The Method for Forgiving

There is a secret for freeing yourself into the state of total forgiveness. I’ll give it to you simply. It’s leading your life in such a way that you are experiencing so much joy and fulfillment that you have no inner space of emptiness where you could feel resentment. When you fully love the life you are living any resentment toward anyone that you had been feeling totally dissolves.

A feeling of resentment is therefore nothing but an emotional signal telling you that you need to accept more joy, love, and fulfillment in your life.

Wishing another ill will never really make you happy, because underneath that wish is an image of yourself as inferior, inadequate, and deprived. You feel resentment when you see yourself as a victim.

The problem here is that your life will conform to your self-image. See yourself as a victim and you will find yourself in more circumstances consistent with that. In other words you will experience more loss and tragedy.

Here is another problem with living in resentment. Whatever you resent you receive more of, because you are focusing your attention on what you resent and placing yourself in emotional rapport or harmony with what you resent.

Additionally, whatever you mentally obsess over you receive more of. Mentally obsess over how you are doing worse than another and you experience more of that painful condition of lack in your life.

The basic principle at work here is this:
Whatever you emotionally react
to you receive more of.

Seeking total forgiveness is therefore perhaps the most practical thing we can do. When we really forgive we free ourselves from the negative emotional reaction that brings and the negative mental image of ourselves that brings more of what we don’t want.

When we feel and see ourselves as triumphant, happy, successful, valuable and fulfilled enough we wish everyone well.

So the real cause behind anyone continuing to resent or hold negative opinions or judgments about you has nothing to do with who you are, what you’ve done or your true worth. It is an expression of their unhappiness with their own lives. They deserve our compassion, not indignation.

They are suffering the pain of an unhappy life. They are holding onto victim-images of themselves that must cause their circumstances to produce more circumstances that incite their misery. Based on the principle that we receive more of what we emotionally react to, those who resent, abhor or denigrate you are bringing more of what they do not want into their lives.

When someone focuses on you with a disparaging attitude that person is really expressing his or her disparaging feelings toward his or her own life. So don’t take it personally. Take it compassionately.

The way to forgiveness is through your experience of the joyful life.

The challenge here is that many of us don’t know exactly how to shift from glum to glee, from a disempowering self-image to a triumphant one, from a state of discouragement to one of inspiration, from a perspective that causes us to feel defeated to one that causes us to feel victorious. This is where The Method comes in. The Method is an astonishingly fast and effective means of shifting into a life-experience that feels purposeful, whole, inspiring, and complete, and therefore free of all resentment.

Resenting another is just a cover-up for feelings of resenting yourself for an unhappy life. Using The Method we release ourselves to a life of total joy, which equals total forgiveness.

If there is anything in your life that seems lacking, you might be tempted to blame or resent another for the situation you don’t want. This would just continue your sense of bondage. Use The Method to free yourself into a life of joy. The happier you are, the more forgiving you are.

Are you tired of resenting? Ready for the liberation of forgiving for happiness?

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