The Method for Freedom from Financial Insecurity

Feelings and thoughts of financial insecurity are based on false beliefs and have absolutely no connection to Reality.

In Reality you always exist in a state of unlimited abundance.  Not knowing that means that you have certain beliefs that are layered over that knowing.  They are based on appearances and logic, rooted in early childhood programming about reality.

As you release yourself from that programming you experience the perfect flow of abundance that you are always in, and you find the appearances of your world reflecting that reality more and more completely.

The appearances in your world are a reflection of your state of consciousness. As you remove the energy from the beliefs about reality that stand in you way of experiencing it fully and freely on a feeling level, your world appears more and more perfect.

The reality is that you are always receiving an abundance of loving support from the universe; so much so that you are really always perfectly safe. As you live in the feeling of this and the knowing of it, you see more and more evidence showing up on the physical level in agreement with it.

Those situations in which you find it the most difficult to keep you attention off of appearances that would contract your feeling and knowing of your constant state of support, abundance and safety give you the greatest opportunity to expand your awareness into that Real World, and thus to produce appearances on the physical world that match that expansion of perfection.

This is why many entrepreneurs have made their greatest windfalls after passing through a period of their most intense sense of risk.  By holding steady to their awareness of safety, support, abundance and success on the feeling level, they made it through the stormy seas into a safe harbor abounding with more treasures than they had ever known.

It is a common mistake to base our feelings of financial security and abundance on seeing a certain amount of money in our accounts.  This just sets us up for more financial insecurity, and no amount of money in our accounts will fix that.  True abundance shows up in the world of appearances when consciousness lives in the experience of it on an unconditional basis at the feeling level.

In fact every form of support that you could possibly need shows up right on time when you live with awareness firmly rooted in this level of feeling consciousness.  When you feel that you support is here, feel that everything is flowing perfectly and will always do so, feel the joy that comes with knowing you really don’t have anything to worry about your physical world of appearances matches that state of consciousness.

The key is to take your attention off of appearances or thoughts that cause you to feel insecure. Instead of trying to fix your situation through external actions or through thoughts, shift the focus of your consciousness from the level where the problem exists to the level where the solution exists. The solution exists in the Real World of perfection that you can be aware of, at a feeling level, when you direct attention there instead of trying to repair what appears to be broken or not working.

There is nothing that is not working perfectly on your behalf, but if you are not aware of this on a feeling level, you experience things as broken and yourself as powerless to repair them… because you cannot repair what is not truly broken.

The situation can be compared to having a mirror that distorts your image. Let’s say that it makes you look massively obese. If you trust that mirror you start working on your body. But every time you look in that distorting mirror you see no real improvement.

This is what it means to work on the level of appearances to fix things or to improve things. It is only when you have a correct view that you can improve things based on that view. Your correct view is awareness, at the feeling level, of the perfect support you always have. From that feeling and knowing you can open your mind to infinite possibilities of what you would like to create on the physical and find the ability to do so.

As your awareness of the perfection of life expands, the physical conditions in your life seem to improve to match that expansion. This is how we create from joy more of what we desire to experience. This is how we go from abundance to abundance at higher and higher levels. Financial insecurity is a feeling based on appearances misinterpreted by thoughts.

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