The Method For Turning A Negative Emotion Into A Positive

While none of us want to experience a negative emotion, and the purpose of The Method is to free us our energy from negative emotion, becoming aware of a negative emotion is truly receiving an extremely valuable gift.

Negative emotions contain your energy. When you open up a painful or uncomfortable emotion to free the energy that has been locked inside of it you then have more energy to enjoy and to direct into creating what you want in life.

Think of a negative emotion as an ugly rock covered with yucky goo. When someone offers you this rock you resist touching it. You donโ€™t even want to look at it. It even smells bad.

But what if you knew that in the core of this ugly rock is a golden nugget that would make you rich? All you have to do is break open the rock to get to the gold. And all you need to accomplish that is the right tool.

The Method is that tool and the gift of energy in the emotion is the gold inside the rock. Energy equals joy. The more energized you feel the more joyful. In a state of joy you find your world effortlessly aligning in orderly, harmonious, synchronistic ways. Doors of opportunity open.

The higher your state of joy, the easier, more fun, more successful and more abundant your life becomes.

All you really want is locked up in those ugly rocks โ€“ or blocks โ€“ we call negative emotion. So the next time that you experience one, try to embrace it as an opportunity rather than as a problem.

Each time you use The Method to release the energy from a negative emotion you receive the reward of more energy, more joy, and more of all gifts that joy brings.

Negative emotions are not pleasant. They are just the opposite. That is why we call them negative. But we miss out on their positive potential when we judge them as wrong or bad, or judge ourselves as wrong or bad for feeling them.

When we slip into a negative emotional state we tend to believe that we are backsliding in our growth-process, thinking that we should not be feeling this way, that we should be beyond this. But the truth is that a negative emotion is a sign of progress, not regress. It means that you are now ready to release and receive more energy to enjoy further progress in your journey through life.

By accepting however you feel and opening up to the feeling, no matter how unpleasant the feeling may be, you begin the process of extracting the golden nugget of joy that it contains. The Method then takes that process further by releasing the energy (joy) out of the hurt and bringing you the relief of inner peace and more positive empowerment.

The Method heals emotional wounds and frees the energy from negative emotional reactions patterns for a more joyful life of abundance in all areas.

Contact me to schedule your demonstration of The Method. The session lasts around 20 minutes and results are immediate.

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