The Method For Divine Contact

And How To Receive All Things

You’ve probably heard the saying that you get what you want when you don’t want it anymore. And just as probably you have experienced this.

I recall many such times in my own life. As a teenager as long as I felt desperate for a particular girl she showed interest in me. It was only after I no longer cared one way or another that she turned toward me with interest.

Another example is the birth of my children. I was blessed relatively later in life with my two sacred boys. For years and years I felt desperate to experience fatherhood. I felt incomplete without that experience. But circumstances seemed to always conspire to deny me of that experience.

Finally I found acceptance in not having children by engaging in a more focused relationship upon my career. I found fulfillment in serving my purpose in the world through my work. Shortly after that my wife became pregnant with our first and six years later with our second.  

The principle I learned here is that we receive what we want when we attain the fullness of inner peace with the way things are.  This is called the principle of non-attachment.  We lose or lack what we feel attached to.  Our feeling of attachment robs us of inner peace, the feeling of our fullness or completion with the way things are.  Another way of stating this is that we receive what we want by letting it go – not just physically, but emotionally.

The deeper and stronger our feeling of completeness, of wholeness within, the more our circumstances reflect that state of fulfillment with abundance of all things. Any lack you seem to be running into in your life is the manifestation of a feeling of lack. You are not experiencing total fullness or fulfillment within yourself, and that is causing your circumstances to demonstrate lack.

Using hard work, positive thinking, creative visualization or even prayerful pleadings to receive what you want must prove futile as long as you live with the emptiness of lack in your feelings within. Your world reflects your state of consciousness.

The complete state of inner fullness or fulfillment comes through the conscious experience of direct Divine contact. Prayer is our vehicle for that experience, our “heavenly chariot”, but not in the way that many people think. 

We establish Divine contact through prayer right before we utter a single spoken or mental word in prayer. Divine contact is a feeling.  

In reality you and God are always in contact because God is omnipresent. God is in your very sense of “I”. There is nowhere that God as Infinite Being, Spirit, Knowledge, Love, Power, and Intelligent is not.  But we do not experience the fullness of Divine contact in our awareness without turning our attention toward it.

We do this when we pray from deep within. Notice what you feel the instant that you begin to pray, before you utter or think a single word. 

You are feeling your contact with God. Now hold your attention on that feeling of contact or connection and realize what it is that you are feeling.  You are feeling the experience of Divine contact. 

As you hold attention on this feeling, open yourself to feeling it fully throughout your body, until you experience that feeling fully. The longer you remain aware of it, the stronger, the larger the feeling of fullness grows. As that occurs, so does the flow of abundance in your circumstances increase.

As you rest and relax into that feeling of Divine contact and feel the sense of deep inner peace and fulfillment in the present moment, give no thought to anything else. Give no thought to what you think you must do for anything or anyone. Just allow this feeling to fill you, trusting in that full consciousness of fulfillment.

The Bible describes this process as “Seek the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” Today we have a different language that describes the same process, a bit more scientifically perhaps. 

We say that your circumstances reflect the state of your consciousness. As your consciousness fills with the sublime energy of Divine contact you experience the deep wholeness and fullness of true fulfillment, in which there exists no sense of lack or of anything missing. In that state of consciousness you find your circumstances demonstrating fullness or abundance of supply in all areas.

The reason why we instinctively turn to prayer when we feel ourselves to be in extreme urgency is because we instinctively know that it is the experience of direct Divine contact that gives us the fullness that provides all things. 

The moment we begin speaking to God about what we want the words are likely to get in the way of our direct conscious experience of the energy, the power, the feeling of the presence of God, so the most effective form of prayer is to just dwell in non-verbal awareness of the feeling of contact that takes place the moment we turn to God in prayer, before we become verbal and begin thinking of this or that specific thing. 

Remember that all things are added as our awareness fills with the energy of fulfillment that flows into our felings through Divine contact, including any knowing of what you should do.

This is how you receive all things. It is through Divine contact.

We are inhibited from the conscious experience of Divine contact by our automatic, fear-based emotional reactions and the false beliefs from which they spring. These produce our attachments that manifest our lack. Through the use of The Method we clear these, which clears the way for us to experience the fullness of Divine contact on a constant, continually expanding basis “and all things shall be added…”

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