The Method For Joyful Abundance

When we experience the feeling of, and the belief in, lack, scarcity or shortage, we experience a sense of internal tightness and fear, as if being in that situation was real.

We are squeezing, cinching, bracing ourselves against something that really isn’t so. Using The Method removes our energy from creating that condition in our consciousness, allowing it the false sense of and belief in scarcity and deprivation to dissolve, releasing our unlimited experience of abundance. We then have nothing to despair over, but rather, something to celebrate: our perfect state of abundance!

Typically, when people feel insecure about their finances, they try to figure out ways to solve that problem. But the problem is not real in the first place, so their efforts to solve it prove frustrating and futile. No matter how hard they work to acquire more, they find themselves back in lack, if they ever get out of lack even temporarily. This is because they continue creating the illusion of lack without realizing it. You cannot solve a problem that doesn’t really exist, particularly when you are creating your experience of that problem without knowing how you are doing it.

Abundance is the very nature of the infinite universe. There is no limit to the power, intelligence, love and every other resource in existence, and you are part of it all, connected to it all, in a perfect state of oneness. You experience only the limits that you imagine and that you believe to be real. You never need to worry about not having enough of anything. But when you do worry, you are resisting the experience of what is real, of your unlimited abundance. Then, because your physical conditions must mirror the beliefs you hold about them, you begin to notice and fixate on more and more outward signs that deepen your conviction about the reality of your scarcity and bolster the illusion of its actual presence in your life.

The condition of scarcity, lack or shortage is impossible in the field of infinite supply of all kinds that is the universe. Using The Method frees us to experience the reality and joy of our ever present access to truly unlimited rersources.

The story you are telling yourself about there not being enough, and the feelings of lack and insecurity around that story, were programmed into your subconscious belief system during your childhood. It was then reinforced by society’s scarcity programming that everyone else seems to believe in.

When you closely examine your internal experience of lack, you discover how it is entirely self-imposed and completely made up. This realization frees us from the illusion of scarcity and all of the inner pain that illusion brought to us, including feelings of our own worthlessness and inadequacy. It also causes mirror reflections of materialized forms of abundance to manifest in our physical circumstances.

As long as you relate to any form of lack as real uyou keep that experience within you; you hold onto it, even as it eats away at you emotionally with feelings of insecurity and perhaps anger over the apparent injustice of your deprivation. You identify yourself as someone lacking and then feel a lack of deservability. Do you see how complicated the whole situation becomes? The solution is simple. The solution to this predicament is to stop treating it as real! You treat it as real when you struggle and strive to change or to improve your finances. This merely reinforces the dream of lack that you have permitted to take over your mind.

Through the use of The Method to solve this problem you are relating to it as the illusion that it is. You merely need to observe what you are imagining and let yourself feel your feelings. Lack exists no where but in the imagination, so examine your mind until you see the condition of lack as nothing but a thought coupled with an uncomfortable feeling. By then following the rest of the steps of The Method you redirect the energy that is giving power to that imaginary condition and to the feelings associated with it. As you do this, you experience of the true joy of abundance that you really want to be experiencing. This feeling of expanded joy then does the work of materializing the conditions that match, support, validate and reinforce it.

You don’t have to change your material condition to leave scarcity behind. You just have to stop relating to the scarcity as real. This opens the door to the flood of infinite abundance in your life.

You must continue to produce material conditions that match how you are feeling and what you are believing about your reality. As you use The Method to liberate your consciousness from the illusion of lack, your material conditions have no choice but to validate the change in your consciousness, the way a mirror image must change to match the actual, physical form that it reflects.

If you have been struggling with financial luck, use The Method to liberate the joy of abundance.

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