The Method For Mining Gold From Negative Emotion

Negative emotion is like a stinky, filthy, yucky rock that you don’t want to touch. But what if you knew that contained in the core of that smelly rock is a chunk of pure gold worth a million dollars, and that there is a simple method for opening up that rock to release that gold? You would say, “Give me all of the smelly rocks that you have.”

This is exactly how The Method for mining the gold of negative emotion works. In every negative or uncomfortable emotion that you feel is contained pure, positive energy that turns into joy and provides you with more creative power when you release that energy.

Pushing down negative emotion, numbing yourself to it, denying it, deprives you of the joy and power to produce and experience the greater life you truly desire. When you open yourself to how you feel and allow your feelings to arise and to flow freely through your body you are taking the first step to releasing the energy and joy contained in that emotion, and toward entering the new, greater, more fulfilling life that awaits you.

It is through your feelings that you can feel your way into the flow of abundance feel your way into harmonious, loving companionship; feel your way into the right form of purposeful work in the world that matches your passion.

It is through your feelings that you really find your way in life. The more deeply you feel the more expansive is your intuitive sense that guides you in every situation along the path that is in true harmony with you and with what you are looking for.

In the practice of “mindfulness” we are taught to just view our pain. But after 40 years of practicing this diligently I finally had to realize that just feeling pain is really not enough to release me to the positive energy of compassionate joy that liberates me from it. We need a specific process for opening up that emotion to uncover the false belief that underlies it, and then to reveal the false nature of that belief. This is what The Method superbly accomplishes.

The fact is that every negative emotion is rooted in a belief. For instance, if you feel anxious about finances it is because you have an underlying belief in the possibility of lack. If you worry about your mate betraying you it is because of an underlying belief in your mate having the power to hurt you emotionally. If you feel discouraged about your chances of success in any area of life it is based on an underlying belief that failure may be something that you have no power over.

The reality is that none of the above beliefs are true, but the realization of that truth is buried in the core of the negative emotion that each belief generates. Using The Method you can quickly open up that emotion, look squarely at the belief at the root of it and then clearly realize the absolute fallaciousness of that belief. You will see it for what it truly is: a purely imaginary prison keeping you out of the joyful experience of creative freedom that your heart desires.

The “gold” contained in your negative emotion is really worth more than physical gold. If you had a lump of gold sitting before you, it in itself it does nothing for you. You have to go through many steps to translate that gold into something you can actually use for a benefit.

But when you release the “gold” in a negative emotion you instantly experience joy and the true freedom to experience the life that you really want.

So don’t resist your negative emotion. Use The Method to mine the pure gold of joyful, creative energy contained within it.

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