The Method for Letting Life Take Care of You

Life wants to take care of you! What a concept!

We usually presume that life is something we have to conquer and control. It will kill us if we are not on top of things.

But what if this is simply not true? What if life is actually conspiring to take perfect care of you all of the time? What then?

Then the way to live life to the fullest is to cooperate with it, not to condemn, control or struggle to conquer it.

Then we would have nothing at all to worry about. However things work out will always be working for us.

Then we help life take care of us by taking care of ourselves, by doing what we can to guide things toward the outcomes we desire. But there comes a point when we have to recognize the limits of our personal power and control. Then it’s time to trust that life does not actually have it in for us. Life is for us.

Using The Method delivers the loving realization that life is really a loving force. Rather than being something to fear, life is something to cherish, enjoy, trust in and rely upon.

From this realization we take the actions that we are inspired to take based on our intuitive feeling of what is right, good and necessary for us to do. But we do not worry about the outcome and we do not struggle against the people, circumstances or forces that seem beyond our personal control.

How does The Method take us into this grand realization? It does it by taking us into a clear view of the underlying, fearful beliefs that have been occupying our subconscious. When we see these beliefs as nothing but beliefs that sabotage our enjoyment of life, we can suspend them to discover life as a sacred, joyful, loving ally for our total benefit.

Worry tends to set in when we donโ€™t know what else to do to protect ourselves from the fearful circumstances that we imagine. Using The Method we gain the freedom to stop imagining those circumstances, to experience a state of profound inspiration in which only visions of greater good unfold in our tranquil hearts and minds.

The power of the imagination is vast. We experience what we imagine and our physical circumstances form to mirror what we imagine. When you imagine something coming that you dread, you dread. When you imagine something coming that fills your heart with joy, you enjoy. Beyond this, your circumstances form to match your visions of dread and joy.

Life is like a loving mother with infinite power. She gives you enough freedom and responsibility to experience the joy of fulfilling and expressing your great potential, and enough support to ensure your greatest thriving in happiness and inner peace.

When we allow our mother to take care of us in ways that she knows in her infinite wisdom to be truly best for us we make our mother happy. When we use The Method to let life take care of us, we are making our life happy.

Contact me to schedule a time for your demonstration of The Method to help you experience the joy you want to feel in each moment. The session lasts around 20 minutes and results are immediate.

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