The Method For Unconditional Joy

True joy is not based on any particular condition happening to you, because to the extent that you depend upon any particular outcome you must experience some degree of insecurity based on two unavoidable facts.

First is the fact that you have no real certainty that the particular outcome you are counting on will take place when you want it to. Secondly, based on the principle of change, no condition that you achieve can last. On the level of apparent conditions, all things must pass (as George Harrisonso eloquently sang).

Real joy is UN-conditional. We experience it as our authentic response to the ever-present Universal Principles that NEVER CHANGE and that we can ALWAYS RELY UPON.

The Universal Principles are not something to believe in or to agree with. Only when your beliefs that contradict those Principles have been dissipated and you actually experience the existence, the operation, the presence and the power of the Universal Principles do you release your joy.

What makes The Method so valuable and unique is that it frees us to experience the joy of living in a universe guided by perfect Principles. As we experience that perfection our joy is released, and this causes our life-circumstances to match up with joy, meaning that more of what we really want manifests for us with very little effort. In fact the only effort we need to make is that which brings us joy, inspiration and fulfillment in the making of it.

The sign that you are living in awareness of the Universal Principles, then, is the release of deep feelings of alignment, that bring a sense of total relief. That sense of relief is the feeling that comes from releasing resistance to joy. This causes joy to fill your being.

What blocks us from experiencing real, unconditional joy is our deeply rooted, emotional programming ed that keeps us depending upon transitory conditions to make us feel happy, secure and good about ourselves.

Fortunately we now have The Method to release us from that programing.

Let’s take a look at just a few of those Universal Principles that enter our conscious experience through the use of The Method.

One of the Universal Principles is that there is really only One Power and you are It! If we were to say that you have power, we would be implying two powers. But there is only One Power, which means that by definition you are It. What this means is that any belief that you have about any person or circumstance opposing your interests or threatening your well-being in any way is sheer illusion.

Another Universal Principle is Perfection.  All that can ever happen to you and through you is perfect, despite appearances and logic that would report to you the opposite. Imagine how wonderful you would feel if you didn’t just hope for or believe in perfection, but you absolutely knew it was the ever present condition of your experience!

One more that I will site is the Principle of Abundance. The reality is that you are always in a field or flow of unlimited abundance. There are more resources that you have access to than you could quantify or qualify in a life-time. This means that any worry about lacking anyone or anything is based on a false belief about reality. All of us have equal access to all of the abundance we might want or need. To really experience this is to feel the joy and security and freedom of being truly wealthy.

The experience of unconditional joy opens for you more and more expansively through The Method.

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