The Method For Derailing Your Detractors

When people relate to you in ways that cause you to feel devalued, disrespected, unappreciated or diminished in stature, it is tempting to become defensive and offensive in reaction, but all this does is reinforce the underlying insecurity within you that is causing your pain.

The real way for derailing your detractors is to utilize their behavior toward you for your true benefit. You do this by employing The Method for derailing would-be detractors. This takes all of the power out of any negative intentions they may have for you as you feel more empowered, joyful, valued and free.

Let’s look at how this is done. The first thing to understand is that the number one lie that anyone can tell you about yourself is that you are lacking in value. This lie can be conveyed to you with audible words, with a look, with an act of dismissal, and even invisibly with a silent attitude that you can feel. The truth is, though, that you are a sacred gift to the universe, and that any person who conveys the opposite attitude toward you is projecting on you the negative attitude that he or she is feeling toward himself or herself, and going through a lapse of conscience in the process.

Encountering a devaluing attitude toward yourself can be not just very painful; it can be deadly – if you agree with it. The most extreme feeling of worthlessness leads to the feeling that we are unworthy o love, of inclusion, of consideration, and even of life itself – and those feelings make life feel not worth living. And yet, the individual who sends you this cruel and vicious lie about you is actually doing you a great service when you know how to derail your detractor!

Based on the principle of reflection, the attitudes that others project at you are mirror reflections of the attitudes you hold toward yourself.  If you feel hurt by another’s projected opinion or judgment of you, that indicates that you hurt yourself with that opinion or judgment. Relating to that other person’s behavior as nothing but a message directing you toward the inner work of freeing yourself from negative beliefs about yourself frees you to enjoy more loving, mutually respectful and caring relationships.

This is where The Method comes in. You can use The Method to uncover and release from the negative beliefs you have been harboring about yourself.  As you do this, you find yourself feeling happier and the other people in your life relating to you in ways that express valuing and appreciating you. If someone does show up who tries to devalue you, it inspires your compassion, which is really an expression of joy.

This is how we derail our detractors. Instead of fighting back or feeling crushed by their attack, we turn it into a force for good within ourselves. We use the detractor’s skill of targeting our weak spot to gain our freedom from that weak spot and thus grow into a more fully happy, healed and whole human being.

If ever you feel devalued by another’s way of relating to you, use The Method to turn it into a positive energy that bolsters, nurtures and increases your sense of your invaluable and sacred value to yourself and to to all others.

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