The Method for Curing Crisis with Peace

While the actual cure for crisis is peace, the typical response to a feeling and belief that a real crisis is upon us is to feel and to follow a compulsion to explode into action. But all this does is reinforce the conditions that are being interpreted as a crisis.

If you maintain a complete state of inner peace, exuding genuine feelings of confidence, comfort and security, your crisis proves to be non-existent.

I experienced this years ago when I was surrounded by a group of thugs, one of them holding a knife to my throat. A deep state of inner peace overcame as I recognized that this was the way out. In that state of peace I received the idea of casting my gaze off to the right, as if I was observing someone coming. The blade holder followed my gaze and in that split second was my opening. I easily ran to safety. I have since experienced this principle at work countless times.

Getting into the internal condition of inner peace ends your crisis and places you in circumstances of order, harmony and steady improvement. Living as if your circumstances were the way that you want them permits your realization of the existence of those circumstances.

The reality is that no crisis exists. It’s all in your imagination, sealed by your habitual emotional reactions that seem to confirm the reality of what you imagine. Your anxiety, stress and emotional strain ensconce you in the dream of being in a situation that validates them.

Unfortunately millions of people have been deeply programmed to feel and to follow the compulsion to believe in the reality of a crisis and to take action based on the false belief that action can cure the crisis; while taking action to cure a crisis serves only to deepen the impression of its existence and thereby perpetuate, and even exacerbate, your experience of it.

When you respond to the idea that you are in a crisis as just an idea, the same way that you would respond to a rumor that you know to be false, you allow yourself to live in the peace that produces prosperity and all of the other blessed possibilities that await your acceptance of them. But this is not so easily done, until you have a means or a method for doing this; a means or a method for living crisis-free and enjoying the peace of a life well-ordered and on a great track.

This is exactly what The Method accomplishes. It enables us to recognize the internal mental emotional reaction that gives a crisis its sense of reality as just that: an internal reaction pattern. From there it takes us through the simple steps of redirecting our energy from that pattern and into the state of inner peace that is in true accord with the sacred way things actually are.

In actuality you are always perfectly safe, perfectly cared for, perfectly “watched out for”. There is absolutely nothing going wrong in your reality, but we can experience this profound state of truth only in the depths of inner peace. In the tranquil joy of inner peace you realize the difference between the false and the true. You realize that your state of security is not imaginary; and that your state of insecurity is entirely based on imagination.

Crisis management is like trying to tame a ferocious lion that is attacking you in a dream. The Method is a means for dispelling the pain-producing illusion that your crisis exists. It is a means for curing crisis with peace and enjoying the fruits of a well-ordered life.

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