The Method For Creating What You Want In Life

Are you struggling to get other people to create for you the experience that you want?  We do this when we try to change or control other people to get them to make conditions the way we want them. This is extremely disempowering.

The truth is that no one has the power to create for you the experience that you want. Beyond this, no one is responsible for what you are experiencing right now – no one but you.

You create what happens to you.

The actual way that you create what happens to you may surprise you, and it may seem utterly illogical at first. You create what happens to you through your reactions to what happens. When considered linearly this statement makes no sense. And yet it’s true.

Usually people believe that their emotional states are caused by what happens to them. If I feel frustrated it is because of the obstacle or delay I’m running into. If I feel worried about finances, the cause is the condition of my bank account. If I feel insecure about myself, it is caused by the criticalness or condescension that I receive from another.

The fact is, though, that in all of these cases the emotional reaction to the event was the real cause of the event. Your feeling of frustration produced the delay. Your feeling of financial insecurity is the cause of your bank account’s condition. And your feelings of insecurity about yourself are the cause of the condescending treatment that you run into.

As you smooth out your responses to what happens, which is quickly and marvelously achieved through The Method, your circumstances smooth out. Your feeling of peaceful confidence with the flow of things removes your obstacles and delays. Your feeling of unconditional abundance causes money to flow into your bank account. And you feeling of security about yourself causes others to treat you with respect.

You’re wasting your effort trying to get others to create for you the life-conditions that you want to be living in. Look instead at your emotional responses to what happens to see how they are causing what you want and do not want. You can then adjust your responses to align with the conditions that you want.

Before I discovered The Method, I understood this value of this practice, but I lacked an effective way of employing it. I found myself reacting in the same old negative ways again and again. I tried everything I knew to get free of my responses including positive self-talk, creative visualization, prayer, meditation, symbolic ritual, NLP, and a variety of self-healing modalities, to no avail. Again and again the negative would come back to bite me, undermine all of the positive work I had been doing.

Using The Method I was finally able to withdraw my energy from those old reactions. I no longer blamed my circumstances or other people for the negative ways that I reacted to them. I used what happened and the way that others behaved toward me and around me as clues leading me to the recognition of what was going on within me that was the cause of my difficulties.

I noticed, for instance, that if I was having a rough day and feeling badly about myself that my children treated me with disrespect. If I was feeling financially insecure a client would cancel a session. If I was telling myself a story about the odds being stacked against me and felt like giving up, something would come up to make my obstacles seem even bigger.

By using The Method to free my energy from negativity, instead of trying to manipulate circumstances or other people to do that for me, I found both the negativity and my circumstances changing for the better.  I was able to live more and more in the feeling that everything is really always perfect, and from that feeling state I observed my circumstances and relationships flowing in alignment with that great feeling.  I stopped giving away my power to create the experiences I want and began, instead, to take full advantage of it.

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