The Method For Dissolving The Illusion Of Life’s Difficulties

It’s commonly said that life is hard, that life is difficult. Parents program their children to believe this from an early age. But how many have taken the time to really examine the cause behind the feeling that life is difficult?

When we do take that time we see clearly that life does not feel hard because of our circumstances. We see that it is our emotional reaction to circumstances that brings our inner pain to life.

Your painful emotional reactions cause your emotional suffering. Anything you worry about reveals that you worry because of how you expect to feel if events unfold as dismally as you imagine them unfolding.

We are not meant to live in emotional suffering, but rather to live from it.

All that exists has a purpose, including you, and including your emotional pain.The purpose of your emotional pain and discomfort is the same as the purpose of your physical pain and discomfort. It is to tell you what you want.

For instance, if you feel the pain of insecurity in reaction to the amount of money that you do or – better said – donotsee in your bank account, that feeling of insecurity is telling you what you want. You want to see your bank account overflowing with abundance.

We can make the general statement that emotional pain is what we feel when we are blocking our desire. When you unblock the desire hiding beneath the pain, you shift into positive emotion. You feel inspired, empowered and in joy as you visualize and commit to what it is that you do want.

Holding your attention on what you do not want drags you down and stresses you out with emotional pain. Holding your attention on what you do want fills you with positive power.

Emotional pain is not something that you are meant to live in, just as you are not meant to live in physical pain. Physical pain is your body’s way of telling you to take your finger off the hot stove, and to keep it off. It is the same with emotional pain. Emotional pain is telling you to take your attention off of the thought that is causing you to suffer, and to shift your attention onto a thought that increases your joy. That thought is the thought of what you desire.

This shift is not always easy to do. Sometimes our attention gets riveted to a thought that causes us emotional pain. Sometimes we are not exactly clear about what is bothering us on a feeling or emotional level. This is where The Method comes in.

The Method provides us with the internal leverage that we need to quickly realize and release the positive feeling, drive, desire and intention buried beneath any negative or uncomfortable emotion we may be feeling. It quickly shifts us into expanding presence of joy and out of the painful absence of joy. It frees our creative energy to fully engage in the inspiring process of creating what we want. Thus we dissolve the false appearance of life’s difficulties into the real release of our joyful creativity and love.

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