The Method For Defeating Intimidation

There Is Only One Power

If you have ever felt intimidated – and who hasn’t – the feeling stems from a single, simple false belief in the existence of two powers. The reality is that there is only One Power, and it is love despite the reports of appearances that would suggest the contrary.

That there is just One Power is certainly easier to say than it is to experience, but it really is not that hard to experience now that we have The Method. The Method frees us from the false belief in there being more than one power, which is the belief that causes us to feel intimidated by another person, by a circumstance, by a possibility.

Let’s look at what it means to have only One Power in existence. Most people think that there are more than one. There is the power that that they have to do things. Then there is the power that other people have to do things to them. There is the power of the wind that blows against them. The power of the rain that falls upon them. Most people believe in many powers. Then they worry that theirs is not the strongest one.

When you feel intimidated you are basically believing that you are confronting a power against your good that is superior to the power you have to achieve or protect your good. Therein lies the source of all fear.

Imagine for a moment, though, that there really is only One Power, and that it is ALL YOURS. If you knew this to be true you would fear nothing and no one. You would never worry about not having enough money, not having enough companionship, not having enough health, not having enough purpose or value, not having enough interesting experiences. If there is only One Power, and it is all yours, that means that there really is nothing stopping you, nothing opposing you, and nothing that can defeat you or harm you or take anything or anyone from you.

If you have all the power that there is you have to feel complete and utter joy, safety, and security. There is no lack possible to you. We can call this an experience of true Oneness with God, if we define God as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

Before I discovered The Method having an actual experience of just One Power was beyond me. No matter what I did I would find myself feeling anxious about what was going to happen to me. I would feel intimidated by people I believed had more power than me. I would worry about what could go wrong and react in terror when I believed things were going wrong.

Through the use of The Method we can withdraw all of the energy, all of the power, out of any belief that causes us to fear. Such a belief is inherently disempowering by positing the possibility of a superior power being against us.

Then, based on the principle that our physical conditions are mirror reflections of our beliefs, we find ourselves in circumstances that cause us to feel like victims. For example, if you believe that it is possible for someone to be more powerful than you are, you are going to find bullies showing up in your life to prove that belief.

As you lose such beliefs you find your fear disintegrating and all would-be bullies turning into that powerless little man behind the monstrous voice in The Wizard of Oz. We defeat intimidation by using The Method and discover the joy of actually knowing, realizing and experiencing that there is really only One Power, and it is all yours, and it is Love.

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