The Method For Doing What You Love For A Living

Every human being has been endowed with certain innate gifts and talents.  Your gifts might include lots of material resources, or it might be resilient optimism, or an abundance of compassion, or a refined sense of beauty.  Your talents might be writing, working with numbers, oral communication, acting, singing, dancing, banking, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, cultivating gardens, teaching children, sales, community organizing, etc.  Your gifts and talents define your path of joy in life and express the uniqueness of who you are and the true purpose of why you are.

Doing what you love for a living means that what you do to earn your livelihood involves the full development and deployment of your gifts and talents.  Your gifts and talents include whatever form of supply that you have in abundance (your gifts) and whatever abilities that seem to come naturally to you and that you feel passionately interested in developing and utilizing to your fullest capacity (your talents).  Doing what you love for a living brings you joy and provides you with perfect leverage for achieving the highest levels of success, fulfillment and abundance.

There is really no good reason for you to not do what you love for a living.  Intrinsic to the universe’s perfectly loving design is that everything that we do is meant to be fun.  If we are not having fun it is because we were programmed in childhood to doubt the real value and necessity of having fun all the time.  Combined with this programming was the development of emotional, mental and behavioral patterns that take the fun out of whatever we are dealing with or doing.

Doing what you love brings you all you need and want in life. When you pursue what you love, you naturally attract to you others who do what they love.  You will find here a natural fit between you and them, as their strengths compensate for your weaknesses, and vice versa, forming the basis of perfect mutually supportive relationships.

When you do what you love for a living, you are living true to yourself; you are functioning consistently with what you are intrinsically designed to do.  Since the universe is a perfect system, it fulfills an intelligent purpose; this means that you are fulfilling your purpose within that grand design when you do what you are designed to do.  You will naturally be led to those who need and value what you are best at in order to completely fulfill their purpose, and joining forces with them enables you to completely fulfill your purpose.  In this way you are supporting the universe, and based on the fact that we receive what we give, the universe in turn then provides you with all the support you need to fulfill your greatest possible purpose and potential.  This relationship with the universe translates into total joy and plenty.

The fundamental solution to any problem that you face is to have fun with it!   If you are not having fun, you are working too hard, which means, essentially, that you are working against yourself, against your true purpose, and against the universe.  This cannot work out well for you.  Fun means that you are doing what you are meant to be doing.

Real fun is always about being and becoming your very best in the highest possible service of others.  It is not degenerative, meaning that it does not involve self-indulgence in self-destructive activities that make you more of a burden for, rather more of a servant of, others.  You experience your highest joy when you are stretching yourself to be and do your best, to accomplish the highest purpose you can conceive of.

When you are not allowing yourself to have this kind of fun it feels like you are wasting your life, because, in a sense, you really are.  Of course, in this perfect universe there is no real wasted effort or experience.  Whatever you do that does not work out well is teaching what to do that will work out well.  There is no point in regretting past errors.  They were gifts of opportunity for higher life-education.  Use the lesson now to benefit from the gift going forward.  If you are indulging in self-recrimination you are certainly not having fun.

One of the blockages to doing what we love and fulfilling our purpose is a guilt-programming that we received in early childhood.  We were made to feel guilty when we focused on exploring what we felt naturally inclined to do, because our parents taught us that doing what they wanted from us was the only right course of action for us.  We learned to doubt our intuitive sense of our path of true joy in life, seeking our parents’ happiness as the only true source for our own.

When our parents made their happiness our responsibility it was because they did not know how to find their own happiness.  This is the only reason why anyone becomes dependent upon another for joy.  When we depart from the full development and utilization of our gifts and talents, we feel empty inside and look to others to fill the void.  We thus demand that they depart from their path of joy to satisfy us, and accuse them of being uncaring and selfish if they refuse to conform to our expectations.

By following your path of joy, you release others in your life from the false sense of obligation to make you happy that you would otherwise impose upon them.  You not only free them to pursue the path of their gifts and talents, you wholly support them in doing so.  As a result, you end up benefitting from having these happy, highly developed individuals in your life and from the gifts and talents they bring to your relationship with them.

If you fear that you will not be supported should you choose to pursue the path defined by your gifts and your talents, and if give into that fear, you must find your life to be a struggle and your relationships to be dissatisfying.  You probably face scarcity in many areas of your life, including monetary, even though you may be sacrificing what you really want to do out of a sense of economic responsibility.  You must attract to yourself others who feel less than satisfied with their work, with their relationships, with their lives overall; and these individuals bring you their weaknesses, not their strengths, for those have been allowed to go undeveloped.

Things will begin improving for you when you make the decision to bring good, healthy fun into everything you do.  Experiment until you identify the gifts you have in abundance and the talents that you most enjoy expressing and developing. As you discover these, find ways to give your gifts and to express your talents for your own joy, and for the joy of others.  As you pursue this course of action you will find new and greater opportunities opening up for you to live more fully and consistently in your joy.  

If you feel blocked in this process, do The Method to free your energy from feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and dependency upon others.  If you feel blocked by feelings of guilt or self-accusation –thinking of yourself as selfishness for pursuing your joy –  use The Method to free your energy from creating those internal blockages.

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