The Method for Letting Go

The present now expands into a new, infinite experience of limitless beauty, order, power, perfection and joy.  Holding on holds that back, and the pressure of your resistance causes the degree of inner discomfort or pain you suffer, the degree depending upon how intensely you struggle against the flow.

Attempting to hold onto or to resist life pits us against this constant renewal and expansion of the infinite new and the infinite you. How do you engage in this futile, self-punishing effort? By projecting a negative judgment onto what you are going through. That judgment begins to dissolve, though, as you cease projecting negative judgment onto your experience of negative judgment.

In other words, start getting free where you are. There is never anything going wrong in your life. There is nothing to resist. There is nothing to speed up. To experience something going wrong you must imagine or conceive of your situation in a way that causes you to fear it. This creates the experience of resistance.

Your consciousness is infinitely creative. You experience what you are aware of. Your experience of the universe is your state of consciousness! As you purify your consciousness of all limiting thoughts and feelings you experience the expansion of life’s perfection opening up inside of you. What must inevitably follow are miracles blooming in your physical world that exceed your wildest dreams and deepest heart’s desires.

Your life is set up for you to confront the limitations and losses that you impose upon yourself through your limited states of consciousness. You imagine loss and then you grieve. You imagine something going wrong and then you worry and hurry. We believe that our opportunity for love and beauty is limited right now, and then we experience that as a sorry fact of life.

Using The Method is a way of dissolving this false belief. Letting yourself feel all of the pain you feel and then moving through the remaining steps of The Method releases your consciousness to the experience of pure and perfect beauty, liberated from any sense of loss, lack or limitation.

There are always limits to how much joy we can feel in the now; but using The Method to process through those limitations takes us into an expanded reality of greater possibility than we could have previously imagined.

Whatever you can presently imagine for your future, however fabulous, it is bound to be far more astoundingly wonderful than you can even approach imagining.

What we call our “reality” is nothing more than our awareness or consciousness of our experience. We become anxious when we envision a present danger, conceive of a threat of loss. We react emotionally to this before we even realize that it exists no where but in our imagination. We can point to people around us who appear to be going through what we fear, but as far as our own personal, direct experience is concerned, it exists in our imagination only. We view appearances and then decide – usually unconsciously – upon what they mean.

As you use The Method to clear away your fear, instead of trying to manipulate outer reality to make you feel safe, the illusory nature of what you fear becomes clear. In the process of doing The Method you feel the fear and then you withdraw your energy from the fear and direct it into loving states. Without your energy to feed upon, your fear cannot exist. In the absence of fear you feel only bliss, love and gratitude for the perfection of the present moment.

When you feel sorry for yourself, you feel sorrow in response to the sad story in your head. You imagine some loss that brings you fear and sadness. You then accept that idea as your reality without questioning it, lured into believing in it by the strength of emotion you feel in response to it. You can live in all the sorrow you want, but when you want out of your present state of sorrow, use The Method to let it go, to let your joy flow.

Our attachment to the past really constitutes attachments to nostalgic and idealistic ideas of what was. The more you want what was, the more loss you experience in the midst of what is. Your present feelings of loss then must cause physical circumstances to manifest in the forms of loss that you fear. Our outer world is a manifestation of our inner world.

The instant that you notice yourself pining for the past, use The Method to set you free. All you are longing for is another round of losing whatever you had, because nothing lasts on the physical plane. If you wish things were different, if you wish that you can have all you want forevermore, use The Method to free you from attachments. You will then find the present infinitely more satisfying than your past ever was.

If your life was perfect right now, how would you feel? How would you feel if you knew that nothing could ever go wrong? To feel this way, you need to let go of any disturbing ideas about what is possible. When you entertain no ideas that trigger your fears, you also let go of your fears. You free your creative capacity to conceive of everything going perfectly. You free yourself to feel the joy of the infinite, positive possibilities. That infinite potentiality of positive possibility then becomes your sacred reality in the present. This is how human beings create beauty. It is our sacred, divine, creative capacity and responsibility to do so.

Your present moment is experienced as a field of infinite, positive possibility that thrills and fills you with joyful exhilaration when let go of the mental and emotional limits you impose upon it. The Method has proven to be an amazingly effective way to accomplish this.

The goal is to experience joyous fulfillment in the present.  You don’t have to wait. And you don’t have to make or prevent any change from happening to experience this, beyond the inner change of dissolving the internal boundaries of your joy. Those boundaries are imposed through habitual negative feeling states and the limited or negative thinking that fuels, triggers and reinforces those feelings.

How you feel has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in your outer world. On the contrary, the conditions of your physical world are manifestations of your internal states. They are manifestations of your state of consciousness.

Being attached to something happening means that you believe your happiness and security depend upon that condition happening. All that prevents you from experiencing all the joy and safety you want is this belief.

You fear being happy now as if being happy now would make you vulnerable to unwanted events. You believe that your safety demands that you live in fearful stress, worry and hurry, overwhelming struggle and frustrating effort. And yet, it is these internally discordant states that produce more chaos, confusion, conflict and losses.

Your joy is, in a very real sense, your source; the joy of letting go and going with the flow. The better you feel deep down inside the more marvelous the miracles that manifest before your eyes of grateful wonder and awe.

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