The Method for Creating a New Life Story

Your life is an exact reflection of the emotional life-story that you tell yourself about your life. This is great news because it makes clear the exact “button to push” to place your life on the track toward all that you want it to be. But the news is useless if you do not know how to become aware of the story you are telling yourself or if you are not in control of that story.

Awareness of the emotional story you are telling yourself about your life becomes easier to achieve when you remember that all inharmonious feelings indicate a sad or frightening life-story that you are foucing on in your mind. By allowing yourself to feel your feelings fully as you pay attention to what you are thinking about, you gradually become aware of the story.

I used to believe that being aware of my sad or scary life-stories was enough to gain release from them, but this turned out to not be the case. It was not until I discovered and began usingThe Method– which is now the fulcrum of my work – that I found my key to freedom from the joy-sabotaging stories about myself and my life that were bringing me down.

Using The Method frees us to stop giving our energy to the unhappy life-stories that manifest our disappointing outcomes. We can then enjoy the exhilarating joy of living life as it is, without a story, in theawarenessthat everything is already perfect just the way that it is.

From there we can deliberately entertain life-stories that fill us with the thrill of greater victory. We can create a story of improved health, wealth, relationships and accomplishment in our career. We can create a story of expressing our gifts and talents at a higher level, for the enhanced benefit of all. And we can then rest assured that opportunities for the manifestation of those life-stories will arrive in perfect timing.

As long as our emotional life-stories remain out of our conscious control they plague us with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, despair and defeat.

They prevent us from taking action to improve our circumstances because they drain our motivation with belief in the futility of any attempt to make things better. They plague us with feelings of worthlessness, of not deserving what we want, and then send us into depression when we expect the defeats that feel consistent with our devaluing feelings about ourselves.

The Method is a proven means for recognizing the painful, self-defeating emotional life-story that is robbing you of joy and inspiration. It then enables you to withdraw your energy from any sad or frightening life-story you have been telling yourself. The Method then directs your freed up creative energy into the creation of a whole new life-story of greater victory than you have ever experienced.

If you are feeling defeated, disappointed or insecure it is NOT because of what is really happening in your life. Your troubled feelings and the circumstances that reflect, validate and reinforce them are nothing but a manifestation of an unhappy life-story that you are weaving for yourself in your mind.

As you withdraw energy from that story using The Method, and redirect it into a more victorious life-story, you will experience the joy of just how perfect your life really is and witness reflections of that joy in the opening of more and more marvelous feelings and life-circumstances.

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