thrive more abundantly on all levels. We attract more beauty and order into our lives. By contrast, when we sacrifice our balance, rhythm and harmony for any cause or goal, we begin attracting more chaos, conflict and ugliness into our experience.

There is nothing in life that is worth losing your balance over by going overboard in your efforts to attain it or to avoid it. The moment you lose your balance you lose your power to produce, receive and accept the beautiful condition you are after.

We have many deep-seated habitual reaction patterns that cause us to lose our balance, rhythm and harmony in daily living. These are always based on a conscious or unconscious belief that there is something more important to attain or maintain that our natural, healthy balance, rhythm and harmony. We might feel desperate to make more money when our bank account runs low. We might feel desperate to connect with someone we love who is not readily available right now We might lose our emotional balance of peaceful harmony and joy by thinking of ourselves as destined for a tragedy, or by believing we are in the midst of one, or by rushing to achieve something in our future that will finally free us from our fears.

Our fears are eliminated only by entering a state of balance, rhythm and harmony right where we are. It is by maintaining our conscious, conscientious balance, rhythm and harmony as our first priority that we establish ourselves on the foundation on which we see, feel and experience our lives as working perfectly right here and now. Shortage or scarcity disappears, whether it is a lack of love, money, companionship, or support of any kind. We experience freedom and abundance and joy and find the universe perfectly supporting us by presenting the exact opportunities we need to expand our experience of our life’s perfection.

The Method is a means for freeing our energy from the habitual thought and emotional reaction patterns that upset our balance, that push us out of our rhythm, and that drive us out of our inner harmony. It involves feeling your feelings fully and freely, and then redirecting that energy into loving ourselves unconditionally. When we really love ourselves unconditionally we don’t permit any condition, person or so-called “outside influence” to knock us off our balance, to drive us out of our rhythm, and to constrict our feeling of inner harmony. We take 100% accountability for maintaining our balance, rhythm and harmony under any and all circumstances as essential for adequately handling whatever we face and living lives at exceptional levels of love, joy, meaning, freedom and abundance.

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