The Method For Proving Joy Works

What if fulfilling your true responsibility meant fully enjoying right now; if it meant deeply relaxing into your present opportunity for peace; if it meant sinking into the pleasure of completely appreciating all there is to appreciate here and now? What if stressing and straining to stay on top of things is really the wrong way to go?

There is only one way to find out. You have to give joy a try.

What gets in the way of doing this? It’s not the habit of worrying about what may go wrong. It’s not the habit of thinking about people who irritate you. It’s not the habit of recalling past incidents that cause you to cringe. You could do away with all these obstructions to your joy if you really decide to. The Method could take care of this quickly for you.

What stands in your way is the belief that fully enjoying the present is irresponsible.

What if this belief, though, was the opposite of what is true? What if enjoying the present moment fully, allowing yourself to be in deep peace with it, is actually the most responsible thing that you could do?

What if the only actions you need to take to guide your life along the course you want it to take are those that feel inspiring, empowering, honorable and fun? In other words, the only time you do anything to direct the course of your life is when doing it adds to your fulfillment in the present moment.

You would never have to do anything that feels wrong, dishonorable, disempowering, disconcerting. You would not have to do things that make you feel unhappy. You would not have to break your own heart to survive and live a good life and fulfill your responsibilities to those who count on you, like your children.

You would work really hard when working really hard brings great satisfaction; but when working really hard fills you with anxiety and drains you of enthusiasm for life you would give yourself the break you need.

So the question we are asking here is, what if making your enjoyment of the present your top priority is not being foolish or selfish? What if it is the most sensible thing you could do?

You would always have clear guidance as to what to do, say, think and feel. If it matches your joy, if it feeds and honors your happiness, if it adds to your fulfillment, it is for you. If it diminishes or blocks your joyful love of this moment it is not for you.

This doesn’t mean that you resist being with people and in circumstances that you dislike. It means that wherever you find yourself you take total responsibility for making choices that expand your happiness. The most important choice for you would then be to pay attention to how you feel, because there is no other way to be guided by joy.

Most people, it seems, never really test the joy-centered approach to life. It seems that most of us believe that our circumstances have to conform to our expectations before we can experience joy, and that even if we could experience unconditional joy it would be irresponsible to do so.

Would you like to find out if living in joy is really the way to make your life work?

There is only one way, and that is to try that way, through thick and thin. Whatever is going on, whatever dangers you face, choose to remain in deep joy, and to deepen that joy in each succeeding moment by allowing yourself to fully enjoy yourself where you are. When joy is difficult to attain, use The Method to relieve yourself of the feelings of insecurity that stand in your way.

Only then will you know if joy works and if it is a waste of life’s greatest opportunity to blindly accept that misery is the price you have to pay for living life responsibly.

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